Wanted: ROGS is Seeking a Publisher

You there-the ROGS neophyte have just discovered the ROGS blog, and it is the one breath of fresh air in the whole “dialectic” of online gang stalking blogs. I am glad you feel that way, and I want you to know something: this “ain’t the half of it,” as I could write ten thousand more pages about this and other subjects.

Then, I want you to know this: most of what I write here is “off the top” and the deeper research, narrative refinement, thesis proof, and more would take an extreme amount of time. And the editing as we know comes later anyways. This is a blog-not a novel. Yet.

And: the real story is between the lines of THIS blog’s narrative. Imagine what those might be? I will let my many profilers and behavioral analysts-and a future publisher fight it out about that.

Also, you have noted that my writing is poorly edited, and in cases, literally falls off the page. On this point, note that I am a targeted speaker-and that I have documented this for decades. Then, there is an actual group of software called crapware that turns live-writing into a battle ground of sorts; my writing can be thought of as a pre-pre-emptive war journalist dodging shrapnel, dripping bloody fingers, and trying to get the typewriter  unfrozen (like they did before our good gays started targeting their own guys).

And then, there’s the issue that writing on the fly attracts entire battalions of flying pigs in high heels, riding henhouse shaped MRAPs and foxes with mouthfuls of feathers, and Fusion-warez that disrupt me as I write.  as You will slowly begin to see the media claiming my narrative-and that I have already influenced several major news outlets, and media sources in my analyses. That “the real story” is getting out there. On this point, I would like to note something: I am non-partisan, but I will NEVER be  Democrat again, because in the last 8 years, it was THEM targeting me, and attempting to alter content, or co-opt narrative. Watch, and wait-then tell me if it’s true.

But gradually, you will see that my story becomes the entire Democrat platform, for the most part. I have seen it already-and even the Harvey Weinstein scandal is phrasing Rose MocGowan as a “targeted individual,” of “organized efforts to silence her.”

Sound familiar? Then read ROGS a bit more, and watch for the “patterns…..” But I have met the OGS monster head on, and it is my bitch (gee, I hope those bastards from word police don’t flash bang me and shoot me in my sleep for that word.) First, those bitches came for the bastards, and I wasn’t a bastard, so I said nothing….

I can be reached by the contact feature of this blog. But also, just call the Fusion Center-they know where I am at all times, even though they can’t seem to find my GPS.