GANG STALKING BINGO: OGS, mind control practiced by amateurs, Stockolm Syndrome and false confessions: when gang stalkers hide behind authority and manipulate vulnerable people

Organized Gang Stalking BINGO: Organized society and it's conformist mechanisms target vulnerable people, creates a "gang" from whole cloth, then stalks it into prison. The only problem is, they were all innocent, and it was the biggest DNA exoneration in US history, and this small town is now bankrupt because of it. The People:1 Gang Stalkers -$30,000,000

NSA spying, intelligence cults, and “meta-organized” stalking

At this point in time, we can safely say that most complaints of gang stalking involve contact at man y levels with the vast, unnaccountable, and hidden surveillance apparatus that we now know as " the end of Constitutional Democracy" in the west. Using multitudinous, alphabeticus intelligence agencies, and police forces across the globe, and … Continue reading NSA spying, intelligence cults, and “meta-organized” stalking