Stop your gang stalking now.

You are here because you are being gang stalked.

I am here to help you, for free.

I dont care if you are an immigrant, or a convicted pedophile,a rat on an FBI string, a whore, a Jew-christian ,or a pagan; a Muslim, Odinist, a witch, a Druid, a drug addict; a journalist, a lawyer, a whistle blower, or a saint.

I care that you get justice, and that we catch gang stalkers in action, and send some love back at ’em.

BUT: You must meet the conditions outlined below in order for me to help you, and maybe, take a look at my other self -help sections first.

1-I will laugh in your face and use your email as cyber toilet paper if you claim you are being stalked by aliens, UFOs, or that electronic weapons, like “people cookers ”and DEWs are being targeted at you.

However, if you have evidence that you are being followed, wiretapped, or that your computer has “electronic implants“in it, I can refer you to proper investigative resources; and, I can help you if you catch gang stalking scum on film or other media (like Twitter screenshots as these organized sociopaths target your pure speech rights like we saw with Rochelle Ritchie and the Wiley Coyote ACME bomber Cesar Sayoc) like this retired cunt from the LA county coroner, or USAF and associated whack jobs who claim they can “talk to the dead ” and other military people who are involved in your stalking.

These use back door access to police resources as documented in this case study of organized gang stalking, and access to Fusion Centers, and direct access to NSA switched internet nodes to prey upon you and even do weird shit like put “face orbs ”in your security cameras, and talk about dust specks floatin in the background footage as if its “spirits ” or manipulate your social media accounts.

And, you are asking: Why?

Why would I help you?

Because what they are doing is stealing democracy, and frequently, creating /manufacturing terrorists as we see in so many mass homicides in America, and across the globe.

And, as we see time, and time, and time again, Fusion Centers, working with pork-barrel private contractors, and the “Association of Threat Assessment Professionals”are working overtime, waging a psychological influence operation all across your nation, and the world.

See these links here where we see the ATAP linking its colliding investigations, aka , a never ending DVIC money grab to gang stalking , and here, and here, and here, and here, to see what they sre doing to unsuspecting victims of these state -crimes

The DHS /FBI/JTRIG/CIA /Local police are well aware of these gang stalkers, and in fact, utilize them to enforce Abrahamic religious supremacy.

2- you must be able to articulate (to speak /write clearly)the exact, or approximate times and dates that your gang stalking began, and where, why you think it began, and how it is taking place.

3-you must give me your real name, in the email I provide here: ciscorouter.12(at)mail(dot)com

4-I ask that you provide the names, titles, and departments of any police, social workers, advocates, judges, and others related to your case, because I have special medicine for them. You dont have to do it immediately, but it will help me, help you.

I especially ask that you provide the names of the security guards and the companies they work for, in this new incarnation of Kommunity Kulture Klub stalking. I personally helped shut down one security company, and I can show you how to do it too.

5- I ask especially that you document religious sects, cults, and denominations in your area, and indicate whether or not you are affiliated with them, or trying to break free from them, as we see massive gang stalking spikes in areas affiliated with radical Jewish religious sects, and the ADL, AIPAC, Jewish Federations,in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington stae, and in exceptionally high numbers in California, Nevada, and New York.

Or other religious sectarian populated areas, in places like Texas, where Baptists and evangelicals gang stalk outsiders, and non -conformists, and where I have recieved letters from actual Jehovahs Witnesses who gang stalk people too (the writers were characteristically stupid, or unaware that ROGS is a genuine research project).

I ask this, because much gang stalking has a religious or sectarian bias, and that all Jewish -christian religions practice gang stalking as a way to uphold their imposition of Abrahamic morality, which, one might recall,began with people who sleep with kids,rapists like King David, and a murderer named Moses who literally stole the gang symbol of YHWH from desert people who fuck goats, and little boys