ROGS was hacked, 08/01/2018 after linking to Dr. Mike Woods blog.

this page you are reading documents a juvenile prank, most likely from an Ich/Du Buberist zionist who works inside WordPress, or one of the many christian zionists who do their bidding in one of many/any of the western lunatic IC agencies.

The hack was verified at approximately xxxx time on August 1 2018, from two separate nations.

an incident report is in progress, and I will update this page later.

this juvenile stunt required access to my password, and access to Dr. Mike Woods blog, where .it appears the attack was staged from. Follow the link to his blog, and the posting about gang stalking as a conspiracy “theory,”rather than what it is, which is the multiple abuses that are enabled by unnaccountable western intelligence agencies, and their armies of paid online hackers, and offline “community policing” mobs.

the reader might have noticed that capital letters do not capitalize when I write, and also, that the site .title .has .been changed to “Q” as in queen, queef, queer, quasi-legal and Qowardly-or FBI/Scotland Yard/AlphabetAgency/ADL-Affiliated terrorist acronym not yet specified.

In that light, documentation is accruing as I write this.

Total cowards.