ROGS Blog Has Become Impossible to Write

As of today, 10-02-2017, I am again throwing in the towel for awhile, writing this blog. Beyond the constant errors, and typo’s and basic time theft, the chronic attacks that this blog sustains are beyond words- I simply won’t waste the time documenting it.

But here is one example of a post in progress where we see how a wordpress blog becomes dysfunctional due to NSA /Alphabet agency /military grade attacks as it is written.

You can look through this blog using the search features, and terms like “hacked again” or “Tor” or “exploits” and “New Zealand, and “NSA” and so on.

But I have been a web-writer for some 15 years and counting, and have had other blogs hacked and subverted- but it is nearly impossible to write more than two paragraphs before I get screen freezes, j-script errors, and more kinds of attacks than I care to document.

And so, I will be using different formats to try to write elsewhere. This is the state of affairs we are in today as a nation as our speech channels are in fact fully subverted.

I recall a SCOTUS judge who inferred that “no one has a right to the internet,” and many of the Hydra NGO’s maintain similar things, and so on-but that would be a falsehood, because “the internet” belongs to the taxpayers; and the time to write belongs to the authors; but mostly, the right to “choose” what one does with ones time is THE fundamental right that delineates freedom from slavery, and that, only because of the fundamental subversions of “liberty” and due process.


See you fuckers in court.

[UPDATE 10-18-2017: Since I posted this the blog has become nearly impossible to write, as it is under constant attacks, which I document throughout. Also, since I last posted this page, many other things have happened, not least of which is that the MSM has begun to reveal the wide extent of the vast Israeli-styled whisper campaigns that have utilized databases and targeted individuals, which I have written about as well. I hope the reader can note how wide and deep this plot goes, and to note that while I am thoroughly disgusted with those who subvert democracy,

I do not write with “actual malice,” and it is not my intent to defame or otherwise cause demonstrable harm. In fact, each and every named person or group herein can and will be measureably and demonstrably enriched because “there’s no such thing as bad (crisis) PR.”

I write from the awareness that speech itself is the target, and I demonstrate this in the public’s interests as I write live, as these same named agents, agencies, clubs groups and politi’s are what I say they are, doing what I say they do; and with great disgust for those who are subverting the dialectic, and for those who recommend that anyone, anywhere be isolated from the world. And, I write it to prove that hese same have, and do, and will continue to target speakers in cyber-space via a vast political collusion named herein.

The reader will note that I have named several extremely powerful groups, and individuals who participate in one way or another in this scheme, and that this blog set itself as counter-narrative against a coming neo-conservative silencing of political opposition of which the named parties have certainly profitted, and who stand to profit in the future should democracy fail here.

Chief amongst those I have named are Lorraine Sheridan and David V. James, and Elizabeth Dietrich, whose vapid careers will surely be boosted-and measureably inproved by my critique; I have named the various 1.2 million strong Rotary Clubs filled with “public servants” who for all practical purposes constitute a secret society, and that secret society with provable links to gun control narrative, active shooter events, and advisers from within their ranks that believe that eye for an eye tactics of social control are acceptable in a Democracy (which they are not.)

And I have named the Anti-Defamation League, which sends American law enforcement agents on paid junkets to Israel, where they come back as trained zionists. All of this constitutes a “dialectic space” wherein “othering” in the vein of Buber, and Hertzl, Saussure and Barthes takes place in our culture. Mass shooters, and whisper campaigns, hidden tactics of counter-terrorism deployed upon unsuspecting persons, and manipulation of individuals at the site of the speaker, via electronic media such as computers and cell phones, and the wholesale repression and oppression o speakers who practice pure speech.

The reader will also note thatI have revealed or extrapolated various hidden and debateably harmful effects of  the dialectical control these named persons and entities have on “society”-and the reader will also note that none have com her o refute anything; but instead, I now document various military/intelligence agenc grade attacks on me, the speaker.

See how THAT works? In that light, I hope I have shined a light on some cockroaches and the various hidey-holes they hide in when We the People are asleep at the Democracy.