Proof of gang, the gay mafia, and an SEC investigation

The following is one of the best online stories of organized gang stalking, where we see a perfect, complete ROGS BINGO, using ROGS Predictive Analyses, and incorporating the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals model of gang stalking by multiple agencies targeting and individual with bizarre conduct, aka the “colluding parallel investigation, ” aka pseudo -legal invedtigation methods that include military grade Psychological Operations to perform a dialectic biopsy on yet another “self -reported” instance(s) of OGS.

From a blog that stopped self -reporting, in January, 2007, we see the “going dark”problem of authors who write about OGS, aka “strange disappearances,”and horrific methods deployed against a whistle blower.

I recommend that researchers of OGS read that blog from the first pist to the last,to understand what colluding parallel investigations look like in practice to understand how bizarre the modern COINTELPRO is, but also to understand how federal agencies give a free pass to stalkers to break the law.

How Bizarre is Organized Gang Stalking?

But also, we see a whistleblower under extreme pressure by unknown goons, a reported Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) “investigation,”totally bizarre investigation tactics of the EXACT type reported by targeted individuals, including constant black bag jobs, gaslighting, and more.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007
Zone 2 Will Not Investigate
Today I met with Zone 2 police officers, their primary
concern was what I had said to the people Down Town.

They did not seem particularly surprised or concerned
when I showed them the cut tee shirts.

They asked no questions or showed any interest in trying
to find out who was behind the threats and intimidation.

The Goon Perps who have the power to do this probably are
prominent citizens in the area, they may know who they are.

They told me to call the GBI if I wanted help with my email
disruptions & interruptions (this is a blow off, the GBI
does not accept direct calls from citizens, you have to be
referred from a local police department, this they were NOT
willing to do).

I want to prove who is sabotaging my business systems so I can
prosecute, they are not interested in helping me. The Goons
said they would slowly strangle my business, they are certainly
trying to do this.

When I asked if they had hacking connections for computer
crime resolution, they told me that sort of help was very
expensive and discouraged me from pursuing it.

One of the officers became very concerned when I said there
seemed to be a Gay connection and that many of the Perps
appeared to be Gay men. He said this was dangerous.

They asked if I was getting counseling as if I could be doing
this myself. 😉 I’ve heard similar themes before from perps
who asked how I can be so strong.

Breaking people’s will is a Perp primary goal – see the Nazi
Soliliqy posting. Once you know what they want you don’t give
it to them. Teaching a special type of rebellion is an important
part of my emotional independence work.

A Gay guy who once spoke very authoritatively about what was
going on said they are trying to discredit me and drive me crazy.

Who would have that as a primary goal? My former employer
concerned about whistleblowing? A competitor or someone
who is jealous, envyous or feels threatened by what I can do?

Zone 2 offered no constructive suggestions other than saying
they would add patrol cars to my area. Given the friendly
relationship that seems to exist between Zone 2 and the
prominent perps behind this, it is not much of a deterrant.

A lot of people seem to know what is going on. If this is not
stopped,their families, futures and freedoms are in danger too.

If they provide the information and corroboration to stop it,
they will help secure their own futures, families and freedoms.