Proof of Gang Stalking: This will save you five years of time

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Document the beginning of your stalking-and keep track of the political, religious, and cultural features. But know this: if you follow the advice herein, you will be able to save five years of time and then, you can gain proper evidence for a civil lawsuit.

Most gang stalking is state and local “syndicates” aka small town mafia’s of “insiders,” and most often, affiliated with police, and private security contractors.Their target is our Constitutions guarantees of due process rights and its protections; and especially free speech and the first amendment are targeted online and off. Their goal is to confuse you, frame you, or otherwise derail your ability to challenge their power.

Related Stories: The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals is a make -work project that defines organized gang stalking as “colliding parallel investigations,”where we note that psychologiccal operations are evident.

Also note that these crisis PR oriented organizations work closely with social workers and psychologists to craft mefia narratives, and exploit the CVE funding pot, such as Dr. Christine Sarteschi, who is a gang stalking denialist, and Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan and David James, who infamously and permanently linked their names to the New York Times hit piece that mocked victims of CVE and internet spying. Here is one example of Sarteschi and James denying police and community policing stalking in the media, via a Canadian Broadcast piece.

And, they do this under the rubrik of “countering violent extremism, ”ir CVE programs funded by the Department of Homeland,Security, the FBI, and using hidden, secret policing groups, such as Infragard.

This blog has many help sections that encourage you to become your own advocate. Here is a suite of electronic tools from a suite of electronic tools from that you can read up on, as most of your harassment takes place online via computers, as the NSA and Fusion Centers monitor communications, or on cell phones.

Also, here are my other self-help sections, here and at the top of this page, as well as a guide for civil and criminal litigators written by the ACLU, the EFF, and the NACDL.

As you will note in my testimony herein-there is a very well-heeled political machinery afoot that despises the Constitution. And, these seek easy targets, which drive their Jewish-christian narrative. Most obviously are all of the “security contractors” who target the vulnerable, the potentially mentally ill, the weak, and the vulneravle, driven by western religious fanaticism. Most insidiously, those are on both sides of the political aisle, and the worst of them call themselves “progressives.”

These work from a variety of state and institutional offices, ranging from people who work in colleges, courts, and non-governmental organizations which I can and have named, and for which I have documentation. I have also sued elements from among them, and I can show you how as well. So the earlier you begin to collect names, and then, to research evidence of “links” between gang stalking and civil servants, academics who appear on Twitter, and in blogs, or ‘community forums’ the better off you will be.

These are attempting to blackmail and coerce you in some way, into political donations, political causes, and failing that they will harass you  for many years as I have documented herein-because the cost of gaining standing in a legal forum to sue or litigate this massive wiretap scheme is not within the reach of citizens. Keep in mind that many social enforcers ranging from city council members, police, auditors, and state officials – get paid no matter what, in an endless make-work project.And, it is more often than not their sooper seekrit societies and their armies of relatives and associates that carry out the harassment, aka “community policing.”

There is little irony in the fact that the issue of “community policing” and “community standards” are in conflict because the federal and international banking power have designed the conflict that way. So, on one hand, local police do not take OGS cases seriously, and throw up their hands and say “whatever is good for the community.”

But on the other hand, the internet intercedes in EVERY OGS case, and hidden actors at the switches mediate local conflicts, and single out local targets. They do this in a variety of ways- Twitter, Facebook, and all other social media-and then, they secretly feed the data to the local community. By design, this conflict creates targeting, and likely, your situation as well.

So, organized gang stalking and stalkers benefit them directly, regardless of their personal politics. Most gang stalking is done by Democrats, backed by bpoluce and teachers unions (especially during elections), but enforced by Republican voting police. This is what organized gang stalking is in the US-and if you are a foreign visitor, note that these schemes work across political lines, and across religious sects.

You will see that I document state and local level level hacks of my computer, email harassment, and more. This is what OGS is. It is designed to force you to use the machinery that THEY use to target you, and turn you into a make work project that benefits their bottom line.

It is a state sponsored, highly personalized campaign of domestic terror, aka “conformity campaigns.” So, when you are online, you will frequently hear about DEW’s, and microwaves, and other lunatic stuff- and when you hear that, it is “THEM” talking-so begin to collect their names, and their IP addresses, and other identifying data. Thse who talk about such things are most often those who are paid to do so, in order to mask the abuses at local level of real estate transactions, family court matters, politics, and religious sectarian conflicts.

So, read this comment from a recent letter I received from someone who claims they are a “TI”-but also, that the writer’s “schizophrenic” narrative belies the fact that they are actually explaining how their own little local mob works. Read it-it is a good example of how they write-and how they “sanitize” their language so that their speech is harder to track down online.

Each case of organized gang stalking, whether religious, cult, military, police, academic, or other shares the feature that all of the aforementioned are inter-related. So each individual case is complex, and made more so because gang stalkers are incredibly well financed-and they are those who seek to actually form, enforce, reinforce, or progress their version of a culture upon us. If you catch it quick enough, you can sue their pants off and put them on notice.

“They” are what “organized society” is. But what is a society? Well-the answer to that, like a “culture” is complex-but simply put, a society is what “we” make it, and often, societies are flawed, like we are.

So know this: your personal case, or the case you are investigating in this era we live in began as some in our society began to form a new version of “our” society. And, without a doubt, our current society has changed from a democracy to a surveillance and police state. This is indisputable by most educated accounts-and most other societies HATE American society, and often with good reason.

Are you getting the idea that not all societies are alike? And that the answer to the question “what is a society” is that “a society is what you make it?”

This is where all the conspiracy theory kicks in-because some seek to create a “new world order,” as others seek to maintain an “old world order.” So-even in defining a society, we see that there are two versions: one in progress, and one in stasis (standing still). So-as I have noted, there is no one version of a society, and the Hegelian dialectic seeks to exploit that, at all times. Us versus them, Jewish-christians-versus others, Democrats versus Republicans, forever, until democracy is gone- these manage to steal every generation of children every 10 years, by suppressing you, as a speaker-these are really, first amendment cases that devolve into deep civil conspiracy cases eventually.

So catch it early. But remember-in cases that challenge their hegemony, they do work together against those who stand in their way.

So I can show you the exact phrase that I found that started my how case of actual organized gang stalking. I can point to the online conversations that eventually came offline exactly as I have documented herein. And most importantly, I can name names.

But because these civil conspiracies that use local, state, and federal resources are so incredibly well orchestrated-and the power imbalance between the state forces conspiring against the individual-it is mind boggling difficult to know where to start which I why I write ROGS for you.

In public relations dialogues, the word “framing” has specific meaning: it is to build a box around a subject, and contain it as an easily understood “thing.” so, I seek to teach you how to do that to “them” whoever your personal “them” are. For some christians, it is Jews, it is orthodoxy; for some orthodox it is Nazi’s; and for some Nazi’s it is socialists- for some Democrats, Republicans, for some socialists, communists, and so on-this is what the Jewish-christian-western dialectic IS.

So-these who are comfortable in their beds at night as their friends and relatives and associates and organizations stalk, cyber-stalk, harass and manipulate speakers in “darkness” are the targets that need to be sought out and “framed” in a new way, just as they have tried to frame you. And, maybe they have trapped or entrapped you somehow-but notice that they never seem to get you into a court, or a jail, or otherwise hurt you? That is because they know that YOU DON’T know how to defend yourself against them.

This is a world wide subversin of democratic process, and it has happened many times before in the world, as international bankers dry up local economies in order to stimulate wars and other economies. It is not rocket science. But is IS brutal, and it does claim lives and livelihoods.

And so, I will teach you here at ROGS where to look for your oppressors. But be warned: they have already stalked, murdered, and otherwise harmed thousands before you, right here in the US and elsewhere-and there is literally nowhere to hide from their abuse, because it is hidden behind national security claims and hidden internet and cell phone entrapment schemes.

So document, document, document-and then sue them into the soil.

Up until ROGS, few have managed to “prove” what gang stalking is, where it started, and who is actually doing it. I have done it, on several occasions, and I continue too do it. And because these are staged attacks on individuals, AND individuality, it makes fining them harder-so learn to build honeypots, as I have done here-and then, trap them back, follow my methods, and you will discover who your stalkers are.