Mental health, organized gang stalking, and targeted individuals.

Any random sample of any population anywhere in the United States will turn up the fact that one in four people have “mental health issues,” according to current analysis.

And some “46.4% of respondents in the linked survey met criteria for at least one of these disorders at some point in their life.” This is a fact of both health science and psychology.  And some 46% of people, nearly one in two, endure a ‘mental disturbance or disorder’ throughout their lives.

And so, because the counter-terrorism money pot has incentived a deviant and sociopathic form of un-constitutional cannibalism where private security contractors and Fusion Centers, and social media companies work together to spy on citizens, there is no longer any validity to the psychological definition of “delusions,” if in fact there ever was.

In the current social schemas of western democracies, we are encouraged to depend upon state dollars instead of our own labor, to rat on our neighbors, and hide our own deviance behind a pseudo morality that preys upon our neighbors privacy for the sake of our own, and so I suggest that all mental health diagnoses in such an era can be re-visited, and perhaps updated so that every diagnoses have the caveat “diagnosed during an era of pandemic corruption and predatory state practices.”

Then, view TI’s this way-as a civilian population caught in a tribal-sectarian war, and trapped within amoral institutional and corporate combat zones, where “the ends justify the means.”

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call system. They openly state that their sales increase every time there is,a mass shooting. This firm, like so many Silicon Valley technology firms was started by former Israeli spies.

This is a serious, and troublesome breach of due processes of law, and these APPs, and social media are giving these terrorists access to our childrens lives and minds.

In that light, the stories of most TI’s I have met or know should be prefaced with this zen koan, where the master speaks and the student replies thus:

“If you say this stick is real, I will beat you. If you say this stick is not real, I will beat you. If you say nothing, I will beat you.” There seems to be no way out. One pupil, however, found a solution by changing the level of communication. He walked up to the teacher, grabbed the stick, and broke it.”

So in rational discussion about OGS and TI’s, there is NO DOUBT that some TI’s in the gang stalking community have pre-existing mental health conditions, or that OGS can exacerbate existing conditions (indeed many speculate that this is what OGS is designed to do) or to bring on or cause the onset of symptoms, delusional thinking, paranoia, or that the effects of it leave behind the scars of PTSD, and more.

With that said, and with my research herein, it is important to note that TI’s are also frequently whistle blowers, social critics, journalists, neighbors who resist communitarian policing, and targets of workplace harassment, and that TI’s complaints are not “ordinary complaints” or even that social workers and psychologists and others are aware of this “phenomenon.”

Indeed, in the case of the widely discussed Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan, David V. James, Christine Sarteschi and others, they are “gang stalking denialists,”who say that the complaints of victims of gang stalking are “delusions.”

But because it presents itself in policing and social control situations, and it targets specific individuals, it deserves a deeper look in context to what even some in law enforcement call it, which is what Lt. Larry Richard, of the Santa Cruz Police Department famously called  “bullying on steroids.”

So, ALL cases of TI’s-whether they are whistle blowers, journalists, or ex-Mormons; whether they are drug addicts, sex offenders, or people who have been targeted with any of the many un-Constitutional and illicit gray area due process violating “countering violent extremism” programs and the accompanying privacy rape that this entails; and these programs which are  OUT OF CONTROL in communities across America and the western world-are exceptional cases, and the DSM-IV is simply NOT equipped to assess these special cases, which are, really, political.

And there is little doubt that nationwide slander campaigns, start in NSA and Fusion Center data, which is shared across the globe,and directly fed into Israeli intelligence unfiltered, or stored in databases that get fatter and fatter with “facts” that are never adjudicated in a court room, or other “data” that has been derived from the illicit “gray area policing scheme” of community policing has had a deleterious effect on SOME people more that OTHER people, and TI’s certainly are this special cases who are perceived as “weak” and more, are targeted from early in life, as we see in the example of the CalGang database and “gangster babies”.

And now, we see that this actual collusion between the security state and political actors is bi-partisan, and that the mass,shootings and other mayhem in the news ALL,starts online, after someone states a political opinion. Then, private contractors from around the world bully the speaker,and sometimes that bullying comes offline.

Here, we se the headline Unhinged woman who threatened Joe Biden….and there we see the headline Man sent (fake) bombs to 13 political operatives, and many headlines much worse, like the recent Nova Scotia mass shooting.

Race, religion, tribalism, sectarianism, inter-generational slander and oppression in the cases of organized gang stalking.

So if anything, TI’s are frequently profiled and bullied throughout their lives, and when they finally do stand up it is with extreme prejudice-a reaction to prejudice directed at them. And bullying is a well researched topic that indicates that those who are different, or those who “cannot or will not be conformed by force of gray area policing schemes and bending of the law by the law” are the problem rather than the majoritarian society that practices this new form of hidden, well organized, and intense bullying inn a time of constitutional crisis.

So, there is little surprise that several of the mass shooters have claimed they are followed and harassed, framed or manipulated by “hidden forces” on the internet (some estimates say tha two out of five trolls online work in the MIC for the Pentagon, JTRIG, or Israeli hasbara), or in society that specifically target them-“as individuals.”

Even less surprise that many of them today are African American, or otherwise non-white, and even less surprise at the fact that a white woman and a white man wrote “probably the only study ever” on the topic of organized gang stalking-and who can’t seem to make the connection between projects like the CalGang database, and highly organized “gang stalking.”

And then, even less of a surprise that nearly ALL of the victims and many of the well known shooters -somehow-just fall into the category of people that the notoriously racist, calculatedly misanthropic organizations that claim to speak for “diversity” finds to be “anti-semitic.” Without irony, this author notes that many black men who have died in mystery suicides, and mass shootings, as well as Islamic men, have challenged the Jewish-christian narrative in alternative media, or were directly involved with or targeted by one or anther Jewish sect or cult. And far less surprising that the ‘specially trained teams’ of first responder’s trained in Israel.

Mass Shooters are a Make Work Project, 101

Indeed, the Dallas shooter, Micah Xavier Jonson was said to have reacted to endemic American racism-and in his “rampage” one must certainly note that one out of five of his random victims was a likely KKK member. That’s 20% of five random “officers down” in this case, which might cause one to pause. These are the officers that our country adulates, and promotes, and that “psychologists” look to for “protection.”

And Gavin Long, the Baton Rouge shooter also claimed he was being targeted and harassed-became a voice for an unpopular sentiments that few dare speak out loud. He said “Knowing your rights is nothing to a bully.”

So, as soon as one stands up and demonstrates an ounce of withdrawal or resistance from the lunacy of  following the Jewish-christian cultural narrative based in Abrahamic supremacy, and the stasis of the status quo, they are labeled as anti-semitic by those who adhere to this form of religious-tribal supremacy. It is one of the great ironies of this peculiar bullying that those who demand diversity of others are themselves rabid racists and misanthropes.

In journalism, and media, this narrative prevails every time-it is the centerpiece of so-called western cultures. But Jews-especially American Jews- are also a highly targeted population of this nefarious practice as well, such as we saw with Dr. Moss David Posner, and others who think outside the tight constraints of the orthodoxy, and especially Jews who seek the humanity and commonality of mankind. And even Christians like Gavin Seim also indicate that something is very very wrong in America and elsewhere as system’s theory takes hold in the gray area.

But the problem of “policing in the gray area” isn’t merely black and white, Jewish and Christian, led by a nefarious variant and a notoriously corrupt and corrupting sect of organized Judaism that leads American police on privately paid junkets to Israel every year in an orchestrated act of trance formation. The problem of targeted individuals has implications beyond those targeted as individuals, and points to a society that is teetering on rabid anti-humanism, based in the “othering” of the mentally ill and the political dissenter alike; the terrorist and the  whistle blower alike; the pedophile and the journalist alike.And certainly “systems theory” and the Hegelian Dialectic are centerpieces of the story.

And case after case, we see common denominators, such as homelessness, cars, colors; and then, “hidden policing mechanisms” raging from internet abuse to ‘anonymous tipsters’ and more-all major themes of OGS- are everywhere in these cases, once we know where to look.  In fact, in the San Bernardino shooting Syed Farook was -mysteriously-“on the police radar” just one week before the shooting.

What is hidden shall be revealed indeed…

Here below is one picture of the final moments of Kelly Thomas, the son of  police officer Ron Thomas, who was reported when some “anonymous tipster” “called the police department to report Thomas was allegedly casing cars.” Cars, as we have seen, are a theme in OGS-that many who endure targeted harassment become sensitized to the nefarious practice of cars circling them and more. Thomas was a diagnosed schizophrenic, but certainly, we must ask if there isn’t something else afoot. And, he was targeted on multiple occasions before his fatal encounter with organized crime that works in policing:

Cop Acquitted in Murder of Kelly Thomas Was Just Arrested for Domestic ...

And not surprisingly, Thomas’ death resulted in one of his murderers claiming that he had “smashed his face to hell.”

Not surprisingly, the notoriously “trigger warning” MSM reacted with near-glee when photo’s of these men in their death throes were posted to the internet. And, also not surprisingly, the MSM ran laps every time it could put the phrase “domestic violence” next to the name of a “mass shooter,” but was surprisingly dead-silent when one of the officers who beat Thomas to death was picked up for domestic violence. 

This leads me, a researcher to ask “is it possible that women’s violence expresses itself through war pornography, police brutality, and pictures of dead men?”

Of the TI’s I have spoken with, and those that I have read about one central underlying theme is religion, and the icons and imagery of cults and sects, bullying and conformity, and especially the Domestic Industrial Complex waging war in the name of Jesus, aka Yeshua Ha Nozri, the dead desert prince of a war based tribe of desert slavers. There is, for me at least, little irony in the bizarre back and forth between Jews and Christians who adulate the death of a half Jewish, half Roman preacher….

And again-there is little surprise that the feminism of old times- where women raised their voices against this sort of brutality and mayhem waged on individuals has now become the opposite of feminism, and become women who instead hearken only to their own personal privileges, handed down from on high as payment for their silence about endless war and atrocity. These women, who wanted equality, got a privileged narrative instead, one where THEY get to be the bullies now, and police and the hidden mechanisms of “organized society” working for “them.”

Half of people shot by police are “mentally ill.”

One in six school children are routinely bullied.

63% of autistic kids are bullied, and sometimes their parents too.

And workplace bullying is out of control all across America as well.