Malcolm X always kept a tape recorder in his house. He was able to secretly capture this interview with the FBI In his home.

How to document organized gang stalking the Malcoln X way.

Legal Disclaimer: Because the FBI and their agents who work unnaccountably in task farces with sherrifs departments routinely, without warrants and working under the CVE narrative,routinely deploys cowardly LEIU members, and ATAP affiliated scumbags at targeted individuals without a warrant, or even due process of law, pre -emptive of legal basis, ROGS, issues the following legal disclaimer:

My tape recorders only picked up the “chatter ” and associated mayhem, as DVIC elements, and local police that FBI /CVE /DHS /Gang stalking disruption left behind, as these still un named operators and operatives -many with ideentifiable license plates from MN left behind.

Actual photos of these types in action, and in camera, are classified, and stored for posterity in foreign countries that are curious about how “unconstitutional ”fascist,” police state Amerikka has become。.

View ROGS claims from THAT perspective: the perspective of a person whose house has been defiled so many times by FBI /CVE /DHS BLACK OPERATIONS /BLACK BAG JOBS, that logic doesnt even apply in these cases. .

FBI offers to “help,” Malcolm, if in fact they can “eliminate people,”to “help.”

Malcolm X always kept a tape recorder in his house, just like ROGS did, between 2004-2018,when I moved to a peaceful, established, highly functioning, and thriving communist country, and my gang stalking shut off like turning off a faucet, or switching a light.

It really was like the difference between night and day, because Americas cultic /sectarian /Jewish -christian nightmare, financed by competing banksters who manipulate these sects and their bizarre “buhliefs systums ” to undercut actual democracy is EXACTLY that bizarre .

Well, like ROGS, X was able to secretly capture this interview with the FBI In his home.

Watch this video , as the FBI tries to create an informant /rat /cowardly vindictive snitch out of one of the most uncompromising leaders of all American history.

Then, failing that, these wonderful beacons of international finance, Gods/G _ds /G -ds /GAWDS! love, and of liberty and due process,and national security offer to eliminate Malcolm Xs enemies.

What is a targeted individual? What is highly organized stalking?

Don’t ask Malcolm X. He was murdered shortly after he refused the FBIs offer to eliminate his frenemies.