Letter to a social worker.

The following is an example of a very rational social worker, who engages in speculation about why she is targeted. It is part of a the ROGS gang stalking case study series.

I often receive letters from purported targeted individuals that are just psychobabble, as military/police/intelligence agency affilliated jerks, sadists, and sociopaths, or corporate black operations target and harass individuals. These writers are
organized gang stalking denialists, or are spreading disinformation

Here in THIS LINK, is one example of that, at the bottom of this post, where “Freddie Goodman”writes pure gibberish, and uses the number 13 in what is classic “coded speech.”

This writer in the linked example above is a fraud, and I know this because another writer who had written a letter shortly before where the facts outlined in the letter mirrored Freddie Goodmans almost exactly(a story including a boat, a vacation, the woods, etc.), but the first letter writer used their real name, and expressed genuine sentiment, and asked for real help, without the psychobabble, or use of the number 13(which many federal snoops, bullies, and prosecutors use in their illegal internet activity.)

So, the two letters mirrored each other somewhat in fact and subject matter, but were clearly a case of someone having access to the other persons email, and clearly mocking them. This is how gang stalking works, as NSA/Fusion Centers/Community policing sickoes utilize illicit access to targets computers and cell phones in real time.

In the following letter, we see an interesting case of a social worker speculating on who might be gang stalking her, and her case is another ROGS BINGO, because it hits many of my main thesis points about why people get gang stalked.

You, the reader, can judge for yourself the veracity of it, and especially note that my themes of real estate, federal/corporate/ other spies, wealthy ex-boyfriends, and contact with occulted policing are all present in herstory; but also, the exceptionally weird cell phone activity that many/most TIs discuss.

But most improtantly, note that she discusses close contact with the 9-11 narrative, which is similar to my own case, just after 9-11-2001:

The case of the gang stalked social worker(it is anonymous enough)

Hi Cisco:
Thanks again for your thoughtful reply. Glad to know I am on the right track but I still have no idea where or what this is about. So I have compiled a list below of all the weird incidents starting from 2001 that might have something to do with it. There are so many. It makes it hard to tell which direction to go. Here it is. If nothing else, perhaps you will find it entertaining. Maybe you can see something I haven’t thought of. Look forward to hearing your ideas. Many thanks again!!!

2001-lived in NYC area, dated millionaire, disappointing situation, remember I am outspoken.
-shortly thereafter witnessed 9/11, saw 2nd plane hit tower II, placed on “World Trade Center Registry” and had to BEG to be removed from it in 2016. Literally requested to be removed so many times, they would not take me off, I had to keep sending the post cards back “return to sender.” Its like they were tracking people like game animals.
2003-hospitalized with illness finally diagnosed as autoimmune disorder. Still take meds for this.
2002-present – have been in and out of therapy and am a better person for it.
between 2004-2010 – working in corporate America and attending school, preparing to be psychotherapist. Sometime in there inquired about joining 1) Council on Foreign Relations and several other similar groups for the purpose of networking. Discovered these are only for the elite and was not permitted to join or I had no one to recommend me.
2001-2007-always would get weird crank calls, noise calls, loud noises on voice mails that went on for several minutes. Went on for years.
2007-2014-Attended social work school and did internship in detox, rehab and substance abuse treatment facilities. Publicly disagreed with a director–I am outspoken. Its on the record. Owner is well known not a nice person.
2007-2008ish-worked at a global consulting firm to pay the bills. Was outspoken about various…quit.
2008-2010-worked for wealthy NYC family, left good terms.
2012-2016-worked as therapist but left without 2 wks notice ppl were angry
2014-2016-had an Iphone, the phone started doing its own things, making its own calls, texts, emoji writings, would not allow me to turn it off, etc. scary. I sent the phone to LV, found only malware, no other solid info. The phone had a mind of its own, like someone was controlling it.
2014-2016-discontinued a contract with a company teletherapy platform service provider b/c they were inept. it was a 1 yr contract–I ended it after 5 months and refused to pay for more. They harassed me for awhile. They were Russian people.
2014-2016-I started getting weird calls from people talking about a Mr or Mrs Jones. These would link to elite prep schools and Park Avenue Addresses, nothing solid just like someone was toying with me. The calls led nowhere. I knew no one at these places. Was hoping the calls were about potential work. I was able to ID a wealthy real estate couple that’s all. Went on for about 2 yrs.
Nov 2016-I moved upstate New York from NYC Queens. Some unhappy about it b/c less than 2 wks notice. Some clients linked to law enforcement.
Nov 2016-moving day I noticed what looked like a private detective watching what was going on, I shrugged it off, now I think it was significant.
Nov 2016-I go to work for a major US health insurance company. I face some difficult co-workers. Very tough situation. I leave after 1 yr.
Dec 2017-it is going on at present as I mentioned. You can’t make this stuff up. Counting down for a better New Year.


Well- in a word: red flags. EVERYWHERE. Money, power, therapist/mandated rreporter/CVE partner/Russians/911/”global consuting”-everything except dead drops in the hawks nest in the middle of Central Park, lol.

The first thing I would like to ask is-just to get this out of the way- is do you have AIDS? I don’t know a whole lot about health topics. But I have known other AIDS people who were not to my knowledge stalked; and I have known gay people who are. But rarely do I meet a woman who has such AIDS, which, I imagine could make you unique to some who seek to study you; it would also make you a target of those who misuse data to hurt others, and whose minds are in the 17th century about a woman’s place.

Then I wonder: are you a dfficult person to work with? Sometimes we have unrecognized flaws/personality traits that rub others the wrong way. What are you “outspoken” about?

Other times-and especially with highly motivated people-your intelligence gets in the way. It’s the basic “gifted person” syndrome-all cultures HATE people with high IQ. But also, the CIA aka “how banking decides who will and won’t get a paycheck” has been running smart kids from grade school forwards in a continuation of the Hi-Q studies. Your case doesn’t sound like that, but it’s possible. Gifted and talented is actually “early recruitment.”

With that out of the way, I would have to know more about these wealthy people, and if they are key players in some odd banking/state secrets/intelligence agency/policing stuff-which is really none of my business, honestly. But frequently these days, we become intelligence targets of both Jo h Fusion Center Moron, whoo wants stripes at the FBI and foreign agencies too, that do all of the EXACT things you have outlined. It’s purely insane. They trade us like baseball cards, and all of that without predicate, pretext or warrants. This is how bad our conutry has become.

Don’t get ruffled though, and maybe, focus your practice more, and begin accepting that you need to be careful who you talk to-iron sharpens iron, and the whole story is just getting started-remember: this has been going on since forever, and 2001 just legitimated it.

Then-develop friendships OFFLINE and OFF THE PHONE. Sadly, as we see in case after case, our own agencies are using us as “bird dogs” aka “unpaid HUMINT” which means that they are actively monitoring the non-average, and the simply interesting, and especially the “outspoken”. And frequently the goal is to hurt you- they even say as much on their blogs.

So be careful. And maybe, the FBI/CIA/private contractor unknown is testing you-they do it, the DHS does it, and so on. It’s a horrific practice because they never simply come out and ask you “hey would you lie us to develop you as an asset?” Mostly it’s because of politics, and so on-or just heinously moronic agents whose testosterone outweighs their common sense. Sometimes, they want YOU to go to THEM as a sort of allegiance test, but sadly, it really is a submission test-they want you to cower, rather than come right out and ask you for help or assistance. Without control, their heinous fake terror can’t happen.

Then, there’s the issue of 911-do you realize that some 911 people have been killed/died of cancer/moved out of the country? Guess why….And: who gets ther if insurance? Hmm….

And I suspect-just a hunch-that some who were “there” that day are being monitored because there were chemicals in those towers that very likely caused cancers and possibly as you say, auto-immune disorders. Keep in mind that all our “good guys” had offices there, and they likely stored interesting stuff. And Silverstein himself is likely a douche, and covering his ass for lawsuits-these types will stalk you to death.

But honestly- your entire case as you put it reads like “wow, she would make a very good recruit, if only ….” Look up sparrows and spying….

And then, you mention dating cops? Yeah- this is a HUGE complaint from many women across the board. Yup: cops are major stalkers, and many many women online complain of it. Some of the ubermen claim they do it to “protect” women, but it has the opposite effect. And too if you knwo some secrets about tse guys, they want to control that.

Try not to scare yourself-but here is another scenario: completely cray-cray people who do stuff like this:


I won’t go into who these people are or what I suspect their operation is, but simply-there is no end of crazy in these cases. Any time massive wealth is involved, massive fraud and abuse is possible. In that one case alone, ittraces to hudreds of millios in real estate, and even a 50 million dollar forest fire, many judges, and a county sherrif.

But you must be pretty tuff to have stuck it out this long. I will re-read your case later but for now those are my basic ideas. And keep in mind that IC assets-and you would be a fantastic asset-get hazed in ways that defy logic. Remember: interrogation scenarios are full of manipulation of our identiies, and your case rings those bells. In order to “cntrol” an asset, one must control the narrtive-these guys/gals hate it when you think for yourself, but yet give you no incentive to “just do your job.”

Then, you bring up the Russians-lol. Do you know the FBI sat on so many of them over the years whiile the Democrats were in power that you could fill a boat with them. All the agencies are full spy-vs-spy right now, and the name of the game is assets, and free intel, or swapping up. Google “Seattle and Russian spies” for a laugh.

Then, there’s the double’s and triples-the Israeli “private contractors” who double as Moscow birds, and then pass info when it’s convenient to the FBI-it’s how they stay free, and undeported. And, how black ca$h happens right under the noses of Mr. and Mrs. Do-right (who end up like Bernie Sanders with a nice beach house eventually.)

So-this holding back thingie is one of the few areas where I agree with FBI CVE programs, but I never write about that-why give the milk AND the cow away for free? Those sh!tbags wrecked my career.

But what do I know, really? I am just a writer. I read things, lol. I have a two year degree that I spent about 10 years getting, and my internet was like a popcorn machine on burn the whole time.

Now: here is one option I could easily see in your future: specializing in TI counseling. Remember that a chief complaint of TI’s is that no one takes them seriously. So, what needs to happen is that this narrative gets validated by people just like you. You have all the qualifications, and right now there simply is no couter narrative from professionals-everyone is so cowed by the testosterone charged hero narratives that they are afraid to challenge status quo.

I knew one girl who actually killed herself, and I had no idea what she was going through. She ended up in some cult-like church in San Fran, with what looks like classic NSA/CIA handler type deal. she too was a social worker, and her story is online still. But her actual blogs were eventually taken ver by Chinese trolls!

So, in these cases, you never know for sure who is targeting you-but you have to protect yourself, and keep your chin up. I laugh at it all, and write. I lost the abilty to take “them” seriously when I realized who it was, and then sat back, and collected what data I could so to help others-I want to end these programs, and destroy the ability of our “good guys and gals” to do this to our citizens.

Lastly- many of the non-mentally ill TI’s I talk to, whether thhey are cranks, or drunks, or others who are “individuated” are coonected to large amunts of money-millionaires in most cases. And, most are cnnected to real estate, life insurance issues, or elder care issues where guadianship of elders, aka guardianship of sh!tloads of money is a factor of contention from multiple parties.ANd kids of course-I ean-it is an actua racket in America. Kids pay the biggest dividend for these people, and the states that derive income fro the ruination of families and security for the kids.

In man ways, our nation has been taken over fom the inside by racketeers. The cases I write about-Whitey Bulger, Michael the Preacher, and so on-all of these are te OLD mob, and the gang stalking is the NEW mob, working within the agencies themselves.

I simply don’t have the resources to prove these cases for the most part, or the protection I would need. But because of the suicide/homicide/causation of mental illlness issues I feel I have to write it all out. And that it is personal on many levels too. If you can afford a PI, get a good one-become a intel nexus yourself;-)

Anyways-best of luck, and feel free to send me more info.