Is gang stalking a delusion or a “strange belief system?”: case study and evidence

As ROGS blog wraps up another year online documenting the fact that organized gang stalking is real, and not a delusion, I once again invite gang stalking denialists Dr.s David V. James, Lorraine Sheridan, Christine Sarteschi, Mie Wood, and the rest of the psycho-babbling loons online to note that ROGS blog got nearly 18,000 unique, individual readers in 2019, and those readers checked in from 107 distinctly different countries around the world.

So, because we also see a massive effort online and in media to discredit victims of OGS, its important to look at who these disinformation agents are, running deceptive campaigns across America, and the world, organizations like Targeted Justice, which was involved in this hoax in Texas.

Other loons, such as Mi5 affilliated Dr. Catherine Horton, Swedish intelligence agency affilliated Dr. Tomo Shibata, CIA affilliated Dr. Robert Duncan, and NSA affiliated former spies Karen Stewart and Eleanor White(all of whom are on record publishing crap like this about “mind reading locusts”, DEWs, face orbs, UFOs, and other psycho-babble, as well as these two major gang stalking related hoaxes here, and here, where we saw anti-prostitution, anti-pornoraphy crusader Ella Free and other agency affiliates distributing bizarre materials on buses, which is similar to materials which are actually used in Fusion Center psychological operations that target individuals in communities across America.

So take a look at the following ROGS stories, my most popular stories this year for an idea about the reality (non-delusion)of OGS: