I get letters, part five:What Happens in gang stalking? Examining the threats and the threat narrative in OGS

Once upon a time, their were secret societies and their minions of flying mnkeys, just like that scene in the Wizard of Oz. Then, Dorothy met the big bad wolf in Las Vegas, and ate it a new ^sshole, starting at it’s fat and fluffy tail, which Dorothy used as a mop.

The End.

Hahahahaha! Just kidding.

The reality is that these new gangs of hidden social coercers and rats and bullies are every bit as terrifying and terroristic as the last group, but with ELECTRONIC WEAPONS like the Five Eyes 24/7 wiretap of all of our telephone calls, cell phones as tracking devices, and the utter joy with which the “good guys” call the shots from behind the curtin as the flying monkeys do stuff like this.

Update 09/14/2018: the link below to a “GoFundMe” page has been “disappeared” as of today. Use my search feature here on this blog to search for terms “webscrubbing,” and “webwashing,”which I claim copyright on, here at ROGS,but also note what webwashing means in context to OGS, and hete is the link to the now disapeared page.

THEN: Note how specific the scrubbed page is to ROGS narrative, and Las Vegas, specifically.

Anyone who seeks that page can contact me at my email, as I saved the page offline, as well as other data related to the writer.

So, no, you will never get me onboard with the terrorists/pedophiles/boogieman-du-jour thingy because as we see: if you follow the money, we KNOW who is doing all the bad stuff. And those other guys are statistically nearly non-existent, compared to the DVIC make work projects all over the place. Oh- and the war on writers, journalists, whistle blowers, activists and pure speech is what is really goin’ on-yeah, that seems worth mentioning too.

We’re not in Kansas anymore, but some certainly have foist upon us a similar paradigm to “Bleeding Kansas,” in the days of old when low IQ trolls and morons took pot shoots at small town abolitionists, or tarred and feathered us and ran us out on a rail(and I am laughing every tie some low IQ data analyst has to get out a Cylopspedia to find out what “Bleeding Kansas” means.)

Ah: Bleeding Kansas, home of a Booz Allen-toTexas-To-Maryland-to-NYC nexus. Also, the site of a major part of the US Civil War. Of course, this gray area control of narrative thing woked so well then, because news paper editors could just be lynched. And it worked really well because their was no internet, and targeted individuals were usually left on their own, then lynched. I have the good fortune of the ability to communicate the “threat narrative” to others, via this amazing medium of democracy.

And, I have a few journalists peeking in over my shoulder too, because yup, gang stalking is real.

How real is gang stalking? It is SO REAL that when a writer gets close to the truth, and rules out most of the disinformation and noise-well, that’s when the “subtle hreats” begin-and these subtle threats are the same as they have always been: inane.

Here- look at this mornings mail, from one of the Five Eyes in the Panopticon. I will leave it to other journalists, and the local police who are peeking in ere to decide oif the letter is “real” or if there is a subtle threat.

I will highlight the parts that I perceive as subtly threatening, and leav it to the “pro’s” to decide what they think. Again-my intent is to create a record of evidence that others can follow, to test and retest my hypotheses

I have anonymized the writers name:

Name: Rxxx Lxxxxxxx

Email: ronxxxxxxx@yahoo.com.au


Comment: If you want to tell lies, keep it up.
I have researched this for years.
You are going on a lie list.
You have not obviously been stalked.
You are as evil as the gang stalking program itself.
DEWs are not bullshit. They are used in a later part of the program.
This is not research, this is just an crap collection of opinions/lies.
When you become gang stalked, then you can update your site with truths.
Gang Stalking is a people elimination program.

Anyone show dares to tell the truth, such as:

911 is an inside job, a false flag operation, done by USA.
killing 3000 in the 3 towers (by demolition, etc)
blaming others
genociding millions for control and oil
Global Warming is a scam to collection huge amount of $lie-based-dollars$.
Agenda 21 is an attempt to land grab, reduce population, bring on a one-world control of resources.

So on, and so on.

If you discuss this online with your name attached, you will be gang stalked.
Because the liars want to keep all this covered up.

Which side are you working from.
Who is paying you?

This is the most disgusting and incorrect “research” I have ever seen for all my year of research.

Get Gang Stalked and then fix up your site.

And then you scare people saying if you leave a comment you could be more severely gang stalked! You are sick indeed.

Well bring it on, evil gang stalkers!
I ain’t afraid you you.

Rxx Lxxxxxx
(for the public, not the elite bastards)

You have done a great dis-service to all humanity by providing a very bad / false report.

Well, I won’t wade into that too much, but if I DO get gang stalked, AGAIN, I will have a good starting point that anyone can look at, and gauge “where it started THIS TIME AROUND,”as I have been experiencing this kind of thing since 2004-5. Yup. This is one example of how the “threat narrative” works in OGS. Andy psychologist can examine my claim, and decides for themselves. And I can provide email headers too, because one of the things that GS do is use other peoples names, and try to get writers like me to slander these others “by proxy.”

The reference the writer made was “Leave the Author a Message” page where I warn that the internet is itself just a huge IC/MIC/PIC/DVIC entrapment scheme. Also, I made that page because the IC/MIC/DVIC crap posters just flood blogs with their bizare theories and other hooliganism.

I don’t deny that electronic weapons exist, and so on, but I also realize what total BS. But in case anyone missed the memo, I believe that OGS is a harmful social practice, on the wrong side of the slippery slope that is destroying our cultures, and our democracy. And, as I tell EVERYONE about DEW’s “GET A F@CKING RF METER” and prove your claims. Or STFU.

But without a doubt, organized gang stalking IS what I say it is, and my many hypotheses, and proof-and the language itself can be examined and re-examined for veracity. Put another way: if OGS is a lynch mob, I am the guy with his neck in the noose, alongside those who are also being lynched. And I won’t vary from that position.

Because real men and women in real democracies either hang together, or certainly they will hang us alone.

Which is why we have to keep our eyes on the prize: a shot over the bough of the speech and thought entrament schemes that led us to the NSA-FISA FiveEyes-spy-on-citizen’s hole, where we shall poke out the eye of the Panoptical Octopussy that those Eastern Star’s built. If we do it right, we ill do it with a great sky penis! If only because whisper campaigns are sooooo cowardly.

And so, to verify how the threat narrative works in organized gang stalking, here is a comment I received yesterday as well, from someone using the name of the son of the man who designed the Eisenhower. I would like to draw the readers attention to what is called “nuts information” and especially note that the writer has requested help to “save” a little boy from a gang of meth addicts.

That is neither in my capacity to do, nor is it something that is even possible in the DVIC scheme, because there is SO MUCH MONEY in keeping children in such situations, nt to mention that organized pedophiles all work in the “good guys industries” and the DVIC- which is why Pizzagate was a total fail of altRight propaganda as well

So- if in fact there are actual good people left in the world, who can help a boy in trouble, feel free to follow this story to wherever it leads you. While I am certain that all of the CVE/DVIC/Foster care judicial corruption and CPS is merely icing on the organized pedophile cake, it occurs to me that it is also likely that there are those within those systems who might actually be able to help.

So- here is a letter, also from yesterday material this correspondent was reading on ROGS (hint-all roads lead to the wolf at the door in Las Vegas), and I will withhold my opinion about the writer, the writers intent. And, I have altered certain data to protect the writers identity or to save them from derision (my own, frequently) :

 The reason I call them the Mornxxxxx Mafia (well actually I call them the Morxxxxx Mafia just to piss them off) is because the Grand Pooh Bah is the owner, author, and primary developer of a non-genuine/counterfeit Windows operating system he calls Mornxxxxx that has been under development for at least 15 years maybe 20. The goal of this project was to develop a means of remotely accessing and controlling any targeted computer/cell/tablet/device whether or not it was online. To do that all devices need to running the same OS and that OS is Windows 8.1 because it has a virtual machine module built in. So the state of every device right now is the user is being dumped into a virtual drive with inferior permissions and a hidden bluetooth/FM Radio VPN name “None”
They got my son. I have 5600 screen shots documenting all this. Microsoft and Google are leads but Google appears to be leaving MIcrosoft holding the bag as over the past 3 years I identified 3 primary components of Mornxxxxx in Android and they have only recently removed each one. All three are gone for now.
Here’s the rest of the story. I need an attorney with some balls to go after the locals. Know anybody?
Here is the link to this writers “GoFundMe”were they seek to “save” a little boy. But as e see time and again in the OGS dialectic, it is frequently full of official source gas lighting, time wasting, and other mayhem, which all factors in to “threat levels” of different kinds.
So- I would ask my daily reader-what’s YOUR take on this?:
And I will leaave it at that.