How to Read Rogs

This page is for victims of organized gang stalking, researchers of organized gang stalking; civil litigators who want to know how the hidden mechanism’s of internet social engineering work; attorney’s whose clients claim mind control experiences online; computer security professionals, psychologists who are not under the influence of Big Pharma, police and intelligence agency “actual good guys,” and more.

But mostly, this is for the TI who wonders what just hit them. You, the targeted person, are here because you are under attack. Many TI’s know the common and often repeated phrase that “no one will help TI’s.” They will hunt you and slander you and harass you until you “get institutionalized, go to jail, or kill yourself.” This is the common threat in their narrative. so-become your own best advocate-look at the top of this blog for tips and tools you can use to defend yourself. And here is a suite of free and pay-for tools from that you can learn to use to your advantage.

And ROGS, will help you for free, because it’s the right thing to do. I don’t care of they say you are a terrorist, a pedophile, a drug dealer, a whore; a journalist, a whistle blower, an activist; first they came for the ….and I said nothing. so, this time around, I am saying something: Democracy is under attack, and you are being exploited-but so to are tens of thousands of others. Learn to fight using legal, non-violent resistance and obstruct them with knowledge.

Here is the most important thing I can tell you: I am an ordinary person just like you. I am not affiliated with any group, or politic, or agency in any regards- what I am telling you is free, no strings attached common sense advice. I once worked in security, and I was targeted when these attacks began in the early aughts by elements in court rooms, academia, society, and policing who directly mirror the worst ideas and ideologues of history, ranging from Stalin, to Hitler, to Netanyahu.

And so, here in the following link is a case where we see an actual person targeted by spies, and Mossad agents and complicit cops who look the other way when it happens, or who participate in the harassment an framing. Get out the ROGS BINGO card in your own case (see the top of the page) and compare it to the case of Harvey Weinstein targeting Rose McGowan and others with an army of spies, lawyers, cops, and retired law enforcement and military persons:

Over the course of a year, Weinstein had the agencies “target,” or collect information on, dozens of individuals, and compile psychological profiles that sometimes focussed on their personal or sexual histories. Weinstein monitored the progress of the investigations personally. He also enlisted former employees from his film enterprises to join in the effort, collecting names and placing calls that, according to some sources who received them, felt intimidating.

So, here is what to do next-use ROGS this way for TI’s:

Use my search feature and ask this blog about your situation. Use search terms like “gang stalking and police,” or “how to document gang stalking for a civil lawsuit,” or “gang stalking and feminist jurisprudence,” or “gang stalking and real estate,” or “gang stalking and domestic violence accusations,” and so on, all of which will provide you helpful information.

Use ROGS this way if you are a journalist: “gang stalking and first amendment” or “Gary Webb and gang stalking” or “electronic attack and xss error,” or “main stream media reports and Bob Deis,” or “gang stalking and Minnesota journalists” and so on. Also I have actual resources sprinkled throughout and at the top of the blog that help you document web attacks, and malware that our governments have targeted at us as speakers.

ROGS for attorneys and litigators and litigants: As you know, the guy who wins the case does ALL the reading-and ROGS is word heavy, but I have kept it light for that reason. The deck is beyond stacked when governments pre-emptively target their own citizens with billions of dollars of technology, pre-judicially, and pre-crime: and when governments both CREATE and then OLICE crimes, it’s a no-win.

However, throughout this blg you will find dozens of legal arguments, and dozens more creative legal theories that can banefit your case and your client. In the general dialectic of OGS, you will save yourself years of time, drawing from my research and experience-you will be able to weed out the “noise” from each and every other “theory” of OGS, because the majority of them are written in cryptic terms, with nebulous, Hydra headed links.

As a legal theory, you will see that ROGS is innovative, and deliberately designed to tackle the massive fraud and abuse that is rampant in ths “community policing” scheme, and hopefully-especialy for civil litigators, know that time is money: the sooner you adopt the ROGS theorems, and apply them to your search for discovery material,  the sooner we can drag this Panoptical nightmare into the light, and poke its eyes out( that’s a joke of course, because we all know the Panopticon is the single occulus of the NSA, and all links go there.)

ROGS for the psychologist: As you have probably noted, my distinction of apophenia from epiphanie is catching on, and TI’s now have another way to explain all of those “delusional beliefs and coincidental happenings” that were not available to them in the pre-ROGS era. For those of you who are interested in updating the out-moded and out-dated DSM-5 which clings to the thin thread linking it to CIA mind control, political psychology, punitive psychology, and definitions that are stuck in the 1950’s, so, there is some ground work here at ROGS to work from.

And of course I have blasted the gas-lighters in the crowd out of the water by revealing the links to actually historical practices of “stalking people who are in gangs,” and also the hidden practices of psychological operations and influence in the dialectic-I have even named a few names with clear linkages to these facts. And-yes, the “tribe of troubled minds” is indeed growing-hopefully one day to displace those who have troubled them.

You are here because you are an actual victim of a Countering Violent Extremism Program, or you are here because you work in one of the many hidden, un-Constitutional, and cowardly programs in the MIC/DVIC/PIC.

Perhaps you are a researcher, or a journalist or a lawyer. Whoever you are, you can read through this blog and find my story, and the stories of others. And, you will find that organized gang stalking is real, it happens to many people and that there is a lot of fake information out there in regards to this topic. The multiple agencies have fielded numerous reports from people being gang stalked, but refuse to prosecute it as crime, because they, like so many, are actually part of “what is organized gang stalking.” They are doing it.

To the security and computer researchers: I hope you can see what a gold mine ROGS is to those in your fields as I have documented how speech itself is attacked at the site of a speaker. But mostly, I have pointed you to one method of analyzing attacks that are directed at speakers online, in real time, and that you can replicate much of what I say. In ths manner, you will be able to watch how Tor is exploited in real time in ways that are not apparent to the lab researcher who works from outward from the theoretical, rather than inward from the actual. In this way, you will be able to watch and see how WordPress is exploited over Tor, and capture real-time zero days in action, as targeted speakers and individuals are the first and primary targets of these exploits by IC operations.


To all:

Because one of the most insidious aspect of organized gang stalking is that the “good guys” are doing it-and getting paid to do it by international banksters and NGO’s run by billionaires-you are on your own, and their agencies are trying to “conform you” into being a 911 caller in order to line their pockets in a full scale exploitation of our societies-and force you to do anything that has the net effect only, of keeping them in business.

I don’t recommend anyone call 911, unless it is a life threatening emergency, orthat you use state agencies, and especially- DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE that you meet online about your troubles. Instead-take a deep breath, and begin to study what it is that “they” are doing to you. And, learn to fight back using peaceful, truly progressive and civically responsible means in the spirit of resistance and civil disobedience and true Democracy-become you own  best friend armed with the tools I recommend, and others you can find easily elsewhere.

And-if you’re doing something wrong, knock it off.