How to document gang stalking for a civil lawsuit: simple counter-measures and evidence collection (Hi El Salvador)

” I am not anti-government: I am anti-corruption in government.” ROGS

There are many ways to validate that “organized gang stalking” is a real thing, derived from the era when hidden and illegal police actions targeted “organized crime” and “gang control” as a means to contain them, blackmail or compromise them, or sell them to the system if they failed to cut a deal.

Modern OGS for the most part,  is a recruitment scheme, or a eugenics tool, or an influence operation, but shares little in regard to legitimate investigatory methods or legal basis; also, for the most part it just f@cks with people’s heads in a variety of ways.

You can drive yourself crazy wondering what they are up to (and if you have read this blog you have a cue that western democracies have become lawless states), and you can buy all kinds of counter-surveillance gear, like laser sound smashers and more, but really, there are more basic steps you need to take.

Most moern OGS starts or ends with chronic and pervasive hacking, and redirection through warrantless wiretapping of our computers. So, start with “screen capture” software, which you can get for free online. As you have likely noticed, “they” mess with your computer all the time, frequently causing it to have “a mind of its own.”

And because most targets are low status, low income individuals with weak social support, I advise you to look at the case of one “Daniel LaVeuaux” of Chicago who, though an ex-felon and a likely suspect-the kind of guy that is easy to slander-is likely being framed or bullied into confessing for a crime as I have noted elsewhere, mind control is a feature in false confessions-his case has all the ‘trappings’. I make no claim to support criminality, but I also realize that we live in a state of affairs where LEO’s are frequently acting criminally- that the “rogue officer” and the “bad apple” have infected policing as a whole, and in fact, frequently head the department.

So, getting real evidence is important, and you can refer to the tools section of this blog to begin to document your stalking.

What is evidence in a court room? “Evidence” with pictures, from

Here below is one way to prove that gang stalking is “real”: blog statistics which indicate that people from around the world are interested in the topic, and many people are researching it-so it has affected them as well. Here is a screen capture of it in action, as this blog records ‘hits’ and noes “what they are reading” This blog attracts a particularly educated crowd, as the posts they hit indicate high level organization of their thinking.

And also, note which countries are checking in-some 25-50 per day, reading an average of 2-3 posts. And frequently, it is clear in the data that someone who is “profiling” me, the author is reading, based in the posts they choose; while other times it s clear that someone else is clearly “chaining” the posts into a narrative, while others are seeking help:


Then, because police departments, and others with a “police personality” are integral, as they work with any of a number of hidden agents and agencies, NGO’s and “cause” based organizations that also save cute puppies and kitties from activists, critical thinkers, pedophiles and terrorists and journalists and whistle blowers; waging war on the Constitutional rights of due process (such as the right to be left alone, or to NOT not spied on by our own governments, or your government, not yet enumerated), we literally have Fusion Centers acting as free speech disrupter’s online.

While their activity is difficult to document-I have on several occasions traced their IP’s while my computer was under attack, or heard them talking to each other over my computer’s speaker, in the background as they learned how to turn my computer mic on.

This shot is just one example that shows this mechanism in action, but also, that demonstrates brighting in action, as the squad cars circle the house, using the spotlight to inflict Panoptical terrorism on someone who documented OGS with security camera’s. In this case, the cameras were as much the target as was the psychological terror and political intimidation. This case happened to activists against police brutality, artists, poets, and community organizers, a few Muslims, atheists and secular humanists, and it spanned a period of a decade, at several locations.

Counter intelligence manuals usually have a section about how to “use someone’s camera’s against them,” and so on, and this is one example of how this is done:

brighting g front again.png

Here is another one as officers across the street called in round after round of squad car harassment for a period lasting years. Large white males, dressed in “street clothes” and with bad DEA type haircuts and wigs occupied the dwellings across the street, and a variety of street theater took place regularly. My favorite was “the day of the umbrellas” where morons paraded around my house carrying umbrellas-on a day with no rain! Others have documented the umbrella phenomenon as well. It was this one incident which cause me to buy security cameras for the first time.

The war was on first amendment protected activity, community organizers, and others, but also, the cameras in this case were specifically targeted, and frequently destroyed, as well as actual attacks on several “speakers.” It is important to note that the beat cops in this case were likely unaware of the larger and more extensive picture of endemic corruption, and thus were ‘ just doin’ their jobs.’:

hazing 4.png

Then, using the tools described in the section of this blog about “how to fight back” by documenting OGS, there are many free “electronic tools” available online that you can use to document your own stalking and electronic harassment. These days, because the targets are frequently our emails, and our computers (and note to those who subvert justice: I have not anonymized these screen captures, for a specific reason, not least f which were the computer attacks tat this writer endured shortly after publishing this post.)

(Note to the reader-if you post something online, be aware that images, and documents contain “fingerprints” that include your computer address, called an IP, location, and more You can get an “anonymizer” free online in order to hide your tracks-but I prefer to leave tracks sometimes, deliberately, and with a specific purpose which I will not at this time reveal.)

This screenshot refers to a particular group who was using the well known trope of the “FBI SURVEILLANCE VAN” or other wireless “names” aka “wireless AP’s” which was one of many that came and went, got close and then far away.

Note how the signal strength drops dramatically, and spikes, or others that go flat. Going flat can indicate that a Stingray or other fake cell phone/wireless tower has killed all the signals, or otherwise contained them.

This screenshot is what a hidden wireless environment looks like when it is being tampered with via the use of a “StingRay” or “Hailstorm” or other hidden, disruptive device.There are many of them, and many surveillance tactical approaches,but here is one method:



And here below is one screen capture that I documented of thousands. Note that the actual phrase there’s no wifi here the third to the last AP to the bottom, was a phrase derived from a comment spoken in that residence that very day,  on one or another form of “wiretap” and that AP came and went, changed names a few more times, and then disappeared forever into the sunset. Also notice how the color changes in mid-broadcast, as the operator had changed their AP ‘on the fly’:


Then, there’s the standard forms of just keeping notes, or writing about it, which themselves are “evidentiary”. But these are just a few examples of court room worthy evidence to document OGS, from actual TI’s experience.

Bearing in mind the ongoing harassment and 10 year long chronic sonic assaults that Rick and Cindy Krlich are enduring in Hubbard Ohio from their fire department, the local police, and hundreds of “associates”  even video tape and low level civil suits aren’t always enough when dealing with corrupt prosecutors, and city governments and others that utilize OGS as a means of suppressing dissent, or framing, assaulting, or harassing activists, petty vendetta’s, or individual opposition.

SO these methods above will supplement your evidence in real and verifiable instances of OGS.

Then, there is the issue of filing a lawsuit in the first place. I offer this blog as a study manual, not as a legal or other template, and so, provide this information with which to streamline your own research.

Jeffrey Kantor, who was harassed for being Jewish and more, was let go fromm a security clearanced job in a primarily Christian community, and was one of the first to try to articulate a lawsuit and document the sheer scope and wide ranging, rambling insanity that these stalkers and teir stalkings take on, and so far, he has not been successful in his case because online, few have taken the risk to articulate this “phenomenon” the way that I have, with a few exceptions being the clearly focused and verifiable sourced “” and the excellent work of Keith LaBella Esq., or the personal testimony of Dr. Eric Karlstrom, professor Emeritus at Cal State ( I will be contacting these shortly to point them to this blog).

Here is Kantor’s attempt at suing the Feral government, and his attempt at suing his former employer Appian follows herein (who I estimate was the most likely source of his harassment, as many retired LEO’s and FBI agents work in the private corporate security sector, and utilize LEIU data) Kantor v. Appian Corporation

Then there is the issue of corroborating testimony, which can strengthen your documentation. Here I document the organized gang stalking of five other people, all of them lawyers or reporters under siege from police gang stalking, or local “progressive’s” whose pet causes and nefarious database abuses pad the bankroll of police unions everywhere.

When it comes to witnesses, credibility is important but it is not “everything.” In one recent case where I documented database abuse and what was a likely breach of data in one of the largest identity management databases in the world, the “whistle blower” had an “unimpeachable” testimony. But AFTER local political interests, corporate supervisors and corporate security agents and others got involved, and a “narrative” was created, this formerly “unimpeachable” witness became a “racist liar” and was “framed” in “official” records, with the irony being that she herself belongs to a category of ethnic minority in America. And worth noting is that this happened in an election year.

SO, being that OGS is largely case by case, and also, civil conspiracies that border on, and frequently cross over into criminality, they can extend over long periods of time, so details are important. Don’t LOSE yourself in details, but document the pertinent, and easy to explain ones. If electronics are used, get an RF or “Trimeter” with a printout, or even common GPS locators and video.

Now: electronic discovery is where you, the victim, petition your ISp to hold records of being hacked, or of your internet connection being subverted; or of other web harassment. ED is in fact, the future of civil and criminal cases, and while LEO’s and others are fully exploiting control of electronic data, the current body politic s unaware of this feature of the “case creation” component and then the complexity involved in “proving” malicious prosecution, or other malfeasance.

This would take a whole chapter to document, but suffice it to say that the current structure of law and practice has it that agents and LEO’s can mine data today, and mine to selectively to erase or simply “not discover” exculpatory evidence, and simply outwait the ISP’s ability to maintain the data trail, as well as to erase a record of the “black operations” that preceded that trail-and then LEO’s can jump in and prosecute cases knowing that the defense is crippled by time alone.

Because these cases of the future entail entrapment, or analyses, or ‘discovery’ since 2001, and have floated around in a hidden database for decades* Then, there is the feature that was built into this corruption on the front end: that “big data” is forcing common American’s to forego privacy rights and more, and eventually get us to ‘beg for data capture’ and then to beg for access to it  as if they are doing us a favor.

BUT: every app, every device, every webclick leaves several trails that can be used to document a case of OGS. Up until now, what has been missing s an explication of ‘the dark side’ where internet operators and operations which leave a trail are themselves masked and hidden, leaving any plaintiff in the dark as to what EXACTLY is going on at the internet switch. Hopefully, this blog can help answer that for future case reference.

*The case of Ross Ulbricht will one daay be seen as a groundbraking case whereby authorities were able to 1) create a suspect nearly from whole cloth with enticement ad inducement 2) to profit from the case by making “black money” through this person and to hide that fact 3) to create other whole cloth cases after that 4) and to cover their tracks nearly without oversight.

In a world where civil asset forfeiture (as in the case of Kim Dotcom) is the goal, and money is the reward, the lack of oversight of agencies tasked with “fighting crime” have in fact flipped the script and become very adept at using others to appear to be criminal; and the government getting free money after inducing others into crime is the reward.