What is organized gang stalking, and where is the data and research that validates it’s causes and effects?

What organized gang stalking claims are NOT:

Claims of being victimized with organized stalking are NOT absurd or irrational sets of beliefs, nor is it a mental illness related phenomenon, though complaints of being spied on or harassed, gas lighted and manipulated have long been associated with paranoia and schizophrenia.

That was before the internet and cell phones, and mind altering non-consensual surveillance and redirection online– and before decorated intelligence officers Edward Snowden, William Binney, Kirk Wiebe, Dianne Roark, and many other whistle blowers told us that the NSA is spying on all of us, at all times, using un-Constitutional programs, and disseminating our intimate and personal data far and wide in the biggest subversion of democracy in the history of the western world.

Data mining is undermining democracy and due process.

Organized Gang Stalking, which is also called multi stalking, cause stalking, community mobbing, workplace mobbing, and several other names, is the direct result of a system of social controls that is by design nearly impossible to describe in a Tweet, or in a single breath.It is complex, yet verifiable as an actual cultural practice.

And, it is understandable when we view it as a product of the modern electronic surveillance state, one effect of chronic pervasive surveillance that has been enabled by total spectrum dominance of the internet, cell phones, and then, local policing initiatives, community initiatives, and other groups interacting with massive databases that contain every single electronic communication you have made since 2001.

NBC news reports Stockton City Manager Gang Stalked by local police union

Those databases and the corporations that manage them were given startup capital by the CIA to create a Panopticon, and they are loaded with software that profiles you, assigns you a ‘threat score’ and collects lists of your online and offline associations; lists of your friends, GPS tracking location data about where you go, when and why; then, these databases  contain all of your cell phone and other wireless device data-your conversations, and your contacts, your web browsing habits, and your emails.Then, these programs have the capacity, and the ability to target individuals with both artificial intelligence that literally talks to them, and also have the ability to be used for constant suggestion of ideas.

Best of all, these programs are no longer in the hands of the NSA exclusively, as President Obama signed an executive order turning this data over to 17 intelligence agencies across America.

So, for those who were early victims of this database abuse, and those who began to document these due process violating programs, there is a name that they call themselves: targeted individuals. And the community where they discuss their plight is called the organized gang stalking community of “TI’s.” Far from mentally ill, or unstable, this community has within it people who wrote about their experiences in order to protect others and raise awareness. But also, this community is heavily loaded with those who seek to discredit the dialectic itself, and cast doubt upon the facts stated above.

In the modern Orwellian reality, what is right is wrong, and morality is that the means justify the ends.

What gang stalking IS NOT

It is NOT an absurd or irrational set of beliefs, nor is it a mental illness related phenomenon, though complaints of being spied on or harassed, gas lighted and manipulated have long been associated with paranoia and schizophrenia. That was before the internet and cell phones- and before decorated intelligence officers Edward Snowden, William Binney, Kirk Wiebe, Dianne Roark, and many other whistle blowers told us that the NSA is spying on all of us, at all times, using un-Constitutional programs.

While some activists who have experienced more drastic real life surveillance have dismissed organized stalking as “bullshit,” it is reasonable to assume that there are different narratives, and different experiences with modern ‘full spectrum dominance’ policing that blur the lines, and the narrative of organized stalking. There is a vast hidden network of influence operators and operations that seek to discredit and destroy the reputations of those whom they  see as a threat, or as merely a target to be exploited.

Related Story and Update:Three years after I wrote this posting, it was revealed that the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP ) is advising police departments to utilize the, “parallel colluding investigation, ” to target individuals, and the Anti Defamation League has been linked to military grade online and offline psychological operations , and those PsyOps, now provably linked to mass shooters.

One such example is the British JTRIG operation that blackmails people according to their sexual secrets, and hacks the online and offline livesto ‘mitigate,’but each Five Eyes nation has their own version of dialectic control, and it is widely known that the Five Eyes alliance outsources their unconstitutional dirty work to each other.

What organized gang stalking is in fact and practice, is a coordinated abuse and exploitation of individuals and groups,  most often a collaborated effort by state and federal and sometimes international actors, working with local police departments across America and under the umbrella of “community policing” that, in theory and in the literature that exists claims it’s purpose as targeting “terrorists,”eradicating crime, and creating safer communities.

All that sounds like a good idea indeed-who can argue with that? But we now see that in fact and practice, their version of safer communities includes eradicating our rights of privacy, and every single right that was birthed from that right alone, as artificial intelligence and intelligence agencies manipulate our webs of relations, and limit or target our ability to create or participate in private assemblies; because without privacy, no one is actually acting under anything resembling free will, and cannot exercise free speech, nor communicate in any meaningful capacity to form free association, or even-and especially during the war on ‘terror’-to practice free religion, much less be free from it in all of it’s dark-web manifestations.

But who can prove it all? And even then, how? The data exists, but in order to get at it, one must gain legal standing- and the government has worked HARD to eliminate that.

I can prove that organize stalking is not a mental illness per se, though years f contact with these programs can induce many psychotic or otherwise unstable reactions. This is what we see with mass shooters, and suicides, and I will attempt herein to simply detail the tricks and the tradecraft of these hidden agents and agencies.

I will make the argument that the organized stalking schema is also infused with radical Jewish and Christian religious motivation on many levels, and actually is a concerted effort by certain groups working within certain institutions to enforce their version of morality upon individuals who range from activists and political dissidents to whistle blowers and others who challenge the establishment social order.

That those who engage in organized stalking are in fact and practice little better than mob rule, and that from within the hidden and cowardly bastions of database abuse, and the infiltration and manipulation of electronic communication channels; that these are no longer invested in making communities safe, but rather,some elements within our law enforcement and investigatory agencies have in fact moved on to the next level of theoretical maintenance of public safety-protecting themselves from being seen as subverters of democracy and democratic due process, far beyond the mission of serving and protecting citizens, they are now attempting to form, and conform them, and destroy them if they cannot be ‘reformed.’

In that light, this blog is a rough sketch of a book in progress written by an author who has spent thousands of hours engaged in the dialogues, blogs, online forums, and communities where I personally experienced all that I write about, interviewed those  who also endured these campaigns, and I have begun to collect the raw data from within these narratives,and more.

I too have been targeted with hidden practices, unconscionable attempts to render my life invaluable,and stalked by hidden terror here in America. But unlike many, I am an accredited journalist, trained in the dark arts of investigative journalism. I have studied the programs, and the hidden methods of social control that these agents and agencies have put into place to create their version of an ordered world, and as such have come to the conclusion that organized stalking attempts to replace policing so that no citizen shall ever gain legal standing to challenge these programs in a court of law, and especially, these programs and the secret laws and secret courts and secret interpretations of law are designed to preclude due process, and replace it with what can only be described as a police state that operates as its own version of a god, from behind the cowardly curtain of perverse exploitation of the gray area of the law, using raw power abuse.

What organized gang stalking is, is a bundle of sticks tying themselves to each other for their version of the common good. Paraphrasing the words of Benito Mussolini, the fascist dictator of Italy during WW2, fascism is the marriage of corporate and state power, at the expense of the individual.