Gang stalking self defense: help for targeted individuals

As western nations have turned the full power of its deep state, and corporate sponsored spies and spyware on its own citizens, many wonder about the future of democracy. Since the FVEYs nations and their allies kicked off the Holy War in the middle east around twenty years ago (that tribal sectarian war which has now spread worldwide due to spying), there is no end in sight for the growing lists of imaginary enemies for the Jewish-christian people, their corporations, and their imaginary god.

So, if you guessed that western democracy has died, replaced by a religion based, corpirate sponsored totalitarian surveillance and police state, you guessed correctly. That the western god is in fact, the “all knowing, all seeing” spy apparatus of the NSA and its affiliates and allies. Indeed, the god then, is a huge beaureaucratic world wide spy machine.

Gangster Computer God

And this form of “government” violates every tenet of due process and civil rights, pre-emptively, as we see in the recent case of a young technology entrepreneur (and also a Habitat for Humanity volunteer), Duncan Socrates Lemp, murdered by a SWAT team lobbing bombs and bullets through his bedroom window as he slept. Like so many of these cases in the,US, he was also an advocate for Constitutional law.

And others, who are the targets of the murderous western religious tribal fanaticism simply wonder how to stay safe, and protect themselves from this undemocratic spying, and speech policing, and potential homicide.

Spying online and offline takes many forms, but it is clear that all western people are being spied on by their own governments, who use shadow corporations and non governmental organizations (NGOs) to do the work of the CIA, Mi6, Mossad, etc. Perhaps the best example of how that works is the CIAs InQTel startup capital company, which has financed the Palantir total surveillance tool, or the Israeli intelligence funded Carbyne911, which seeks to control the US 911 call system, and openly brags that they get increased sales, every time a mass shooting “happens.” Let me know if you start seeing patterns with security and intel contractors “coincidentally” pushing both the narratives of our culture, such as the “mass shooter”, and pushing surveillance gear too.

So, because our electronic devices are the primary, and initial way that these spies begin to target us, personally, the following linked article gives you a good idea where to start your own delf defense.

With the exception of phone company or intelligence agency level screen mirroring*, and the ubiquitous NSA/other operators placing computer coded “electronic implants” that these spies place on our phones and computers, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself, and regain your privacy(*see footnote):

NSA Spying (2020): How to Stop the NSA from Having Access to Your Online Activity

by Geoffrey Walters
Mar 4, 2019

You’re not paranoid for assuming the NSA is spying on your Internet connection–you’re just paying attention. If you’d like to stop intelligence agencies from snooping in on you, the first step is to use a powerful VPN. By encrypting your connection, you block out all third-party surveillance with a single mouse click. Get started

* If you are already a target, your devices likely have electronic firmware implants, or other persistent software that tracks or records both you, and your devices. So, the most important thing you can do is to buy new devices, and have trusted local experts set them up with you.

The experts at the NSA/FBI, etc. always deny that these types of attacks are being used, or that they are even possible until some whistle blower like Edward Snowden, or an IT researcher proves them wrong, as we saw with the NAND exploit.

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I personally got rid of the idea that it was some pimple faced kid who was hacking my computer or phone decades ago, as many of us woke up to the illegal methods of the modern police and surveillance state. While independent hackers are capable of amazing things
these pale in context to types of attacks that the police agencies and higher level CIA et. al. are doing to all of us now; and doing to targets more severely.