Gang stalking case study: Sheriffs departments, real estate, bizarre conduct

Gang stalking, sheriffs department, police corruption, Joe Arpaio, political targeting

Most garden variety gang stalking is local police working with sheriffs departments, and state police in an occulted fashion to target, stalk,and harass individuals. All gang stalking involves other institutions, and relatives and family members of police.

All gang stalking indicates the depths of depravity of the current state of policing in America today.

And some cases of OGS is better documented than other cases of it, and whil few are willing to speak up because of the gross disparity of power and the extremely bizarre methods used, of those that do, it usually requires a class .of persons harmed.

And here is one such class, a case where Sheriff Joe Arpaio used his deputies as a political hit squad to stalj, intimidate, bully and harass reporters, mayors, and other critics.

Get out the ROGS Bingo card, and watch this video, and note real estate racketeering from behind the badge and many more points on the ROGS Bingo card:

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Let ROGS know if you start seeing patterns….