Gang stalking around the world

You are here, because you are being stalked by hidden groups of psychopaths and bullies, whowork with international organizationsto harass you, personally. Many of these are citizens groups who work with corrupt police orintelligence agents,and agencies, and they are very dangerous.

You are in the right place if you are seeking advice or help. Look around ROGS here, and know this: gang stalking is military, para-military, and police activity that uses hidden actors and horrible tactics to control you, black mail you, or hurt you in other ways.

While most of the current round of OGS is actually “progressives” fincned by “mystery money” from international billionaires like George Soros, and Hollywood types, and British Rothschild money, old guard stalking financiers like the klan, or the Koch brothers affiliated institutions are still active as always.

In America, it is financed by these types, and takes place from within deep cover, like Fusion Centers, law offices and churches connected to non-governmental organizations, and Infragard . Most stalking is religiously motivated, and Jewish-christians do it to each other. Many Muslims experience “counter-intelligence stalking” from those within these sects, but also, there are many stories online of East Indians,Iranians, and other ME who gang stalk people for real estate, or political reasons too (my personal story involved a LOT of bastardized “asian-Americans”and some shitty Jews, who I named here,and here and in other places.)
But most organized gang stalking today is internationalists who use front companies to influence your country, and target you, personally, becuase you are likely an “influencer.”

These front companies are called “NGO’s” like “Save the Whales!” and “Save the Children!” and “Save the Sex Workers!” and so on. And especially insidious today are so-called feminist groups who hide behind armies of UN policies and armies of bankster-financed police to target men.

Hopefully, you will find what you are looking for, and sue these people (or take other measures, depending on what your country allows).

Gang stalking is such a well financed international thing that I get hits here from all over the world. While most of those who read this blog are actual victims,and those who target them, from intelligence agents to police from the “Five Eyes Alliance” (these are the western spy agencies that wiretap all of our communications), I do get traffic from places where these organizations Holy Wars and their White Knights politics are in action, and especially eastern bloc nations, the middle east, and anywhere that western women’s organizations profit from sex workers, or use them as political tools of western sponsored neo-colonial socialist organization.

So, gang stalking is so real that it has names in many languages. Here are just a few!

Belarus: банда нейкая неадчэпная; banda niejkaja nieadčepnaja
Portugal and Brazil: perseguição de gangues
South Africa: bende stalking
Bangladesh:গ্যাং ছিনতাই Gyāṁ chinatā’i
Catalan: pandilleria
Bulgaria: банда преследване; banda presledvane
Bosnia: zalazak banda
Chinese: 团伙跟踪 ; Tuánhuǒ gēnzōng; 團伙跟踪
Estonia: jõugu jälitamine
France: harcèlement criminel
Finnish: jengiin
Korean: 갱단 스토킹;gaengdan seutoking
Gujarati: ગેંગ પીછો; Gēṅga pīchō
Sweden: gängsträckning
Hindi: गिरोह पीछा; giroh peechha
Spanish: acoso de pandillas
Russian: преследование банд; presledovaniye band
Turkish: çete takibi
Viet Namese: băng đảng stalking
Amharic: የቡድኑ መተላለፊያ; yebudinu metelalefīya
Hawaiian: ka leleʻana
Somali: Cayrinta burcadda
Swahili: kikundi kinachozunguka
Japanese: ギャングストーカー;Gyangusutōkā
Hungarian: urmărirea bandei
Ukrainian: переслідування банди; peresliduvannya bandy
Thailand: แก๊งค์ข่มขู่; Kǽng kh̒ k̄h̀mk̄hū̀
Slovenia: zalezovanje tolpe