Fight Gang Stalking with Evidence: naming names

If you look at the other sections on this blog for an instruction manual that describes government hacking to criminal defense lawyers and civil litigators, and for self defense against OGS, as well as the other “fight back*” section, you will find valuable tips with which you can begin to build evidence of 1) who your stalkers are 2) what methods they are using to violate your civil liberty 3) what electronic means and methods they are using to make you feel helpless, or otherwise compromise you 4) what you can do to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and fight them, legally.

But nothing beats a photograph-or several hundred of them- except taking names!

Because your stalkers all work somewhere, where they are paid to do what they do, this form of domestic terrorism becomes easy to document, once you have a name, and then two, and then three, and so on. So here is a suite of freeware and payware investigative tools from you can use in your own case, or the case of a friend.

So- let’s take an example from the OGS playbook, and document an incident. One of the common threats that these domestic terrorists who work in policing and in community policing, aka “OGS” frequently make is that “they can cause car accidents,”and indeed they do, sometimes working from within state offices, as we see in case after case ranging from James McClynas to Bob Deis and more.

This has been documented over and over in case after case ranging from journalists being murdered, such as Buzzfeed journalist Michael Hastings, or to common “badguys” who live in hickish small towns run by local mafia’s that work in the OGS scheme of constant gray area ( an excellent series of video’s on this topic, and what OGS looks like in small towns is produced by Gavin Seim, who has produced some of the best footage EVER of how “gang stalkers” are trained and recruited.)

Related Story: “Targeted Individual” Michael Hastings claimed the government was tracking him. Wikileaks documents reveal that he was probably correct.

Here below is a basic “mind mapping” or brain storming relationship chart of a car accident, and keep in mind that every “incident” can have its own map:

car accident.jpg

The key with documenting OGS is that there is SO much information and so many incidents that it becomes plainly overwhelming. This is by design, as OGS is designed to cause “learned helplessness” which is part of the CIA torture protocols, as well as modern policing, where the gal is to keep cases OUT of court rooms, so that this scheme does not get further exposed.

SO- learn to document select incidents, and patterns, rather than every incident, every time.

So, for example, we see that a car accident-and car accidents are one of the major threats that appear in blog after blog of those who use OGS as a tool to conform or otherwise intimidate, harass, or even kill opposition and dissent, and those who are threatened with it as well (as these adopt the language via coercive influence operations) we see that there are many “related” features. Look at the map above- can you see the nexus points were some information becomes more important than other information?

For example: it was a Jeep; it happened at an intersection, versus a one way street, and EMS was involved. Each of these features has with it a “name” or several of them. And, each of those names has a history as well. You can imagine all of that yourself, but also note that ALL EMS VEHICLES have GPS on them; and many modern cars as well. And many intersections have camera’s or License Plate Readers (LPR’s) these days.

So- take names, but also times, and dates. And if you focus on major events that HAVE names, and drop your focus on vague situations, you can begin to document this nefarious practice. Then- trace those names online or off, and begin to notice “patterns.”

For instance: a car accident might involve someone who works in state government-in the benefits section, for example. And the responding cop who just happens to be 30 seconds away (and who arrives on the scene BEFORE you are finished dialing 911) might be a Mason, or a Rotary Club member (who are popping up more and more frequently in online narratives about OGS). These two might meet occasionally at some city-sponsored “diversity training,” and so on. Make connections– it is what will make or break your case!

So: look through the many claims online, and note that most if not ALL OGS blogs are basically “how to” manuals– these are actually “perps” training other “perps!” And you are their target, lke Michael Hastings. Scary, huh? Yup= by design,, it is to terrorize you, but when you realize that others are here to empower you, the “game” changes. See what I did there? YOU are now in the drivers seat, because with a name, you can find other information-maybe some home addresses, or the names of relatives of those who target you- see where I am going with this?

For example- a recent high profile suicide was the son of the judge from the 9th circuit, who signed off on CIA torture under GW Bush. And his son killed himself in a mysterious suicide at a Mormon Temple. Are you seeing any patterns here? But remember- OGS can go both ways- for those who are targeting individuals TODAY, could well find a relative or two in the hot seat tomorrow, maybe their own favorite niece or nephew.

Niiiiice. OGS is “forever” according to those who worship in the Panopticon. So, learn to use that back-at-’em.

Now, a note of caution: naming names can carry with it penalties ranging from libel and defamation lawsuits, to what happened in the case above with the dead son-of-a-judge. So be sure that you can name them with certainty. So, let’s walk through another example of how to do this, penalty free.

Suppose you are a landlord being targeted by the local chapter of “let’s stir up racism because it’s profitable in the DVIC narrative.” A classic case of this is the story of Bill McGaughey (which you can purchase as a Kindle E-Book), who took on the local DVIC industries n Minneapolis, MN, which is a well known gang stalking city, and which notoriously uses OGS, and police to intimidate MSM reporters and bloggers alike.

McGaughey- a landlord in a state where the state poem is “Kill My Land lord” by Eddie Murphy, was harassed and “shaken down” after an altercation with his wife. Here is where his DVIC/OGS nightmare began:

I became angry that my wife was looking through my check register which recorded both personal and business expenses. I repeatedly demanded that she give it back to me. My wife ignored my requests. Suddenly, I tried to take the checkbook from her hand. She switched it to the other hand. At this point, I put both of my hands over hers and pried the checkbook loose.

During this process, my wife leaned down and bit me. She bit me on the top of my hand in an apparent attempt to make me drop the checkbook. To free my hand, I jerked it out of my wife’s mouth and pushed her away from me. At no time did I strike my wife. When I had the checkbook firmly in hand, I placed it in a pocket of my trousers and left the room.

Later, the police report claimed that my wife’s mouth was bleeding because I had struck her in the face. I did not see any blood at the time. It’s possible that my wife bit her lip after the incident or that an injury occurred as a result of my pulling my hand up and away from her mouth.

My wife threatened to call 911, the police emergency number. With foolish bravado, I said: “Sure, go ahead.” Although I did not listen closely to the conversation, I could hear my wife sobbing into the telephone. She was telling the 911 operator that she was afraid of me. Although I do not know exactly what she told the operator, I had the impression that she was pushing all the right buttons to make the police come quickly.

SO, to understand this form of OGS, where state’s are incentivized by the federal government to literally create domestic violence, through the mechanism of one sided story telling and gendered narratives, getting the names of those who stalk you or others are everything in order to prove that it is a “real thing.”

SO let’s look at McGaughey’s case again, and then, I will leave it to the reader to ask “what can I do about it?” in their own case. If you read through his story, note how many names he took, but also, how many he DID NOT take-and imagine if he had known about OGS when he wrote it? Imagine if Bill McGaughey knew that state level gray area policing was at work behind the scenes plotting the seiizure of his property, and possibly influencing or manipulating his wife?

Yup- fighting back, and taking names takes on new possibilities.

Spoiler alert: this is the ending to McGaughey’s tale:

“No judge signed an order dismissing the first case. Instead, it was an administrative entry to the record which read:

” Amended Disposition (Judicial officer: Scherer, Richard S.) Reason: Court Order
1. Domestic Assault – Misdemeanor – Commits Act with Intent to Cause Fear of Immediate Bodily Harm or Death

Dismissed, conditions met”

Commits Act with Intent to Cause Fear of Immediate Bodily Harm or Death? Not quite. All I wanted was my checkbook back.

*I must give credit where credit is due: to the website , whose author-a veteran and a former security contractor-  has contributed the language of “fight gang stalking” to this dialectic, in order to defeat gray area policing, and it’s un_Constitutional basis.