Electronic Harassment: Here are the actual tools they use, 24/7.

You are here at ROGS because you have been pushed, coerced, enticed, or entrapped into a dialogue about “gang stalking” or one of the related perversities of the Total Surveillance State. Most likely, there is an undertone of threat/leverage and compromise/blackmail behind your mysterious online bullies who frequently remind you that the goal of gang stalking is to cause the target to “become institutionalized, imprisoned, or commit suicide.”

UPDATE 08-02-2020 This post you are reading is the single, most popular post on this blog, and some several thousand people read it each year.

That is because this post points you, the reader, to the actual spying and surveillance technologies that “gang stalkers” actually use, as opposed to gibberish like “microwave brain zappers and mind reading locusts,”that religious crackpots like Dr. Stella Immannuel describes, or the other sadists and other bullies describe as, most notoriously “directed energy weapons,” (DEWs).

So, equally important to this post about actual surveillance gear, is that you have knowledge about the weird stuff you read online, or encounter on Youtube, Reddit, etc. The weird “psychobabble” is most often part of a “movement” of people who are attempting to deploy military derived “mind control”on unsuspecting targets. My research indicates that these people are most frequently affilliated with one of the many religious sects and cults which proliferate in the west, ranging from Mormons, to Scientologists, to dangerous zionists,and Messianic Jews. Sadly, many of those are retired military and police actors working in security and surveillance industry, often guided by the FBI through its anti-democratic “Infragard” network of domestic spies, or other scumbags affilliated with other actual spy agencies, as we see in this case study here.

So, perhaps more important than reading my post below, which is based upon information derived from The Intercept reporting, is to read a better post, from a better author: Granite Island Groups excellent descriptions of eavesdropping and surveillance harrassment technology that is actually used by private investigators, police, and military personel, ranging from seemingly innocent childrens toys with voice recording tech, to higher level police and military gear, like Stingray and Hailstorm cell phone wiretapping and manipulation devices, or even military grade aircraft equipped with sci-fi level gear as I wrote about in this case study here .

Psychologists, defense attorneys, authors, and sociologists should pay special attention to the threat level titled “Level X – Hypothetical, Misunderstood, or Delusional Threats,” which describes how laypersons often attempt to vocalize their understanding of the technology that is being deployed upon them by any of the many who are abusing surveillance powers today.

As you have likely learned, western democracies have been overwhelmed and infiltrated by a variety of spy and surveillance groups, ranging from retired police,and military persons who are exploiting the bottomless,“national security” funding pot, to Department of Homeland security private contractors,and goons, to foreign intelligence agents working across agencies

Keep in mind that institutional psychopaths and sociopaths find welcome homes in government and private sector institutions that have done this before, as we saw in the MHCHAOS program and the FBI’s COINTELPRO of the 1960’s.

Perhaps your computer is acting like it has a mind of its own, or your cell phone is sending you to watch strange videos-maybe there is a van up the block with a Stingray or Hailstorm cell phone signal stealing tower in it that is doing this, or maybe it is one of the hundreds of intelligence agencies-here’s a map from the ACLU that will indicate if it is possible in your area.

And, frequently, we see other things like groups of people walking near you with back packs loaded with electronics, or a coffee shop suddenly fills up after you sit  down, with people who immediately check their cell phones and then, each other. Maybe cowardly armed bullies who are working security services are constantly appearing behind you as you shop, or as you talk to a friend.

Here is a story that can help you spot some of that hidden activity, but also, try to buy hidden camera’s too, lke this one here that is hidden in a Phillips head screw, and tell these cowards to go screw themselves.


If you’re in a hurry: Here, from the Intercept are the catalogues of devices that local law enforcement, hidden “private contractors” with the DHS, or any of the many community policing NGO’s that act without court oversight and others use every day to target individuals cell phones, and here is the governments surveillance catalogue of many other tools that they use without warrants or even judicial awareness, much less oversight.

And, sound and microwave weapons DO exist, but it is debatable if they are what you have heard about-have a look at how even the US government claims that Cuban Embassy used sound weapons and harmed some 22 US diplomats here and here. I personally have heard a “sound cannon” on one occasion, and it was shockingly loud, but that’s about it. Now, as we see, the  narrative itself is under attack, as the government has since contradicted itself, and now says that “crickets” cause our diplomats to go deaf, and get sick, and change the “white matter composition”of their brains.

If that isn’t itself the definition of “crazy” and “bizarre,” compare it to any government level disinformation campaign, ever. Yup. THAT is how bizarre gang stalking is too. As one security industry professional and  former “gang strike force ” trainer said ‘counter-intelligence stalking is designed to “slice the enemies throat with Occam’s Razor.”

Does your cell phone have a mind of its own?

Maybe your phone is returning constant errors that say “Leaving Service Area,” “CDMA calls not available,” or “Signal faded call lost,” because some agency is tracking your cell phone without a warrant, using a StingRay or Hailstorm cell phone signal stealer, or capturing your data and wiretapping you at the NSA-FiveEyes-Israel level.

Or, your phone turns itself on and off, and many “Restricted” calls show up, and answer themselves (this is a very common experience and this activity is usually done at the FBI/DHS/ Fusion Center level).

Note that this phone had been ON for over an hour. And, that it is DARK OUTSIDE meaning the phone had been redirected to a foreign switch many hours away, in a different time zone. In this case, the actual time was approximately 9:30 p.m. This s possible because the United States deep state has encouraged foreign “allies” to do their dirty work for them, and send the results back here to the FBI/CIA/DHS/DoD to start a case, or continue other forms of constant harassment of “targeted individuals.” Former CBS News investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson has sued the DOJ for these EXACT types of personal computer, cell phone, and otherattacks. In her case, the attacks were waged from the US Postal Service. MArcy Wheeler also documents that the term “targets” are what NSA domestic spying victims are.

Or, worse, someone from any of the many sooper seekrit agincies and our military is targeting you, your cell phone, and the mind that uses that cell phone like this (NSFW-language):

As we have seen throughout history-often, the hidden agencies actively seed your calls with voice-over and static, or clicking on your line. This is literally a ploy as old as telecommunications itself, and has been reported in every era from the invention of telephones forwards. Veterans are highly targeted, as are activists and political figures. As long as there have been electronic communications, there have been agents hidden along the switches, listening in illegally, or harassing people with those communications.

As long as there has been electronic communications, police and intelligence and investigative agencies have been illegally (without a warrant) been acting as man-in-the-middle attackers of our conversations and more. The NSA spying, however is targeted, and includes whole capture data-voice, email, texts, and nude selfies and baby pictures-medical records and more:

Hey Barney, are you there? It’s me Phineas Fisher. Yeah, Phineas, what are you phishing for today? Yeah, Barn, we had a report that there was a load of moonshine in a “barn” and it needs the intercession of the Lord. Alright, “Barn” I will send over a few trucks to liberate the ”shine. Let’s call it “Operation Shining Light of Goodness”. But make sure you leave a barrel or two so the feds can swoop in and make a “bust,”after we clear out of there.

There are literally more electronic gadgets, and more ways than you can possibly count of how all of our internet and cell phone data is followed, traced, mis-used and abused by hidden military, police and institutional mechanisms, most notably the FBI’s Infragard, that target individuals politics, assemblies, and associations from the ISP level, and elsewhere, and compile secret data bases that they pass around the country, and even across international borders.

This is possible because the NSA data theft scheme that Edward Snowden revealed, exposed Infragard agents and other subverters of democracy who work in ISP’s, state institutions, colleges and universities-to redirect and re-route targeted individuals entire lives at the internet switch. And-the NSA sends all of our raw data to a religious theocracy BEFORE our allies even get it. Forget about Russia-I’m concerned about this rogue nuclear state that sifts through our data without a warrant.

By far the most common influence operation of/on/directed at the targeting of individuals and whole groups of people and the politics they espouse begins at the site of the speaker, via cell phone and computer “wiretaps” and then, redirection, where influence operations begin. Forget about porn warping your brain-the real danger is Department of Defense and CIA funded “mind control” interfaces that Facebook, Google, and many other corporate internet manipulators are using to literally “re-wire” our brains without our informed consent.

So-when you add political operators at the switch, such as ISP CEO’s and other’s who one day work for the CIA or the FBI, and the next they are being “informed” at an InfraGard meeting that a political target has moved to a new location-and then wiring your internet,well, it cannot be missed that real time surveillance takes on new meaning. And, that commuications are now “interactive”at all times, also without informed consent.

Here is what the basic switched network looks like at the local area network (LAN) level, and phone redirection is similar. But keep in mind that any single communication can be redirected and injected multiple times along the internet backbone. The colored “packets” are your voice/writing/data as it meets the switch, which “routes” your intentions into their web of intentions FOR you :


Here- look at an average day here at ROGS, which gets readers from all around the world, every day. Most com from the FiveEyes nations, where the One Percent monitors dissent, activism, journalism, and watches everything we do and say online, and stalks people offline in extensive and bizarre harassment campaigns that actually, and frequently, create terror, rather than prevent it. Cuz’, “pedophiles n’ terroris'” of course:

Anywhere the fraudulent “War on Terror” is taking pace, and where the One Percent are manufacturing terror, there is organized gang stalking. Everywhere one people who have no resources are targeted by those who have extensive resources; or where one group is oppressed by another people, there is organized gang stalking. Everywhere there is politicized United Nations involvement, or where they turn a blind eye such as Rwanda during the genocide-or where some non-governmental agencies seek control of women and local economies in the name of anti-prostitution efforts (aka Big Pimpin’), there is organized gang stalking. Organized gang stalking is properly called counter-intelligence stalking, and international banking interests finance it.

In fact, Infragard actors and their hidden activities are so commonly implicated in domestic spying and harassment that I estimate they show up in over 70% of OGS complaints online. Here is just one example. and here is one post from online in 2008, just as Google began to register MASSIVE gang stalking complaints, and statistics on stalking spiked. Also, Anthony Forwood is a good read on these topics and like ROGS, or www.fightangstalking.com, he is a skeptic.

So-all of this data can and does pass between local police departments, and even the fire department, as we see the ACLU has noted these were deputized in 2008 to be community counter-terrorism sooper seekrit agints. Our data is also passed around between 17 American agencies, Israel, and the Five Eyes nations (and recently, there was new activity in experimental data manipulation in New Zealand).

Your targeted harassment could be coming from anywhere! This IS what trauma based mind control is, in action- keeping activists, journalists, and others in a constant state of uncertainty, with incidents as extrme as trying to run them off the roads, or other spooky stuffwhile at the same time maintaining hidden power, and abusing it as I describe above, so that by design it cannot be challenged or seen. Our laws have failed us all (except those who profit from this new scheme of social control).

Look around at the top of ROGS here to find my self help/fight back/document gang stalking sections for more tools, and here is a suite of freeware and payware investigative tools from Einvestigator.com that you can aim back at your stalkers, and rape their privacy, or document their harassment, the way they are doing to you. They truly are cowards.

And, take heart- electronic harassment is real-and it is a major part of gang stalking online, and offline too. But it’s not mystery stalkers: it’s your own government, or any of a number of unregistered foreign agents and agencies, ommunity policing nitiatives, and clubs like the Rotary International and the many LEIU’s using high tech tools and their connections in policing and intelligence to tap into the NSA databases and 24/7 wiretap of all our communications.

So, when “they” talk about “DEW’s, and microwaves,” and all that other total crap, this is usually THEM talking to each other, or talking to someone they have entrapped into their dialogues who is clueless that all phones and computers and other electronic devices utilize different kind of radio waves. And, they are mocking targets, or side-talking about all the cool toys that they are ACTUALLY aiming at civilians as targets.

AND, yes, these do utilize electronics AND microwaves, because ALL ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS and other devices utilize “directed energy” and “microwaves” which are called RF frequencies.

So- online we see 1) “perps” who are part of tiis wiretapping scheme 2) target’s, who frequently have adopted the language and the dialectic of OGS for various reasons.  And, this dialogue and language is, with a very few exceptions, coded words that signify hidden meanings, and mocking references to Stingray towers, or mobile stations, and heat mapping, and Infra-red snooping and ore that can entrap all of your data from outside your home as you work on a computer, or talk with a family member, a lover or a friend. Frequently, they use these hidden tools and toys from the cover of law offices, such as we saw with Rose McGowan.

Simply put, all electronic devices and wiretapping and communications systems utilize “microwaves.” This is what radio signals are. See this post here about that. The language online is exaggerated and full of double meaning. In language this is called “the use of auto-antonymal words and phrases.”

So, “they”are frequently signalling to each other that they have “insider knowledge,” and frequently leveraging or blackmailing someone. Many victims of “these people” adopt their language because of the massive coercion involved in these world wide subversions of privacy, aka privacy rape, without a warrant. In psychology, the tactic is called “neuro linguistic programming,” or NLP.

So, let me give some of their tools to you, courtesy of The Intercept. Any defense attorney or civil litigator will see the utility of this shift in paradigms, where we separate complaints of “electronic harassment” from actual electronic devices in use in the field today, and by being able to subpoena records accordingly

Here is a guide to government hacking written by the ACLU/EFF/NACDL. But keep in mind that dozens of organizations across America are spying on American’s and feeding the data to other agencies locally, and to Fusion Centers, and even across continents in the Five Eyes scheme of hidden social manipulation and control. These hidden manipulators range from racist groups like the ADL and their umbrella of networked spies, to the many other right wing hate groups and their affiliated organizations. Many Transnational NGO’s also get funding from the UN to spy on citizens and drive social policy too.

You can click this link here for pictures of these gadgets like the DRT boxes/Stinrays/Hailstorm towers that dirt bags are using to subvert Constitutional due process. And, sometimes this talk is technology insiders trading data, or coordinating projects, and sometimes, unethical jackasses actually bullying, harassing, or experimenting on people who are naive to technology.

Here is a list of actual electronic tools ranging from consumer products, to law enforcement to intelligence grade products that journalists and lawyers and psychologists can read about in order to understand what is possible, probable, or specific to those you encounter in the dialectic.Much of the misinformation online about electronic weapons is actually subterfuge playing on public ignorance.

What are “Level X” wireless, microwave, and electronic tools and programs and what do they mean in the gang stalking dialectic?

Level X – Hypothetical, Misunderstood, or Delusional Threats

Above level 9 exists a level of threat that is called “X-Level”. This include seven (or more) sub-levels of threat.

The only time that a TSCM specialist will encounter this type of threat is from a client who has a limited understanding of technology, has watched too many X-File re-runs, is delusional, or paranoid.

read more here.

And here from the Intercept is the catalogue of surveillance tools in use between 2011 and 2015:

The Secret Surveillance Catalogue

Concerned about the militarization of law enforcement, a source within the intelligence community has provided The Intercept with a secret, internal U.S. government catalogue of dozens of cellphone surveillance devices used by the military and by intelligence agencies. Some of the devices are already in use by federal law enforcement and local police forces domestically, and civil liberties advocates believe others will eventually find their way into use inside the U.S. This product catalogue provides rare insight into the current spy capabilities of local law enforcement and offers a preview of the future of mass surveillance of mobile communications.

The product descriptions contained in this catalogue were taken verbatim from the text of the original government documents and may include typos and other errors.

Lastly, it cannot be missed that, like the perverse mind control and social engineering programs like the CIA/FBI/NSA/DoD MHCHAOS o the 1950’s-now, these programs use universities and “research” grants to hide the military involvement in human experimentation.

And, so, with the onboard mission creep and over-reach inherent in a totally corrupt, two-tiered echo chamber of perverse abuse of democratic processes,  we see the NSA uses private contractors to wage these hidden campaigns as well, trickling data to the selectmen in order to harass targeted individuals. Here is a story about  a private contractor who is a sales manager for all of the “spooky electronic equiptment” from a Texas listening post, five states away from Texas, sidling up to a guy in a bar, and using data in “directed conversation” that could only have been derived from a wiretap.

So, Facebook, Twitter, and all te other social media is just the visible part of the programs, because all these agencies work “in darkness” to wage psychological warfare and social engineering of all kinds. Not surprisingly, all burner phones trace directly to DoD listening nodes.
So let’s look at one of these ugly scary, baby eating monsters face to face: Meet Minerva, one tentacle of the Pentagon’s Facebook mind control program, from  2014 (and note that these experiments have only increased by the year, without the pubic even knowing they are happening.)


When word hit the internet that Facebook was essentially conducting Orwellian thought policing, an electronic outpouring of condemnation greeted the company that Mark Zuckerberg built. One of the study’s authors, Adam Kramer, took to his own Facebook account to offer more of an explanation than an apology for the secret study.

“We felt that it was important to investigate the common worry that seeing friends post positive content leads to people feeling negative or left out,” Kramer said. “At the same time, we were concerned that exposure to friends’ negativity might lead people to avoid visiting Facebook. We didn’t clearly state our motivations in the paper.”

The attack on Facebook looks set to worsen as it was discovered that one of the authors of the platform’s mind study, Jeffrey T. Hancock of Cornell University, also received funding from the Pentagon’s so-called Minerva Research Initiative to conduct a similar study entitled ‘Modeling Discourse and Social Dynamics in Authoritarian Regimes’.
Reuters / Dado Ruvic

The Pentagon-funded Minerva program provides cash awards to everyone from “single investigators to large multi-university consortia,” according to its website and includes “researchers from 32 academic institutions, including six non-US universities and four industry or non-profit organizations.”

Hmmm. Cash rewards for targeting individuals. Sounds a bit like the old slave catching system, doesn’t it? And all of that, with ZERO Congressional oversight, or judicial input.