Can you defeat gang stalkers?

A simple question requires a simple answer: no, you cannot defeat armed groups of NGOs, backed by CIA /Mi 5/ Mossadi jihadis /Gay mafia trolls/Big Pharmaceutical “psychiatric meta narrative ” online and offline harassers who manipulate religiously delusional, retired law enforcement types, working with active law enforcement agents and agencies,under a neocon fanatical theoretical basis, and their Anti Defamation League sponsored Octopus/Protestantopus /Catholic DeiOpus /Baptistic /Lutheranenemy /Mormon “Whistling and Whittling club” affilliated assault, ever, or defeat their spawn and kin openly(who you should rightly also include in your investigations and targeted….targeted whatever).

These sociopaths have the law on their side*. Worse, current and active law enforcement and intelligence agents turn their dirty work and actual stalking/surveillance/OTB harassment over to retired agents in Americas(or your own nations) retired police, which account for what is called “the Deep State.”

For an example, read this story from the Hollywood Reporter online about the organized, well financed gang stalking of an old grandfather named Robert Rackstraw, who was rumored to be the famous hijacker D.B. Cooper.

That is how OGS works in practice. Abunch of highly organized, military and police, and media fuckers, exploiting a persons life, because they have, “theory.”

So, am I saying that what these sociopaths from the ranks of law and intelligence agencies do is legal, or that “the law” protects them?

Absolutely not!

What I am saying is that “the law is on their side,” meaning that corrupt judges, corrupt citizens, and especially, corrupt special interest groups and NGOs work with gang stalkers to enforce corrupt narratives of power. We see this significantly in the “psychiatric meta narrative, ” where whistle blowers like former NYPD “Stop and Frisk” headliner Adrian Schoolcraft are targeted for “psychological assessment,” AFTER they blow the whistle on corrupt institutional practices.

You alone cannot defeat them, because their toxic infestation of our political processes is omnipresent.

Here are just two examples of ADL/Israel/Jewish group/Mossad affilliated shitbags who “followed” me, literally in the last two years, and I provide ample evidence that this is actual “following” sans any delusional basis (the odds of two pro-Israeli gang stalking, Brookings Institute funded, rabbi quoting religious zealots following me, or my relatively obscure blog are close to nil.)

Shitbag One

Shitbag Two, both affilliated with the Brookings Institute, by (((coincidence))) no doubt.

So, a quick anecdote: ROGS has personally gained over $500,000USD by simply suing them, resisting them, and otherwise subverting them. But, while I won a few battles, I lost the greater war, which is against our Constitution and its guarantees of due process and so-called civil liberty. By my own scorecard, they owe me a few hundred milion more, which I dont expect to see any time soon.

Well, this guy Ted White got 30 million, and so did these people, called The Beatrice Six, too.

So, you will need help. You can contact ROGS, but please, stay clear of the paranoid, crazy ramblings of garden variety gang stalkers, and their controlled assets.

And, as usual, I urge the FBI to investigate my claims.