Leave The Author a Message

This section is where you can leave a comment, or ask a question, but remember-the internet is forever! So, if you are an actual TI, use the “contact” feature-but remember, there are a minimum of 17 spy agencies in my country alone that are monitoring this blog, and the internet as a whole, every second, every minute, every day as part of an unfathomable entrapment scheme that thumbs it’s nose at law and logic.

And, as your stalkers have likely made you aware-they will stalk you forever too, using this massive Panoptical entrapment scheme that attempts to replace human good will,  G-d, and or every and any moral or ethical law based structure pre-emptively.

Also, as you have likely discovered by now, some 80% of all online discussion of organized gang stalking are total bullsh!t (hat tip to Scott Crow, animal rights activist, for whom OGS is “total bullsh!t!” And, after reading through this blog, you have discovered that this blog is 100% NOT bullsh!t, because it describes your situation accurately, and at personal risk to this author.

So-Leave a comment at your own risk, as frequently those who leave comments online become stalked even more severely.