If you want to test the veracity of what you see here at ROGS, then here below is a checklist that you can use to add up the “strange- and possibly dangerous” online community of gang stalking targeted individuals.”

(UPDATE: I wrote this checklist below several years ago, and it could use an update, considering that ROGS Predictive analysis is consistently batting 1000%, as I demonstrate here in the Virginia Beach shooting, and here in the case of Andy Ostrowski, and then, the case of the gang stalking lesbian detective and so many other cases where we see with 100% certainty that my analysis, and prediction that DVIC affilliates, retired police, LEIUs, and “cold case investigators” like gang stalking denialists Dr. Christine Sarteschi, and none other than Dr. Lorraine Sheridan herself who was notoriously quoted in the most famous hit-piece ever written about gang stalking are indeed what gang stalkers ARE, occulted and occluded all over the internet, and offline too.)

The ROGS BINGO card!(but before you get to the checklist, I urge the reader/user of the ROGS BINGO card to click the highlighted links in the text immediately below this paragraph for gang stalking case studies and correlations to FBI/DHS/CVE styled community policing tactical assaults on named individuals)

Related Story: The number 13 pops up in a startling number of headlines about mass shootings, or steange car crashings that “target” news outlets AFTER psycholigical and influence operators wage hoaxes like this, and ranging from Iraq veteranIan Long, who was harassed by K4 affilliates, to Omar Mateen, and even the Wiley E. Coyote fake-bomber, Cesar Sayoc

Then, other crisis PR affiliated organizations which are weaponized under the DHS/FBI CVE programs and funding, wage other influence operations where individuals are targeted with psychological operations from bad actors ranging from the Association of Threat Assessment Professionalss (ATAP) many of whose members companies actually use similar acronyms to PsyOps in their company letterhead; to local cops and city council members as we see in the cases of police union bullying and harrassment of city manager Bob Deis,who tried to trim the fat from triple dipping police and firemens pension funds in order to save the bankrupt city of Stockton, CA; or what happened to civil rights attorney Andy Ostrowski, who fought Penn State pedophiles, and former Department of Homeland Security chief, and Governor Tom Ridge; and even this humble garbage collection workers union president from Minneapolis, Al Ditty, who was gang stalked and committed suicide after whistle blowing on how the corrupt police department wanted to militarize garbage workers under the batshit crazy, CVE charged schema of so-called community policing.

The number 10000 is also a staple numerological reference that pops up out of thin air in the cris PR, frequently cited by gang stalking denialists who derive income from the DVIC/PIC/MIC and which has no citation or frame of reference “in reality,” similar to how the Save the Sex Workers prostitution abolitionists pull numbers out of their prolapsed causes, as we see in the highlighted link.

Most notably, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan pulled that number out of her ass when she worked with infotainment specialist Mike McPhate on the notorious OGS New Yarwk Times hit piece “They See Gangs of Disinformation Specialists.”

But because OGS is state level institutions and private contractor-to-Fusion Center-to local police and community policing mobs rife with sectarian corruption, utilizing the DHS/FBI community mobbing schemes, and Infragard, the actual meaning of “Ten Thousand,” in the OGS dialectic is mercenaries who target and exploit others.

Now: have a look at how the many unchecked spy operations that are run across Americafrom Fusion Centers, law offices, and private contractors ravage due process rights in neverending pseudo investigations (which ATAP calls “colluding parallel investigations” in their literature) and other Five Eyes nations work in the real world, as the Alphabet agencies collude with private contractors and the NSA-Israel data theft scheme: the case of actress Rose McGowan and the Harvey Weinstein spy scandal. All spying has similar tactics and results, and you can fill in the blanks about what McGowan knows/ was not aware was even happening to her.

You will recall that McGowan made the strange claim that she was a victim of something-and then, had mysterious interrogators show up in her life; and strange unexplained encounters, and emails-and you can bet some computer hacking. And all of that can have the net effect of “controlling” someone’s words, speech, thoughts and actions-and even cause delusions in someone blackmailed, gas-lighted, and stalked this way.

Here is what I call a classic case of organized gang stalking BINGO with highly suggestible people-the case of the Beatrice Six, and largest DNA exoneration in American History where a few bad cops and psychologist’s and a sh!tty little town full of sectarian religionists. They were all on the state teats, and they  literally conspired, and then framed six people into false confessions-mind control is real, Dorothy, and it happened to the the Beatrice, who still suffer from a psychological diagnoses of “Stockholm syndrome.” Mind control is THAT real.

Beatrice Six, after being exonerated for a murder they didn’t commit:’No amount of money can compensate for being a mind controll victim.’

So, here is what gang stalking involves-in each case you encounter, add up these points, and more!- for a gang stalking  win!

ROGS BINGO is ten or more of these points:

  1. suggestible people who are constantly under the direct influence of an OGS campaign, aka police stalking, using community policing
  2. gross disparity of institutional power, utilizing Fusion Center monitoring, and targeting specific individuals, wo are frequently activists and dissidents, and more frequently, first amendment speakers
  3. claims and suggestions, frequently online, and directed at online speakers, that they are delusional. And sometimes-not always-mental health issues, or in the case of the Beatrice Six, induced mental health issues related to torture and coercive control
  4.  children that can be taken in to state custody/ foster care/adoption, much as we saw as,Omar Mateens,widow was prosecuted by proxy, or this case of police/private police targeting a child in Canada
  5. real estate( I estimate that over 50% of cases I have read online involve real estate) like we see here as a mafia affiliated poluce captain profiteers from a mib bookiescdeath
  6. computer hacking/missing hard drives/frame jobs via the internet
  7. cyber-bullying
  8. influence operations/politics/unions
  9. numerology-as you see here at ROGS, the 13’s pop up-but you will also find the number 10,000 as well as a few others
  10. hidden practices of “community policing” aka “gang stalking”
  11. police who look the other way, or are the direct and primary precipitators of OGS
  12. secret society involvement ranging from Rotary Clubs to Infragard members, to state offices and Fusion Center’s being used in these operations. Many other NGO’s (Save the Sex Workers! abolitionitsts are prominent in gang stalking, as are many “women’s groups” that “empower women” by stalking men)
  13. reports of “mystery people following” victims-these range from unregistered foreign  agents, retired Law enforcement and intelligence community persons and others. Frequently there will be a nebulously described “Hispanic-like man” or woman
  14. extensive police or IC surveillance activity that takes place over DECADES of time. Frequent contact with law enforcement gray area interrogations (especially in the cases of mass shooters and active shooters)
  15. contact at some point with kangaroo courts, star chamber courts, and “gray area policing,” via a smear campaign of some kind (McGowan has reported as much, and many others who are currently taking on Hollywood). These courts range from administrative hearings in colleges, to family courts, to military tribunals-none of which are ACTUAL courts that uphold the rights of defendants.
  16. lop-sided story telling where accused never get to answer a charge, as is commin in family courts, domestic violence scenarios, foster care, and more
  17.  security guards are a big one in mass shooter events, as police use them to do dirty work that they otherwise cannot do. But also, in the cases of Dahir Adan in Minnesota, the case of Devin Kelley in Texas-and many others-we see that they worked in security guards. Omar Mateen was with G4S, and fit nearly ALL the categories above.
  18. at some point, all OGS victims encounter the dialectical distortion of “electronic weapons, Directed Energy weapons, UFO’s Morgellons,” and so on. Look here at an ArsTechnica article from MSM that talks about the NSA black operations, and note the use of the words electronic, radio frequency, and “implants.” All of these are classic military grade psychological operations that mask the horrifying practice of OGS. Any psychologist, social worker, or other can easily use forensic analyses to discover the sources of these “beliefs” and “delusions,” which start out as suggestions online, that use auto-antonymal words and phrases combined with neuro-linguistics by trained influence operators who leverage individuals with illicitly obtained information in classic honeynet operations. I have provided examples throughout ROGS, but perhaps you will find your own
  19. religion is frequently involved, but not always, as we see in many of the cases extant in the online blogs that most OGS includes religious figures such as,pastors and deacons acting as FBI informants (such was the case for Walter Laak in Las Vegas. Laak was. Sometimes, it’s just sh!tty people.
  20. Here is a list from the excellent whistle blower movie “The Insider” about the Big Tobacco lawsuits, with Russell Crow and Al Pacino, playing Dr. Jeffrey Wigand and Mo Bergmann, respectively:

    security guard whispers behind your back-opening scenes

    subtle leveraging of your family

    Asked to sign agreements that presume foreknowledge

    “coincidence” as Brown and Williams somehow know about your intentions, and locations

    tailed to favorite activities/ tall goons in monkey suits/smirks/intimidation/mirrors your actions-golf scene

    strangers in your yard

    footprints left in conspicuous places-your garden, underneath windows followed afterwards by strange hang up phone calls

    “their gonna dig up stuff from your past”/ritual defamation

    the threatening email/computer hacking/mail tampering

    bullet in your mailbox

    “They” being the corpiration, and The Corpiration (FBI) start to frame him instead of whoever broke in to his home-and the 2nd amendment is an issue, his guns, they ask about his ’emotional problems’ rather than about the people who left the bullet in his mailbox

    starts drama with neighbors, causes neighborhood conflicts

    FBI looking for careers in corporate after they retire

    security problems

    gag orders and lawsuits when you go public/threats to be jailed
    interstate activity to frame a narrative.

    -And keep in mind, this happened the the whistle blower BEFORE the full blown surveillance state, or Fusion Center spying.

    “in combat, activities go by in seconds-what you are going through goes on and on sometimes for years: you’re assaulted psychologically, emotionally financially-you feel your whole families future is held, compromised, hostage”

    THE DVIC DOSSIER from the movie contained these smears about the whistle blower, and note, all these allegations and charges took place in administrative hearings, rather than court trials: shoplifter, domestic violence and failure to pay child support