Attorneys Only: Start here, to examine claims of gang stalking

Before you read another word, understand these two binary terms below, and subsidiary legal claimants (my analysis will save you time and precious resources) which I will explain later:

1-gang stalking victims v. gang stalking denialists

2-gang stalking victims who claim electronic harrassment v. those who dont, or, who do not present that in their primary claim( electronic harrassment is actually what the NSA et alphabet uses to describe computer implants of spyware, and auto antonymal language that gang stalking private contractors, FBI/DHS/ADL types use to describe computer hacking and phone tapping)


Know that I am presenting an entirely new strategy of legal defense to challenge NSA-Israel/FBI/DHS/local police tactics that arose after 9-11, that no one anywhere has yet attempted. And, I will later point you to copycats who will attempt to mislead you, by time-stamping this post Tuesday, February 19th, 2019, and stating that I will point you to those who came after as total coopters and frauds,,, and, sectarian denialists who deliberately mis-apply psychological and sociolgical labelling theory to cause you to doubt your clients claims.


You are here because you have a client who claims he (and very rarely, a she, for reasons we can discuss in person, or, those women who do claim it are frequently affiliated heavily with OGS denialism and time wasting misinformation like this person here) was implicated in a crime, or swept into a civil matter, or gray area policing oriented hearings, like punitive, or political psychiatry being used in a family court, domestic violence hearing, ir other kangaroo court; or who is undergoing some form of asset related civil forfeiture, or institutionalization.

SO: I wont waste your time, if you dont waste mine. After all, I am giving YOU free advice, lol.

Start here below, with the documented cases of people who were harrassed mercilessly in American localities with organized gang stalking, some of which were and are well documented in the MSM:

Rick Krlich

Larry Guzzino

Jeffrey Kantor

Andy Ostrowski

Adrian Schoolcraft

Have a look at how a lawyer that I knew was targeted, and eventually imprisoned over some bullshit federal rule restricting attorney, client privilege and vigorous defense,called the SAMs provisions:

Lynne Stewart

And take a look at how CIA/FBI military shitbags targeted one of the ultimate heros of American journalism:

Gary Webb

Then, take a look at all of these military and police affiliated, retired CIA/NSA/FBI types, who literally flood the internet with pure psychobabble and other garbage about gang stalking:

OSI informers and “the porn deluge”

Ramola D.

Karen Stewart, a pseudo- whistle blower curiously writing about Rotary Clubs involved AS gang stalkers, about a year after I implicated them directly here in a mass shooting in Spojane, WA, which has massive Google results for searches for OGS, and here, where we see Rotarian Hamish Brown, who was decorated by none other than Britains Prince Charles, giving talks to the FBI and local police departments about “how to stalk people under investigation”, and here.

With this background, please take a look at the basic claims of your client, and compare the above to what has been reported in cases of mass shooters, many of whom claimed they were bullied, stalked and harrassed by community policing elements, sherrifs departments, and more.

And, most importantly, have your clients phones and computers, and especially routers and ISP data analyzed by a forensic expert, because you WILL find evidence that gang stalking, aka,“colluding parallel investigations” are a huge part of your clients problems.

Lastly, note how closely the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP ) is allied with military psychological operations, and operators, many of whom, like,Brad Carnduff, Russel Palarea, etc. are in fact, the heads of operations at Fusion Centers.