Advice and help for gang stalking victims, and Targeted Individuals: Do the Work!

You, as a targeted individual of organized gang stalking* have encountered what former FBI character assassin-in-chief, and blackmailer J. Edgar Hoover called a “conspiracy so vast, it boggles the imagination.”

J.EDGAR HOOVER, above, who is likely rolling around in hell in a pink chiffon lined coffin right now, alongside Edward Bernays, who single handedly, and literally “influenced” aka mind controlled the last centuries politics and purchases via psychological manipulation and absurd, non-consensual influence operations, much like we see in the redirection and brainwashing strategy deployed by people like these.

And, because these days our western governments allow complete and total strangers from foreign countries, or the,“world police” of Interpol/Europol and who work in or are allied with foreign intelligence agencies to wiretap our internet switches, and then wage highly personalized political hits across international borders, as they steal our data, and then feed our information to federal, state, and local police via Fusion Centers, you need to straighten out your mind, choose to fight back, and decide to become your own best advocate.

And, that means that you need to follow my advice and “do the work” of documenting who your online and offline stalkers are, and compile good evidence that is worthy of a court room, or that can clearly demonstrate your claims.

Here is one example, but as you read ROGS, you will see many others, that are just a small sample from my archives:

This photo above is from one of dozens of black bag jobs, and I captured it with a hidden camera, and had non-police state witnesses assist in documenting the break ins.

Here are some pages and stories where I discuss this:

-How Wireshark and similar programs can scientifically demonstrate that “they” are actually manipulating your electronic, and microwave based (computers, cell phones, social media, etc.)communications systems, as discussed in the Intercepts release of the US/DHS/CIA/FBI catalogue of spy and,surveillance tools here.

-How useful is photography, hidden cameras, and other photographic evidence? Look at this post, and this one for a general idea.

-Is a sense of humor important when being gang stalked? Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely!

-When you ask yourself if it is “all in your head” also ask yourself if you feel leveraged, or have you been compromised, maybe blackmailed, or actually violated by one of these huge and actual conspiracies that are literally active, every day, 24/7-ask yourself if you have EVIDENCE, not just a general feeling.


But thats not my personal advice, or something I pulled out of a hat-it is advice that you can find in books on the desktops of the worlds most powerful and successful people, or in TED talks, and in many self-help and improvement books.

Here, take a look at what best-selling author, weight lifter, and photographer James Clear says about “doing the work!!”

The Greatest Skill, from the book Atomic Habits

Here’s the single greatest skill in any endeavor: doing the work.

Not doing the work that is easy for you to do. Not doing the work that makes you look good. Not doing the work when you feel inspired. Just doing the work.

You might not be a brilliant writer, but if you actually write something each week, then you’ll be better than most because you are doing the work.

You might not be an incredible athlete, but if you never miss workouts, then you’ll be better than most because you are doing the work.

You might not be a savvy business person, but if you make a point to serve your customers every single day, then you’ll be better than most because you are doing the work.

And so it goes for any and every challenge we face. People love to soak in the details, search for new tactics, and debate the things that make a tiny difference. But at the end of the day, the greatest skill is always doing the work.

*Gang stalking is highly organized, and extremely well financed by international political and banking interests that push policy in nations,around the world.

The organizational structure is basically centered around the blur between intelligence,agencies working with, and through corporations, and utilizing the WWW/internet in a world wide monitoring of words, ideas, imagery, and more, as we see how state sponsored intelligence groups, or political and policing affiliated NGOs like the ADL or corpirate-to-government “redirection” and countless other programs target individuals in real time, and frequently for months/years, and even decades, as documented in both the main stream news, and alternative media.