There is a dearth of hard evidence that organized gang stalking is a “real thing,” and the exact organizations that are implicated in it are also key players in the mis-information and dis-information surrounding the topic. There is a need for legal professionals, criminal defense lawyers, police investigators, psychologists, social workers and others to be made aware of this modern police and state tactic, which can range from quasi-legal activity to blatantly abusive and life threatening behaviors.

Of the few studies that have attempted in any way to research this topic, two stand out as classic “noise” or misinformation, intended to discredit those who claim they are suffering from OGS, which is in the least disingenuous, and at most unprofessional and irresponsible, as many mass shooters, cop killers, and school shooters have claimed that they are targeted by this practice.

Intelligence agencies, institutions ranging from psychatry to academia, to public relations, are often involved, and deriving massive profits from denying the claims of targeted individuals, and there is ample evidence that it is part of a world wide influence operation, and a trance formation type activity.

You will find here in this blog the work of one researcher who has spent thousands of hours interviewing victims, and reading th available literature on this topic.