There is a dearth of hard evidence from “official sources” that prove that organized gang stalking is a “real thing,” as the exact institutions, and organizations that are implicated in it are also key players in the mis-information and dis-information surrounding the topic.

And in fact, first amendment protected activity is targeted as are speakers at every level of online interaction, pre-emptively.

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Then, as we have seen the slow rollout of a new, surveillance state and totalitarian controls such as Palantir databases that tracks people in real time, influences thought and action and more; and programs associated with it such as PRISM and XKEYSCORE that target SOME people MORE than other people, as well as assigns “threat scores” to them and targets them in other, hidden and nefarious ways that we do NOT see in the MSM, new paradigms are needed t explain human behavior.

I suggest this one, in direct relation to those who think they can “program” a population as if we are all mere binary I/O devices:

The zen  master says: “If you say this stick is real, I will beat you. If you say this stick is not real, I will beat you. If you say nothing, I will beat you.” There seems to be no way out. One pupil, however, found a solution by changing the level of communication. He walked up to the teacher, grabbed the stick, and broke it.”

Most importantly, one targeted individual is not the same as another-all these cases are different in their facts and circumstances, but the same in their net effects, which this blog documents.

And, causing mental illness is a stated goal of those who perpetrate it. Here is a professor targeted with a slander and harassment campaign where the B’nai B’rith-a racist organization known for perpetrating hoaxes and criminal spying-was finally reprimanded, but not until that professor was slandered. While on one hand, the Anti-Defamation League and it’s Hydra of associated NGO’s claims to have diminished the power of the KKK, it has been by becoming the exact thing that they hated in the first place-much as Viktor Frankl noted just after the Holocaust, in “Man’s Search for Meaning.”

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This last absurd and illegal operation is only upstaged by the fact that COINTELPRO was chastised-but never substantially destroyed- by one other ongoing nation wide black bag shakedown racket: America’s best kept secret, the LEIU’s of America who kick in doors, shake down political opponents, and act as a de facto hidden black operation with ZERO oversight, or even Congressional outcry- COINTELPRO, and NIxon’s burglary boys had nothing on these people. Why is that, exactly?

But don’t let YOUR imagination wander trying  too figure it out- it might make you “crazy.”

Here is a couple that has had ten years of harassment from police and firetrucks; here is another person who had his daughter stolen from him, and he was accused fo being a pedophile while the local sheriffs department was shooking his wife-and he re-gained custody of his daughter while sitting in a jail cell, and after he got a corrupt judge off his case, which is UNHEARD of .

And here, a woman who endured mind control in Guatemala during the hey day of CIA/corporate/academic and institutional collusion in psychological and pharmaceutical black operations around the world claims she is still targeted, long after the events in question.

There is a need for legal professionals, criminal defense lawyers, police investigators, psychologists, social workers and others to be made aware of this modern police and state tactic, which can range from quasi-legal activity to blatantly abusive and life threatening behaviors.

Of the few academic studies that have attempted in any way to research this topic, two stand out as classic “noise” or misinformation, intended to discredit those who claim they are suffering from OGS, which is in the least disingenuous, and at most unprofessional and irresponsible, as many mass shooters, cop killers, and school shooters have claimed that they are targeted by this practice.

The well heeled disinformation campaign waged with fake news [here is a classic fake news  narrative that is a journalism/crisis PR textbook example of discrediting in action] in the MSM that seeks to cast doubt on those who claim they are targeted individuals-despite the fact that there are well over 1.7 million mentions of the term “targeted individual” in Google-is a prominent feature that validates it as an actual issue.

But also, the fact that most MSM also frequently uses the term “targeted individual” when referring to activists who are targets of illicit Fusion Center activity, and the left leaning among news outlets frequently mentions targeted individuals who are victims of the rampant nefarious over reach of our fully wire tapped nation, yet are curiously silent when it is “progressive” political PAC’s like AIPAC and the umbrella NGO’s that participate in it, and are on record recommending it as a practice; and, one of the main beneficiaries of federal dollars to fight nearly non -existent terrorism has neatly morphed the term terrorist into a domestic abuser, or a corporate whistle blower, or any of many journalists activists and dissidents .
Intelligence agencies, institutions ranging from psychiatry to academia, to public relations, are often involved, and derive massive profits from denying the claims of targeted individuals, and there is ample evidence that it is part of a world wide influence operation, and a trance formation type activity.

You will find here in this blog the work of one researcher who has spent thousands of hours interviewing victims, and reading the available literature on this topic, and who also endured much of what is written herein. I have written this as a tool of recovery for those who have been abused by “those people,” and ask that you  pass it along in that manner-and that you question or even refute what I have dclared here.

This blog is a copyright work of research, posted publicly so that others may use the information herein, and I only ask that you write to me for permission to use this material in court rooms or psychological assessments of any TI that you may one day represent. And, too, I can make myself, and other research available, and to to testify on behalf of any TI that might need it.

If the reader-you, here, now-should find any one main thesis herein, I hope that you have found this: organized gang stalking is real, it affects a wide range of people, and it is directly a by-product of what some might call”community policing,” but it is not that simplistic, because when we add into the equation Infragard, and the massive data base abuse that we all know of thanks to Edward Snowden; and then, the “if you see something say something” scheme of modern policing, we see one thing clear as a bell: only one group and their chosen political allies get paid every time someone picks up a phone to rat on their neighbors, and that police turn a blind eye when others here are caught red handed in criminal spy networks operating across America.

And then, I ask the reader to ask themselves this question: exactly how did the unethical, amoral and illegal spying of some , encouraged by others in the vast criminal networks that worj behind the scenes in “America’s Secret PoliceAmerica’s Secret Police“who took oaths to the Constitution, subvert the letter and spirit of the law in secret, and turn due process into a mere charade by instituting gray area policing as national policy, under the nebulous and ever morphing name of “terrorism” in the current un-Constitutiolnal climate of chronic and pervasive surveillance?