About Delusions and gang stalking complaints: the professionals are delusional-or just ^ssholes

You are here reading ROGS because someone has likely brought organized gang stalking to your attention. Maybe you are a journalist, an activist, a reporter, someone in the “healing” professions” or an attorney.

Or, you are one of an ever growing number of those who actively derive your salary/bonuses from anti-democratic institutions, government procedures and processes, active and obstinate, dogmatic or religious denial of due process; and  you are part of the nefarious and cowardly methods and tactics of social control like organized gang stalking, and as such, know that I seek to expose you.

Regardless, in order to decide for yourself if “organized”  “stalking” of “gangs” is real, please read this post about a gang strike force that targeted a young merchant mariner who moonlights in his families electrician business, who I named Val, in order to protect his identity. And read about the CalGang database, which begins targeting infants from birth.

Or, read the case of the Beatrice Six, who were literally CREATED to appear to be a “gang” by local police and psychologists; and then LITERALLY brainwashed until they had clinical Stockholme Syndrome, incarcerated for decades for a murder they did not commit, and then, liberated in the Largest DNA exoneration in US history, because a local pig farmer needed a second salary.

And, you, reading through here, have likely discovered that I, like you, have my own personal problems, biases, blindspots and so on. And, that my writing is sub-par, for many reasons that I will not go into in this page.

Here- have a look at the pre-War on Terror Era, where entire neighborhoods were “put on paper” during the the nebulous “War on Drugs,” which blurred the CIA’s mission with the current WOT mission-which is where we center in history the demise of democratic processes ranging from freedom of assembly to freedom of the press and more.

But you have also noted that I was once an aspiring journalist, whose life became a freeway for hidden operators, politicians, conniving academics,  and hidden agencies using hidden surveillance, counter-surveillance, security and street theater, and more, in a state known for progressive politics that targets journalists with hidden surveillance and other “bad things”; and a state where I learned that the new “klan” works from within law firms and local progressive politics, much the way that the old klan did, but with more skin shades of klan.

Perhaps you have squad cars circling your house minutes after you posted to Facebook, a blog, or other social media, like former candidate for Senate, Andy Ostrowski, in the Kid$ for Ca$h state of Pennsylvania, where one (just that one) judge was caught selling 3000 children to social services, as the DHS/HHS/FBI and all the official pedophile catchers looked on.

Or, maybe you have figured out that the One Percent are monitoring Twitter, in real time as protests happen, and targeting activists for decades afterwards, or that stopping Democracy across the world, using ever-morphing unaccountable gangs of blackshirts, and in your hometown is one of the chief aims of the DHS as Gavin Seim has documented; and activists are dying in “mysterious suicides,” shortly after being tracked on a social media app from a hidden, and equally unaccountable Fusion Center.

Well, you can  decide for yourself if organized gang stalking is real, or delusional in basis.

But know this: if you look around ROGS blog here, you will note the distinct ABSENCE of morons who talk about “DEW’s!!” and being “zapped!!!“You will find little to no talk of microwave beams other than wat they are: radio signals, cell phone stealing StingRay devces, wiretaps, and the many NSA/DHS/CIA/FBI-FiveEyes Alliance-Israeli data theft schemes and other cancers that are rife along the internet backbone and our communications channels.

And you won’t find any posts about UFO’s and aliens, other than to state that new technologies that are mystifying, in BETA, or otherwise being deployed against “the people” who do not understand them are what the Technical Surveillance and Counter-Measures  Professionals relegate to “Level X” thinking.

Level X thinking occurs when highly trained professionals who derive income from harassing and mind mapping, and monitoring and surveilling the poor, the disenfranchised, and the marginalized with counter terror tools and tactics; and multi-billion dollar war machines target technology, linguistic soft force manipulation and neuro-linguistic manipulations caused by hidden actors and undisclosed, or hidden internet algorithms and counter-terror tactics that are aied as weapons at ordinary janitors, desk workers, organ grinders and union organizers, homeowners, activists and archivists like Aaron Swartz, and even a few low level criminals here and there.

Here is a blurb about how to distinguish “Level X thinking” from true delusions in these cases, from Granite Island Group:

The threat posed by technical surveillance devices may be broken into ten basic levels. As each threat level increases the difficulty of detecting the device increases by an order of magnitude (for levels 1-9).

These threats are clustered into three major groupings, with a fourth major group for emerging technologies or threats based on misunderstandings of technology or (in some cases) pure fantasy.

I recommend that you, the reader, do your own homework, but I have done much of the groundwork herein, after decades undercover as a United States Citizen targeted by multiple levels of technology, and technocrats, as well as standard issue state paycheck suckers and other sundry cowards that I have outlined herein.

Now, it is up to the activist, the journalist, the reporter, the civil litigator, the criminal defense lawyer, and the very few who are left in the healing professions, the social work and psychology fields that HAVE NOT been swayed by  all of this “Countering Violent Extremism” dog and pony show to interpret these cases in the proper framework.