A special page for actual TI’s

You are here at this blog because you are feeling cr^ppy, because well organized, well financed institutional psychopaths ranging from community organizations, to religious nutjobs to “the cops” are messing with you, harassing you, or possibly, trying to frame you somehow.

First, learn to think about your situation this way: 

The Zen master

“If you say this stick is real, I will beat you. If you say this stick is not real, I will beat you. If you say nothing, I will beat you.” There seems to be no way out. One pupil, however, found a solution by changing the level of communication. He walked up to the teacher, grabbed the stick, and broke it.”

SO, take a moment and change your “frame” of reference. Learn to see that there is more than one way of seeing things beyond “black and white.”

[all images below copyright of ROGS, 2017]

beauty in th eye.jpg
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder: do something beautiful today, anonymously, that will make someone smile.
cloud tree 2.jpg
Find just one moment to look up at the sky- there IS a forest, and trees-but also lots of clear blue skies. AND: clouds are a sign of rain; rain is a sign of growth; growth is a sign of life.
blue buddhas.jpg
Look around you- what makes you DIFFERENT from everyone else? Difference is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing. Avoid people who tell you otherwise.
Today- BE “that ONE GUY or GAL” just to keep the water from getting stagnant
blak and white thinking.jpg
But also- NEVER FORGET who “they” are. The hive mind is death to your soul, and food for predators.

Different Perspectives: the line between apophenia and epiphania is a matter of opinion, because there are many different “filters” through which we can understand the world, and OUR world:

Here- have a loo at the “real world” through the standard filter of what SOME might say is “real”:

light zeke og.jpg
A light.

Then, change your way f seeing the way that others “see the light,” and see the light in many ways instead:

light zeke BW.jpg
There can be darkness within, or surrounding light.


light zeke.jpg
Light can be a matter f what filter you look at it. This is a scientific fact. And, other scientific facts are also open to interpretation of the “framework” within which discussions of light take place.

You, as a TI, are likely under attack, whether it is from an altRight hacker, or their more nefarious counterparts in scumbaggery, the multiple Hydra’s of NGO’s and tribal-religious organizations; a military contractor; some douchebag and their henchwomen on the local school board; a crappy cop with a vendetta; or even garden variety sh!tty neighbors,many of whom are corrupt police, or affiliated with corrupt police as we see here, who work with local police in the “communitarian policing” scheme.

You can-and should– change your frame of reference once in awhile- learn to ‘see things’ differently, if you can. Here, look at the many ways that “reality” is open to interpretation:

light dome soft.jpg

light dome zeke.jpg


light dome.jpg

light focus shift.jpg

Do you see how many ways and how many different angles we can see something from-and how wonderful each one is in it’s own way? This is what you must do with your situation.

Keeping in mind that many are trying to make you feel bad, or unlucky-stay focused on taking control of the information, and learn to use it against them. Re-read my sections on “how to fight back with humor in these sectarian-tribal-communitarian schemes,” and “how to defend yourself” and especially the “manual of government hacking for criminal defense lawyers and civil litigators.”

There IS hope against these bullies. Go from here:


To here:

Life is full of little luxuries-learn to appreciate them!
in the doghouse.jpg
Practice visualizing a better life.
Learn to see the forest through the bees.

Listen to your inner voice-learn to sing it out loud.[Sunny War of Nashville Tennessee, is an AMAZING folk punk guitarist and  vocalist]
Look across the world-peek into different cultures, and take your mind off the current OGS climate.

Tania Franks sings smoky nightclub songs when she isn’t designing jewelry.  And she looks for connections in between sets. What did YOU do today?




window 2.jpg
Remember that shining a light through a window goes two ways.
Maybe find a soul mate- but don’t get too caught up!
open door policy.jpg
Knock on a few new doors that you have never seen before-just to see who answers them!

Do some night swimming!

arctic night guardhouse.jpg

Or put on some dancing shoes, and feel good just to be alive (or give a pair of shoes to the homeless….)

Ruby Slippers.jpg

And take in a few night skies- don’t let the sh!tty people of the world ruin your sleep.


night echo.jpg

Or- learn to paint with light. Black and white thinkers cannot do this. This is why YOU are special, and why they are trying t harm you.

finish this word ties.jpg
Become your own 40 foot tall giant, capable of leaping tall buildings without the use of a crane; or even heavy lifting.
the lover.jpg
Read a book that someone told you NOT to read.
contrast .jpg
And study contrasts-but ALSO, the shadows between them.

And next time you feel that you cannot see the forest for the trees? Look around you at all the OTHER things that are there. It is here where you will begin to see true light, and life.

tree base.jpg

lichen floor.jpg

Lastly- believe it or not, the most important thing you can do is to know that yes, sometimes it is all too real. Why? Only the morons know.

photographer ominous.jpg
I took this photo today, 09-10-2017, as this guy did what you see, from across a large boulevard.
Avoid lizards generally-and don’t let them ruin your day. But also, photograph the bastards.
And don’t let them blot out the beauty in your sky- or let them think for even one minute that the machinery belongs to them alone: the machinery belongs to all of us.
And laugh at these pricks when they laugh at you. They HATE it when you bust them at their own b.s. Look how quickly this one guy changed his expression when he was busted.
Masonic flag.jpg
And no matter how hard “they” try to change the terms of the social compact? Remember: this is YOUR country too-and NO ONE gets to change the flag for their own amusement, no matter how hard they try.
little eichmanns.jpg
And especially? When they try to change the terms to “black and white” after all of their treachery, illegality, and deceit in the “gray area?” Once you know who the are, name them properly, and get them all in one place? They aren’t so scary anymore. Do what comes natural after that.

It’s all a matter of perspective. One persons apophenia is another person’s epiphany. What’s yours today?

I compared peanut butter to Total Shazz-butter, and got a sticky keyboard from South Africa, and Germany.[UPDATE10-18-2017: The sticky keyboard has changed to a direct attack on the blog itself, and it takes between 25-45 minutes before their speech subversion bot, or their Fusion Center hero’s, or other “systems subverters” log in from along the cancerous internet backbone, or direct Metasploit attacks at this blog as I write. I have documented this across platforms, and from multiple “clean connections“for over a decade]

Pbutter v shazzbutter.jpg

Then, I studied a few emergent internet trends, and noticed “patterns in feminist jurisprudence” and how conservatives work with militant lesbian feminists in a “globalist framework” to undermine individuals and “influencers” and drive moral panic’s that increase their personal net worth


And all of that as a huge bunny named “Gloria Ghost” followed me around with one of her many soiled mattresses. But I know that’s just in my imagination, now, thanks to psychologists armed with Hegelian Materialism, and multi-billion dollar crisis PR factories.

rabbit brothel.jpg

And then, I started digging up the skeletons in THEIR closets, which they use as a marketing ploy, and that garners them lots of attention, and is worth BILLIONS of dollars.

skeleton group BW.jpg

And, I wrote about it, and documented what THEY are writing about too, which makes me feel great. Especially the art where I make a link between domestic violence, and war profiteering via narrative exploitation, aka “the DVIC.”