A special note about Anti-Semitism®

Anti-semitism is not  the  same  thing  as  refusing  to  be  Pro-semitic.

And  so,  those  who  use  the  term have  deliberately  toxified  the  discussion,  and  forced  the  hearer  of  the term into  a  race-based  conflict  that  cannot  be  won,  unless one  accepts  the inherent  and  biased  racial-religious  connotations  of its terms.

Those  who  use  it  also  derive  billions  in  profits  from  its use,  whether  they  are  Jews, christians  or  others, and so, the  term  itself  casts  upon  an  individual  the  burden of  favoring a  group of  persons  who  history  has  shown  to  be  superstitious,  genocidal,  and  frequently nepotistic and  interbred; and  the  term  itself is  one of  contrived  origins,  and those  origins  distinctly  racist,  and race  supremacist.

So, race  supremacy is  abhorrent in  any  and  all genuine  forms,  but  sadly,  race  profiteers  have  co-opted  the  term and have  used  it  to  mask  their own  hate  for  others, frequently  going so  far  as  to  wage  genocides,  and  war  crimes, as  we  see  in  the  cases of  Henry Kissinger, that  even the racist Anti Defamation  League backed  online political blog The Intercept has noted,  and Madeline Albright,  and  so  many  others  who  are Jewish, with the  remarkable  case  of  how  christian  AND Jewish  zionists worked with Hitler and Nazis  to  wage  genocide  ON  JEWS and  others.

I am not biologically or psychologically able to give a rat’s ass about one person’s race class or gender, and I am even less able to give a rats ass about your religion/s. I stand by those who stand by me, and I stand up for the little people-whoever they are on that day. It’s a flaw in my character that I cannot repair.

And I especially despise those who attempt to limit, or control pure speech by using  their racial, tribal or ethnic identity as a sledgehammer. I am simply NOT ABLE to give deference to one group over another, and less inclined when bullies work behind badges and titles. And these do it everywhere they go, in every century, Nazifying and toxifying everything so that the One Percent, working with the various other cults and sects of Abrahamic religion rob the poor of time and opportunity.

Then, there’s that well known thing about how the one percent manipulates the anti-semitism card as a way of projecting their own racism onto others like comic book medieval wizards. It literally is a tired but highly profitable canard and a self fulfilling prophecy: toxic psychopathic Jews tossing sh!t all over other Jews and secular so that they come out on top of the heap at the end of the wars they create-almost a code word for “let’s create, finance, and publicize a new Hitler, and start a war!”


Related Story: The ROGS Predictive Analyses has accurately predicted features of a recent mass shooting in Virginia Beach, and then, confirmed that the racist and race exploiting Anti Defamation League is in fact cobtributing to mass homicides by deploying military psychological operations on targeted individuals, and reinforcing the stereotype of Jews as mind controlling Svengalis, pictured above.

This is what “othering” is, and here is where it comes from Ethnocentrism, Jewishness, proof texts, and “the other”: Here, a Jewish scholar speaks about Jewish racism “I’m not going to characterize the community as racist but racism is rampant there.”

So, here’s my thought on all the Abrahamic baby bombing religious nutters who can’t get enough of each other’s company in hell:

The zen master speaks: “If you say this stick is real, I will beat you. If you say this stick is not real, I will beat you. If you say nothing, I will beat you.” There seems to be no way out. One pupil, however, found a solution by changing the level of communication. He walked up to the teacher, grabbed the stick, and broke it.”

And, In the spirit of Thoreau styled non-violent resistance and dissent, I  am appalled that dominionists and  zionists have been encouraged to wage a covert war in America courtesy of the local police department’s and the many headed Hydra’s of the NSA/DEA/CIA/FBI data theft pipeline; and use sex/race/and gender in peculiar ways that divide us rather than unite us in the cause of our nation-civil rights and due process of aw under a Constitutional democracy.

Eichmann in Jerusalem indeed: and in Manhattan, just before 1933. And: When did the NSA-/FiveEyes/Israel data theft pipeline begin? Ask Frank Collin’s godfather, Leo! Oy! Those bad Nazi’s! And if you ask the question “How many American Jews support warrantless wirretapping via the NSA-FiveEyes-Israel data theft and influence operations, and you will get surprising answers.

Net result? “The whisper campaigns” that we see all over the news today; and such campaigns were a feature of the Palestinian Exodus of 1948 as well. America has been taken over by soft force religious extremism, and it’s associated cult-mob control.

In America, defamation campaigns where LEO’s worked under color of law to disseminate illegally or unethically obtained data from protected databases was turned on American citizens in these hidden campaigns. And, the data was turned over to foreign powers who wage hidden campaigns of terror on their own citizens in “whisper campaigns,” that have had demonstrable and sometimes murderous effects on our population, as we see in the cases of mass shooters, active shooters and more.

But I would like to remind the reader that law enforcement privilege is by no means sacred-and as we trace thee alliances between religious sectarian interests that have corrupted policing as a whole, I also remind the reader that this opens up new possibilities of inquiry.

And, I am also incapable of seeing things in black and white- I have always struggled with the ability to do that, no matter how hard the Martin Buber’s, and the Adolph Hitler’s, and all of those new-born baby Jesus’ that populate American police forces wish it were so-  and the financial and political interests of the western world try to make it so.

But I do have a liking and a passion for cultures, and for unimpeded discourse about culture, and religion is a feature of culture. The reader will note that I have criticized nearly every major religion in America, at times coming as close as I reasonably can to describing my deep disgust for all of them, and that I seek “equality and fairness” in everything I write.

And, just as the reader will note that I have taken time to clarify that I neither hate the government, or cops, or intelligence agents (well, I DO specifically dislike some of THOSE people intensely-but not all of them), I note herein that, as far as I know, the police are not generally training their “warriors” in the Vatican “civil rights free” zone, or at Buckingham Palace’s counter-terrorism training centers just outside the gate of the Palace, but American police ARE training in an apartheid state that is a de facto religious theocracy,sponsored by private graft in the form of paid junkets to Israel.

And the Baptists, of course, have Texas, and thankfully, are gradually dying off; the Mormon’s have whatever it is that Mormons have, and so on. Native American’s have casino’s, dusty un-tillable rocky land at the foot of Mt. Rushmore, the highest rates of DVIC apathy waged against them, and so on.

In America, certain groups and certain members of those groups are very vocal, to the point of oppressing free speech itself, in order to continue profiteering and exploiting in a seamless, several millennia long run and I will leave it to the reader to ask themselves who THOSE people might be. But these are among every cult and sect of Jewish-christianity.

Here is what Noam Chomsky, a center-left linguist and deep state opinion leader has to say about the topic of the pharisee sect that works to instigate police brutality, slander, and Jewish-supremacist led fascist styled smear campaigns waged by dual citizens against those who they seek out and harass-and it cannot be missed that these same are race supremacists:

QUESTION: Speaking of censorship, what about your relations to American Jews? Your Fateful Triangle was an important book about the Middle East. American Jewish journals consciously avoided it. They would not even print negative reviews, hatchet jobs.

CHOMSKY: It is interesting. Take a look at England. In England that book was reviewed in the Jewish Quarterly by Noah Lucas, who is a well-known historian. It was a very favorable review. He later picked it as one of the most important books of the last decade. That is England. Here you must have total censorship. The Jewish community here is deeply totalitarian. They do not want democracy, they do not want freedom. Israeli doves like Meir Pail and Matti Peled have been saying for years that the American Jewish community is their worst enemy, that it is a totalitarian community, that it does not want democracy in Israel, that it does not believe in democracy in Israel, that it does not believe in democracy here. These guys say things I would never say. Pail is no big dove, but his critique of the American Jewish community is that what they want is for Israel to be a war god similar to Mars. But they certainly do not want discussion. In fact they have a whole vilification apparatus which is pretty impressive. The Anti-Defamation League office in Boston is a pretty leaky place. Many of the people who work there are appalled, so I have received stuff from them. For example, I got my file, a 150-page file.

QUESTION: They keep a file on you?

CHOMSKY: It reads kind of like an FBI file — half-truth, half-lies. People go to talks and send in what they claim I said, often an inversion of what they heard. Also clippings, inter-office memos, correspondence that they picked up. I got it because I was going to have a debate with Alan Dershowitz. This stuff was being sent to Dershowitz, so that he could cull defamatory material from it — as he did — for the debate. Somebody in the office who was appalled sent me a copy. People like Dershowitz, who is just an Israeli hack, a strict party liner, go to the ADL to get defamatory material. People like me, I don’t care. But if you are in politics or journalism, you cannot live with this. A temporary secretary at the ADL office told me that after the 1982 war there have been correspondence between the ADL and the Partisan Review in which the editors, William Phillips and Eith Kurzweil, offered the Review to the ADL as a way of defaming critics of Israel, me in particular. I believe that story is true. At the same time these people were inviting me to their cocktail parties. But that is typical of the intellectual community. It’s basically Communist Party style.

This vilification apparatus is really effective in shutting people up. It scares a lot of people off, especially people in exposed positions. There is just no way to respond. If you are denounced as being an anti-Semite, what are you going to say, I’m not an anti-Semite? Or if you are denounced as being in favor of the Holocaust, what are you going to say, I’m not in favor of the Holocaust? I mean you cannot win. Stalinist types of the ADL understand the beauty of throwing mud is that nobody can follow the details. You write it. Somebody else quotes it. Then somebody else says something.

Some people are really extreme. Dershowitz has actually written articles in the ADL journals in which he says I told him that I was “an agnostic about the Holocaust”. First of all, I would not have a conversation with Alan Dershowitz if I met him in the street. But this is fabrication.

QUESTION: It is actually a quote that comes up a lot attached to your name now.

CHOMSKY: Sure. Why not? Why not say I am in favor of the Holocaust? I think all Jews should be killed. That is the next thing to say. The point is that they can say anything they want. It is a kind of status that the Communist Party had aspired to but never achieved. And they have achieved it. They are totalitarians. There are plenty of others like them. Take say, Elie Wiesel. His position is that one must maintain silence in the face of atrocities carried out by one’s favorite state. That is his position, reiterated over and over again in the clearest possible terms. At the time of the last big uprising on the West Bank (there were real atrocities, 15 people were killed in early 1982 — it was even making the papers at that time), he was asked to comment on it in the Jewish press, not even the public press, and he responded that only people in power are in a position to know, and I am not in a position of power, and therefore I cannot comment. He finally wrote an article in the Hebrew press in which he simply reiterated his position that you must maintain silence. That is your job. I must say that he is hated in Israel. When he won the Nobel prize, the vituperation in the Israeli press was just explosive. They absolutely despise him. What is an interesting fact about American culture is that a man who puts forth this position can be regarded as a moral hero.


So,because some have taken our media, and worked “in darkness” behnd every prss release, and encouraged the most vile gang stalkings of journalists and other media figures, and turned the fact gathering process into a cesspool of propaganda, I write ROGS, because any and every other media channel is glutted by a western social disease. Let me tell you what that disease is, in a short brief history of western media, but first, let me illustrate the entire western narrative, and it’s religions with one picture:

Spy v Spy.jpg
Spy versus Spy is at the root of every social narrative in the west, in religion AND culture. So is the number 13, which I have deliberately blurred out of this picture, because I did not want to appear to favor one gang over another gang that uses the symbol . I will let the reader(and the artist who sprayed this mural on a wall) to ask themselves about the gang in their world that uses the 13 as a symbol, as these can be found around the western world, and in all religions across culture.
  1. A long time ago n Babylon, powerful cults controlled people with interesting myths and fairy tales.
  2. Some other people took all those myths and fairy tales and “made them their own.”
  3. Those who steal myths also wage war, which is profitable. And, being warred upon by people who steal myths and fairy tales is profitable business, and hard to avoid by those who DO NOT steal myths and fairy tales (especially those of us who write stuff in cuneiform or copper)
  4. People who realized that war people are always stealing their stories and myths got the heck out of Babylon
  5. Babylon came after them
  6. 3,500 years pass, and the myths are still a cause of great arguments among storytellers (which you know as priests and rabbi’s and pastors and imams and so on of “organized religion”)
  7. Today, even Jews are killing Jews, powerful Semites are oppressing and killing other Semites, and so on, and especially, hunting people who couldn’t give a rats ass about these myths and fairy tales; or the tribes that tell them.
  8. The further into the wilds one goes to avoid these people, the further lengths they go to find you, and try to force you t tell their fairy tales; or just kil you, metaphorically; spiritually; or otherwise, such as slander and defamation; or lies and treachery that any of their many ‘rituals’ require in order to maintain power.
  9. Today, the Nazi’s and certain Jews are inseparable companions, and they own all media. And, even Harvey Weinstein is a rapist, so “new world order,” lol.
  10. Finally, I still don’t give a shit if you are Bosnian, Tasmanian, Siberian, Jewish, Frankish, Mongolian, Berber, of !Kung!-or purple- I simply CANNOT discern a need to pedastalize you, without knowing who YOU are; and I double down when you put your own tribal/racial/ethnic/other “beliefs” into the secular culture and law.


SO, this is the best I can do for a disclaimer about the popular and profitable thingy that occurs all across the internet and which spills out into the ‘real’ world about this term, which affects all art, and culture-but that ESPECIALLY targets and harasses speakers of words (as I have demonstrated over and over herein.)

I did love my mother, and maybe yours too (but probably in a different way, lol). And I know where I come from. Do you know where YOU come from? Good- then let’s toss religion out the window together, and form some culture!

Disclaimer: This blog is written to demonstrate a certain set of facts and hypotheses, and also, as an act of peaceful, non-compliance and civil disobedience, ongoing. Should anyone tell you differently, it is plainly total bullsh!t.

And- if anyone is still confused, or desiring in their little horsehair worm hearts to continue to harbor HATE because I refuse to live in a “World of Deference” then have a look here, at how inter-twined fascism (and evn Nazi-ism of earlier eras) is with this international speech and thought repressing entity.

This, below, says it better than I can, and it was written by a guy in Canada in the run-up to the American presidential election, as “some people” stirred the racism card and the highly profitable anti-semitism dialectic of supremacy.

It must be noted that Canada has incredibly high rates of organized crime working IN government (such as we saw with Rob Ford):

Homeland Security – Organized Stalking and Militant Zionism

Brief commentary on the article below: Some of the information in the main article below deals with the word “Anti-Semitism.” It is worth taking the time to define what this word even means. Go here for more about this. I did not write the article that is featured below, I found it on a site that deals with organized stalking and surveillance. It is important to realize that one of the goals of Homeland Security is protecting the one percent. See herehere, here, here and here for more about who the one percent are. (See this document and this video to see what official government documents are saying, that we will see an increase between the “haves” and the “have-nots,” and that that the “haves” are going to start seeing the “have-nots” as a potential problem.)
….follow the link to read more!
[Note to the reader: the picture of the Spy-v-Spy mural that I uploaded-from a fully fingerprinted camera-yesterday, has disappeared today. This is one of many forms of “narrative control” practiced by agents and agencies across the web today, pre-emptive speech suppression at every level. Now: I will attempt to upload the picture one more time, today, at 17:15 hours, 10-14-2017 for those scumbags peeking in from Occulus of the Panopticon]