A note about Libertarians, and alternative political views.

I wrote ROGS after decades of bizarre, and unimaginable state level conduct directed at me by bad actors, much of which I chronicle here at ROGS, like this story here about the FBI flying airplanes over Baltimore, using hyper-spectral thermal imaging and wiretapping protesters.

Or how the son of a United Nations intelligence agency affilliated guy showed up behind me one day on Venice Beach fumbling with a camera in his hands; or that time- just that one, lol, where undercover and retired cops moved in next door to me, and dished dirt about corruption in police special units, and “gang strike forces”, and other state affilliated mayhem, which I write about all over this blog.

After mystery stalkers for decades,and having California state patrol cars attempt to run me off of roads in Los Angeles in 2017(as other things happened in American politics), I moved to a peaceful communist country, where all of the gang stalking stopped, almost like shutting off a faucet.

UPDATE 11/25/2019: Well, that peace only lasted for about two years.

Since I wrote this post you are reading, my internet was hijacked repeatedly, and at one point, my GPS APP would only show maps upside down, as one spy sattelite or another hooked into it.

Shortly thereafter I was approached by the Presbyterian son of a high ranking United States colonel, named Jimmy Dale Xxxxx who used directed conversation to inform me that the heels are on the ground! And also, he tried one more time to convince me that western religions that bomb babies with depleted uranium, run child brothels, and operate criminal CIA-spawned “Save the wimmins and childrens!”NGOs that infiltrate local economies and spread religion through exploiting corrupt local officials are “not so bad, really.”

Um, yeah, gang stalking really is THAT bizarre

No squad cars brighting me, no morons with 007 on their license plates stalking me from one coffee shop to the next-and no break-ins to my home or vehicles since.

So, it was in a peaceful nation where I was able to document new forms of NSA-FVEY hacking, and a few more stories of major importance that are all over the MSM today as well.

But most strikingly-it was here where I connected an entirely unnexpected dot: of those that I wrote about here at ROGS who have been targeted and harassed, and some even murdered-it was here where it hit me- many targets of OGS reject the false binary Democrat, Republican farce of American politics, that really just boils down to the binary of choosing left wing israeli-Jewish billionaires over right wing Jewish-christian billionaires to run America.

And even more striking is how many OGS targets are potentially LIBERTARIAN.

The case of Bill McGaughey in Minneapolis, who once ran on that ticket, to Gavin Seim who ran as an alt-Republican, to Black Panther Rakem Balogun in Texas who was indicted under the FBIs nebulous and racist Black Identity profiling, to Andy Ostrowski who was stalked, targeted, institutionalized by TOM RIDGE, former head of the DHS-so many of those targeted are alternative, and possibly libertarian leaning!

In that light, hats off to Norma Jean Almodovar, who wrote From Cop to Call Girl, who I began corresponding with back in 2015, as yet to be named morons clambored on my roof, and jiggled my internet around, and placed overlays of flying bubbles on my security cameras, as bizarre people in hoodies stalked around my apartment, and online people redirected my web searches to gibberish about “face orbs.”

NJ was the exact butterfly wing that started the modernization of the LAPD via the Ramparts Scandal as she challenged that departments corruption in various ways and where we see actual gangs in policing doing plainly bizarre shit.

Stay tuned!

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