A guide for criminal defense lawyers and civil litigators in cases of gang stalking

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Lawyers who are trusted and tried to uphold the law, respect the Constitution, and ensure due process and civil liberty, are frequently stymied when they realize the extent to which the prosecution, police, and other institutions are involved  in organized gang stalking, and it’s related complaints. Then, this is complicated by the vast “hide and seek” methods that western governments are deploying on citizens via the accompanying hidden database abuses that we see in fact, these are very well organized, highly targeted attacks on individuals, based in search algorithyms, NSA full capture data, and the FiveEyes hide-the-ball scheme.

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Organized gang stalking is a huge shell game that involves corruption at all levels of institutions, working across borders, and across disciplines, in an environment of unchecked and rampant hidden abuses of due process and law. The case of Rose McGowan provides ample comparison to cases of OGS, and shares features with the Beatrice Six, aka “the Largest DNA Related Exoneration in American History.”

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Many of the federal governments cases today are the results of online and offline “organized gang stalking” tactics, methods, and techniques ranging from what you have read in the claims of TI’s to other constitutionally cringe-worthy and equally horrifying prosecutorial misconduct. And because most of those targeted this way are low-status, low income individuals, we see that justice in any sense is a mere mockery of the law.

As the seasoned defense counsel is well aware, most prosecutors are institutional psychopaths, and judges and those who testi-lie before them all fit into the categories of blackmailed asset’s, cultists, political watch fobs, and more that I have outlined herein.

So, here below is a guide written by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Association, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers to help the criminal defense lawyer, or the civil litigator to understand the stunning and predatory depth and breadth of the governments hidden and malicious conduct, and to help you become a better trier of facts:

A Guide to Malware Deployed on Targeted Individuals in western democracies, and common suspects alike by 17 US spy agencies, and Israel.

.pdf file here

Hard Link Here: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3532835-Malware-Guide-3-30-17.html

The new 48-page guide—authored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers—seeks to:

…educate defense attorneys about these highly intrusive surveillance techniques and to help them prepare a zealous defense on behalf of their clients against secretive and potentially unlawful hacking. Such hacking has never been discussed by Congress, and we in no way endorse government hacking. However, given that the federal government is deploying malware and a recent amendment to Rule 41 only makes such deployment easier, it is our goal to ensure that all uses of malware are subject to meaningful Fourth Amendment analysis so that malware is installed only when supported by individualized suspicion. Our Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches applies regardless of whether new technology is involved in effectuating a particular search; however, the law may be slow to catch up, particularly when the government goes to great lengths to hide details about its use of new surveillance techniques.


Then, you can take a look within this blog to understand the issue of OGS deeper, such as how FBI agents gaslight their victims by breaking in to their homes and moving stuff around, aka sneak and peek searches- and then lie to judges about their illegal behavior, and get warrants after the fact; and hopefully,becoming awareof the connections to OGS and this “gray area” political policing you can litigate for your clients in a more informed manner.

I have a “How to Fight Back” section, and a “How to Defend Yourself” section as well.

Then-especially revisit how the NSA/FBI/CIA/DEA,etc use the term “electronic implants” in reference to hidden, illegal warrantless surveillance of targeted networks,cell phones, and computers, and relate THAT to all the online gibberish, and psychobabble about that exact term.

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