The Day of the Umbrellas: a symbol from the gang stalking dialectic

The United Nations and its umbrella organizations are involved in black operations across the world*, and ROGS has documented, and encountered their form of OGS on numerous occasions, most strikingly as I was tailed by the gay-ish son of a United Nations spymaster, and station chief in Los Angeles, CA, named Sava Gneme which you can read about here.

He was a devotee of Russel Simmons yoga studio in Hollywood, CA. Russel fled America and its union of the #LGBTQI interests, united with religious, neocon #fakerape culture(that strange marriage of bedfellows that people the western dialectic spaces ), and now resides in a virtual paradise, full of #fakerape-free women.

Related Story: Man blasts caps into his gang stalkers, inside a yoga studio, as Democrat politicians sit inside the bar across the street.

Unlike most victims of OGS, I took names all along the way, and many of my actual, and literal “followers ” were in fact, documented as actual spies, police, retired police, military and its affilliated operations, UN, DoD, their relatives and associates, and the associated riff raff that travel with and associate with those types.

But it ALSO included women-lots of women, ranging from so-called womens empowerment groups, to domestic violence “advocates” and some of them, like Buck Tooth Amy, deriving funding DIRECTLY from the UN. Indeed, the money that some organizations use in black budget operations like OGS is staggering.

And, these women included female spies as well, which ROGS Analysis predicts, and as described by Reuters news, and the Intercept.

So, women are a major part of the answer to the question “who are the gang stalkers” and that, documented by Dr. Kenneth Westhues of Waterloo University, as early as the Virginia Tech massacre, where a man targeted some of his likely stalkers. So, female investigators, spies, are integral in both gas lighting and gang stalking.

This loon, a former United States Air Force investigator and actual Mossad agent stalked me on Twitter, accusing me of dark and heinous crimes, as others affilliated with her hacked my phone and internet connections, at one point, absurdly hacking my security cameras, and putting an overlay of floating bubbles on my monitor. This was witnessed by multiple, reputable people in positions of authority .

And, beyond the isdue if women AS gang stalkers, a pucture,starts to emerge if the general politics and vultic/sectarian features too. I was oddly propositioned in a Chicago bar by a guy from Ohio, as my military grade bug sweeper went wild in a hotel room at the Millenium. He was a Pentagon affilliated contractor with Black & Rossi in Texas.

Then, theres this guy, also Department of Defense affilliated, a so-called “radical centrist, whose center seems to be “caught between deuling zionist rabbis”, and who followed my blog, but couldnt seem to reply to the several emails I sent afterwards, simply asking “why did you follow my blog? ” Cluck that link, it is,quite telling, as you see him featuring posting after posting about Israeli supremacism.

So, part of documenting gang stalking is to TAKE NAMES, but also, do your research on who is following you. Why doesnt really matter, because you are now aware of WHO, which has validity in a court room, whereas WHY is purely speculative.

While their cyberstalking, actual offline stalking, and bizarre tactics, and behaviors might seem like “the CIA is following you,” sometimes, its just the DoD,the UN and its NGOs, or other spy agencies or corrupt security contractors who work unnacountably with police and the FBI/DHS octopus alphabet agencies; or their tentacles in the domestic arena.

Other times, its dirty cops, working with real estate agents like this, and /or city council members and other “public servants ” harassing old ladies and using shitbags like these three white women in Detroit(white “Karens” frequently put mens lives in danger, as womens violence is institutionalized via the 911 call system, and gendered narratives of domestic violence that deny men due process of law, and overlook womens passive-aggression and uses of third party punishment as violenceand as a major social force driving these odd events) They targeted an urban gardener with slander of the worst sort(they called him a pedophile) and such slanders can lead to bad judgement calls and even murder by the police; and multiple false complaints to police as well (not ALL police are complicit, as this story demonstrates that in fact, there are a few “good apples” outside the bushel) because white, female, fakerape pseudo-victims are EVERYWHERE in America, and that toxic politic has even affected other women across the world now, as Jewish-christian society, and its “Virgin Mary complex” deluded women warriors infiltrate dialigues, and battles “the other.”

So, equally valuable is to note the many signs and symbols of these stalkers (such as this example of the inward spiraling pyramid discussed by the FBI ), as well as linguistic litter that they (whoever “they” are) leave behind. And, in a startlung.number of cases, the number 13 is disseminated in media reports too.


One of those symbols that was featured prominently during my gang stalking un Minneapolis, MN, USA, was the umbrella, which we now see featured in mass protests, by a variety of groups.

Have a look at my post from three years ago which discusses “the Day of the Umbrellas” for reference (this post also briefly mentions it ), and then, watch the video below, as protesters use umbrellas to fight off tear gas attacks.

Interesting how desperate our peoples have become, resorting to umbrellas to protect ourselves from police state violence. Myself, I seldom used umbrellas in my former life as a gang stalking target, but I use them frequently now where I live, after having left the United States; and notably, shortly thereafter, the gang stalking and its related bizarre activity stopped, exactly like switching a lught switch off.

Back then, I was known as “the guy in the Basement,” “老怪物” and several other variants of that name, where I could be found cranking out underground missives about equality, marginalization, and ending discrimination, as well as a few well concocted Molitovian recipes utilizing a known Puritan/Catholic /ADL /Baptist /Mormon repellant called “spice” to combat inequality, and the police and surveillance state.


So, yeah, gang stalking is a very real thing indeed, and I provide evidence of it here at ROGS, the blog you are reading now.

Turning our attention now, to a few other uses of the umbrella as a sign and symbol of those who use gang stalking as a tool to force social change, we will take a look at its useage as a linguistic sign and signifier by the United Nations, and as a word that registers in search engines as a pointer to groups that use it as a symbol :

* The United Nations Umbrella Organizations. pdf

* From the Berkely Library, a list of UN NGOs active in the USA, and elsewhere.

* The US State Department list of NGOs active in the USA

Now:for the social scientists, police science, psychologists; criminal defenders, and actual victims of OGS who are reading in here, please note that ROGS follows the scientific method in these cases. You can see the scientific evidence here, and also here, and in many other places on this blog.

And, the religion affilliated, secret society types who are always spewing online gibberish about mind reading locusts, talking to dead people, and other “brain zapping, people cookers ” be foreworned, I know who you are.

Here is one example of a case where linguistic analysis of an MSM story, chronicling a minor figure of the alt -Right religionists echoes the language, and the purpose of religion involved gang stalking, from todays news. Note the use of the words and phrasesthat are commonly, and frequently associated with OGS, chiefly:

-the gang stalkers will give you strange dreams

-gang stalkers are demonic

– gang stalkers will rape you, or otherwise stimulate your sexual anatomy

– the gang stalkers will force you into homosexual liasons


Religious Gibberish and Psychobabble in the Gang Stalking Dialectic

(Stella )Immanuel offers a sort of demonology of “nephilim,” the biblical characters she claims exist as demonic spirits and lust after dream sex with humans, causing all matter of real health problems and financial ruin. Immanuel claims real-life ailments such as fibroid tumors and cysts stem from the demonic sperm after demon dream sex, an activity she claims affects “many women.”

“They turn into a woman and then they sleep with the man and collect his sperm,” Immanuel said in her sermon. “Then they turn into the man and they sleep with a man and deposit the sperm and reproduce more of themselves.”

According to Immanuel, people can tell if they have taken a demonic spirit husband or spirit wife if they have a sex dream about someone they know or a celebrity, wake up aroused, stop getting along with their real-world spouse, lose money, or generally experience any hardship.

Alternately, they could just be having dream-sex with a human witch instead of a demon, she posits.

“There are those that are called astral sex,” Immanuel said in the sermon. “That means this person is not really a demon being or a nephilim. It’s just a human being that’s a witch, and they astral project and sleep with people.”

Immanuel’s bizarre medical ideas don’t stop with demon sex in dreams. In a 2015 sermon that laid out a supposed Illuminati plan hatched by “a witch” to destroy the world using abortion, gay marriage, and children’s toys, among other things, Immanuel claimed that DNA from space aliens is currently being used in medicine.

Yeah, psycho-babbling fruitcakes, indeed. The Jewish-christian world domination plan has damaged so many non Jewish-christians. And, as we see, their interests, cloaked in the UN rhetoric and policy is an inneffective means by which to “liberate ” such afflicted persons.

Well, moving on now, lets look at an FBI and local police created saboteur, and provocateur now, and reference this ROGS post for your own analysis, where you can watch ROGS duck and evade state and local level US police black operations (which were then dependent upon funding from NGOs and others who subsidize the American Police State ) Extra points for noticing the “Hells Angels ” product placement, and compare it with this story here, about a Mexican -American who killed one of his likely gang stalkers, head on. But ESPECIALLY note that this victim, Daniel Navarro, complained about racism, and poison, .

Well anyways, ROGS gets bored edumicating the public.

So now, a short hand version: look at how local cops, and their FBI handlers create a monster: the case of the (laughably ) Hells fake Angel gets its (FBI /Local police sanctioned ) wings, as the FBIs fake ass bankster secret police gain a terroristic white, male informant, covered here, previously.

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