Gabriel Wortman, Nova Scotia gang stalking, fake feminists, and “crazy talk” in the gang stalking dialectic: mainstream news and quasi -religious NGOs try to steer narratives away from insight into their OGS crimes

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Modern gang stalking narratives frequently involve “womens groups” and individuals who utilize bizarre, and frequently false narratives that reveal a split in the “feminist” dialogues, between religious co-opters of womens rights and freedoms, and then, actual feminists heroines who fight the actual battles of equal rights.

Then, in mass shooting events, we see these fake feminists working with police to deliver the “after death body punch” in the news, as the occulted police hide behind these women with their black gloves firmly planted in these types of womens asses, and moving their lips like puppets, running a cultic, religion influenced gender-biased domestic violence narrative.

Related Story: As ROGS Analysis predicts, the Nova Scotia shooter Gabriel Wortman was likely a police informant, and police worked with womens organizations to gang stalk him.previous to this totally preventable mass homicide.

We saw it with Stephen Paddock and his “mysterious” Filipina mistress (whose fingers were on the bullet casings he used) and the cowardly smears in the press, steered by police and fake feminist womens groups; we saw it with the Ten Thousand Oaks shooter Ian Long; and we saw it with Matt Riehl, and Scott Bierle too: women running narratives after the fact, so notoriously that one must ask “why are female bullies, pundits, and even Democratic party operatives so close to these shootings, AS THEY HAPPEN?”

And so we now see another predicted element of ROGS thesis: radical left-like women have collaborated with right wing and other police exactly in the manner recommended by radical feminist Nikki Craft, to stalk and harass men.

Hey, Suzie can you toss me that shovel? I can’t wait to crack this sewer pipe wide open, and shovel out a dumptruck load of human feces, toilet paper wads the size of your moms ass, and a few tampons, toys, and toothbrushes! WHOOHOOOO! I LOVE MY JOB! !

Here is one example of a fake feminist who blatantly concocts fake statistics to gain funding, or otherwise gain political advantages; and here is another crackpot Tomo Shibata, who embodies the worst of what gang stalkers are (yes, these women are in fact, actual gang stalkers, as I have demonstrated repeatedly).


So, actual feminists, such as women who are truck drivers, carpenters, military generals, etc. are few and far between in the west, not because they dont exist, but because those other frauds above take up so much space in every dialogue about equality,by #fakerape whistling and #crybullying so hard, and stabbing these real female heroes in the back at every opportunity.


First of all, is because the types of women featured above (Shibata, MacKinnon, et al.) are generally intellectually dishonest misanthropes , amoral, cowardly and lazy; but also power hungry and rabid. But also, physically, and emotionally ugly, by any standard of beauty.

And too, because these well connected women, western governments, their corpirate cronies and sponsors (womens gendered empowerment is both the ultimate dream of modern police and surveillance states, but also a multi billion dollar industry), their social enforcers and engineers in policing and NGOs do not want powerful, every day women to be featured in the mainstream narrative precisely because women who are EQUAL to men means that women break their knuckles while changing tractor tires, bite some dirt swinging adzes,and whack away at stuff with claw hammers, and their own thumbs, side by side with men, and in the same ordinary way that men have done for all of time; and that women get drafted into wars too, to have their faces, groins and bowels spiced and split with bullets, hot shrapnel, poison gas, and all the rest of it. Because thats what equal really is, and religious states are desperate to replicate this gender imbalance.

Related Story: Prominent human rights activist, and attorney Marc Angelucci was murdered last week, most likely by an MKULTRIAN assassin. He was the man who challenged the sex-biased, men-only military draft, and won a major victory for human rights, as a judge denounced male only military conscription as unconstitutional.

And, with an actual model of such equality, we soon realize that western religion infused societies, and their pedestalized women soon stop reproducing, as these other, harder working women no longer hold court as queen bees, dropping eggs for Jewish -christian -Muslim biblical /Torah Abraham, and his patriarchs from any of their many religious cults and sects.

So, actual female heroes challenge the status arguments, and the privilege of the types of women noted above (Shitbata,for example is a student of the extra-strength feminist maxi-pad Catherine MacKinnon, whose father Admiral George MacKinnon started the super secret and actual star chamber FISA court), but most importantly, real feminists make these others look like exactly what they are: disingenuous, power hungry liars and frauds who wont break a fingernail to do equal work, ever.

This happens largely because both left, and right wing “feminists ” are squealing like pigs to get their hands on federal dollars, as well as the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) funds made available by “ohilanthropy” to assits this western religious cause.

So, unsurprisingly, western feminists of all stripes are united in that solitary quest: “go get the money, bitches.”

Its a typical pimp narrative, as we see the various Catholic /Protestant NGO panderers competing with Jewish groups, K 4 affilliated gang stalkers, and other slavers for these funds.

Now lets meet a right wing “save the women and girls ” loon who rambles on about “torture and human trafficking,” conflating actual torture with “someone shit privilege: ”

Linda MacDonald, Catholic crackpots, gang stalking, RCMP, Gabriel Wortman, Nova Scotia mass shooting

As predicted by ROGS Analysis (which is based in the scientific method ), the case of the Portapique, Nova Scotia mass homicide is now being narrated by crackpots from the “human trafficking” fake feminist fold.

Look at this fake feminist, Catholic accolyte, Linda MacDonald, and notice what screwy, gendered (save women and girls” narrative poison, but “men can fend for themselselves”type of language she uses to describe non-Catholic, non-gendered relationships.

I mean, hidden, cultic, Catholic and Jewish, and other christian narratives are EVERYWHERE in these odd shootings, incel car crashings, butter knife assaults, and other domestic chaos, if you know where to look(and occasionally, Islamic interests are involved too ) but lately, almost always, “the gay mafia ” are responsible too
And about equality: I dont know about you, but if my equal “partner” cannot stand beside me and fight the “bad men and women” of other invading tribes or harmful persons, groups, and entities,….well, then my “mate ” is probably not a good one; weak, disloyal, useless garbage, and deserves WHATEVER comes to such people. Its even irrellevant what sort of infant is in her/its stomach, because if she will not fight those who attack me/us /ours? Then what good is her DNA, even if I, you, or others contributed?

Also, maybe,I myself deserve reprimandcfor having donated DNA to such an inferior piece of shit. So what good am I, even? Well, at least ROGS Analysis is batting nearly 1000% predicting mass shootings, and their cultic, sectarian, tribalist features. Mybe keep me around,a few more days, lol.

Clearly, her allegiance is somewhere else, not to her progenitor or their kith and kin. So, who wants such a woman around, anyways? And, what their right mind would EVER ge involved with a Catholic,.or Catholic /Jewish /christian /islamic woman to begin with?

THOSE women are clearly not “normal” or even natural beings in any sense of the word, except that there are so damn many of them, like virus spores, waiting to hitch a ride on some unsuspecting mans coat tails, and DNA.

Well, the One Percent have a few ideas about that indeed, child kidnappers and slavers that they (irrefutably ) are.

I mean, even if my/your /his /its mate is pregnant or otherwise occupied, she should at the very least, stand beside me, and fight, and if she wont, well, thankfully, the world has MILLIONS of other vaginas in it who sit on the hot sweaty deats of dump trucks, and bulldozers, just like their male counterparts, without asking-or getting-extra “privilege” doled out by some fake Babylonian/Talmudic/Abrahamic/ gender biased, herd manipulating G-d, GAWD!,Lawd, or King Jamesian Lord. It is these women for whom ROGS tips his hat, and a few other things.

So, provably, as demonstrated by ROGS Analysis, a lot of the “crazy talk” about no touch torture, electronic weapons (aka Fusion Center or private security and investigator wiretaps )in the organized gang stalking dialectic, is aged white females, clinging desperately to power, as they are confronted by a “new world order” that doesnt give a single shit about their fake-feminist bullshit cloaked in quasi-religious privilege.

Heres an example of “why ”old white women” should just go drown themselves, or otherwise shut the fuck up, because, yeah, lits of women are in fact, gang stalkers.

Crazy talk doesnt help anyone except actual gang stalkers.

Here is the

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