Why TIs are more gratious than perps: the importance of TI empathy, towards the disjointed sociopaths who target us.

(ROGS blog was recently hit by a nation state, gomer -goober level attack. So, check back later for the finished posting )

A lesson in “forgiveness”: the sociopaths who target us are generally a bunch of “Goobers and Gomers, ” aka, “local yokels.

Targeted individuals are forced to confront police/intelligence agency /local sociopathic community policing assets /“others ”sociopathy, and the complex “sympathy v. empathy dilemma ” in their forays into the complex social engineering schemes, tactics, and “high policing ” means and methods of gang stalking.

This requires, literally, that we must confront the,Gomers and Goobers of local communities, whether we want to do it willingly, or not. This story here is instructive on this point.


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