How accurate is ROGS Predictive Analyses? Start here at my latest gang stalking, by George W. Bush/Hillary affiliated NGOs.

Is there a connection between politics, and gang stalking, as ROGS has repeatedly demonstrated?

Ask my chess partners!

Pardner! (pardner is regional colloquial bastardization of the word “partner,” and it derives from Texas, in the era of cattle drives, and wild west American iconology, expressed (again) through Department of State, George Bush anti-prostitution “proselytes.”

Those proseylites might be interested in knowing that te socialist, communist, anti-religionist variant of Pardner(is the word “brother,” for which I PERSONALLY, was monitored for using, over decades of time, by cultists,and,religious, tribal sectarians in America, the land of the pseudo-free, and home to millions of gang stalking cowards who work within the “parallel colluding investigations”gang stalking framework, undermining our Constitution.

Gang,stalkign is,DEFINITIVELY linked,to military, and police affiliated western religious shitbags, disguising their outreach and preaching as,NGOs, like the George Bush Feedom Foundation, andvothers.

But,ROGS asks: WTF,is,wrong with Texas, as mass homicide,after mass homicide lines,the pockets of “cops and first responders?” with federal gang stalking dollars?

Texas gang stalking story here,and here
, and so many other cases in Texas.

Well, anyways, this, again.

UPDATE 09-19-2019: About a year and a half after I wrote this post, certain political groups have admitted using actual military grade psychological operations on targeted individuals and recent mass shootings indicate a link between PsyOps and the shootings.

That link is so solid that ROGS Predictive analysis even predicted two key features of a recent mass shooting in Virginia Beach, VA. You can read about that here. Also, the heads of Fusion Centers (many of them with PhDs in weaponized psychology )are targeting citizens with non -consensual psychological operations, and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals has attempted to invent another phrase to combat the growing awareness of organized gang stalking, calling these psychological operations “parallel colluding investigations. ”

21 thoughts on “How accurate is ROGS Predictive Analyses? Start here at my latest gang stalking, by George W. Bush/Hillary affiliated NGOs.

  1. Maybe you should just take your delicate stomach and get the fuck of my blog site.
    Religious gibberish? For G.. sake man, you have quoted half the bible on your blog.
    Stick to editing your own blog and who is who within the stalking industry and stop interfering in what others chose to write about on their blogs.
    As long as your narcissist mind is attached to your body, I have a feeling your bodyguards won’t come cheap.


      1. I think I’ll keep following just to annoy you. After all I have found some useful info in between there.
        Don’t take my insults to personal. After all you started the shitshow and I still haven’t made up my mind about which side of the cameras your ass is sited 😉


      2. Oh my! Does it really exist an app that “approved” people can download to participate in harassing “sinners” all over the world?

        Can I go on vacation anywhere in the world and log on, register my position, and then get live video recordings and suggestions on how to harass a person in that area straight to my telephone? Sweet mother of Mary… What a fantastic business idea…!



      3. Well, in terms of Germanic masochism, and Nihilistic self abuse, I understand your position.

        So lets,cut theccrap: whacarecyou doing in Tgailand, and how do you specifically know, and can verify that Baptist sects and cults,of Texas based GW affilliated NGOs are personally targeting you?

        You might have noticed that China very wisely kicked them out of Asia proper, for obviously good reasons, such as how yhat version.of NGOs secretly infiltrates governments who are well aware of how christions infiltrate culture via Virgin Mary anecdotes, and all the while are kidnapping and raping children (true to form of Bush 1/Wild Bill CIA operations )

        Lets talk about THAT.


      4. Also: I specifically asked you to “unfollow ” me. I hope you realize that your comment indicates sadism, validating many of my thesis statements.

        But also, I am aware of how this psyop works: your apparent sadism, expressed by deliberate rebellion against mywritten request, could ALSO be construed as a victim -hypothetically you, but not probably you -trying to find answers that you have not found elsewhere, and thus, willing to suffer /endure towards the (Pavlovian ) goal of further enlightenment / release from psychic bonds.

        On that note, Yes, I am on all sides of the mirror now, including the edges, and fractures cracks.


      5. You seem to have a tendency to over analyze things, my friend 😉

        The reason why I know who is targeting me is the fact that these guys where a lot more open about their activity only a few years back, openly spreading who they where and who they where allied with.
        Unfortunately it has been difficult for me to store this information over time thus I never seem to be the true master of my own electronic devices.

        They do however have the weakness of needing to brag about their ability to pay you a visit wherever and whenever by leaving their mark ❌(sometimes just a pink spot) at every opportunity.

        This group of bible hypocrites and feminists is part of a coalition of about 25 different NGOs ranging from anti-porn, anti-drugs, anti-sexual abuse to anti sinners in general.
        If your sorry ass crosses one of these they will all come after you and they ain’t done with you before they are all satisfied, even the feminists.

        As of earlier no longer available info on the net, this group was organized by IJM (International Justice Mission) as the umbrella organization.

        Their founder Greg Haugen (ex US-government employee and lawyer) The idea here was to maximize their power and of course maximize their profit as all the different groups will be able to present each and every case as their own work to please their sponsors. This instead of competing amongst the groups.

        After all their so called endless supplies of predators is basically a hoax and they have to work creatively to maintain this illusion, this by creating and manipulating their own abusers.
        In general these are training volunteers all around the world to participate in harassing individuals much of using the same methods as described in gang stalking.

        As for the financial side they use teams, stationary and mobile to document abuse in my and probably other cases by honey trapping, entrapping and flat out faking situations to creatively manipulate videos to make their sponsors donate.
        This on top of touring the worlds church society’s to present their work and collect donations.

        IJM alone has about 10 or more million dollar private donors contributing to this scam.


      6. Well, thank you. 😉
        I first came across the concept of organized stalking when I was reseaching and trying to find out who was harassing me and was behind all the absurd things that was happening around.

        At first it looked interesting and it was very much simular to the things I experienced. But as I was reading more on the subject I realized that both in the way that this information kept popping up (redirections) and the fact that a lot of the information that is available and the majority of people participating in groups and comment fields are clearly fake “TI’s” that more likely belong on the other side of the table. I was most likely being lead into the illusion (in my case) it would have been that the CIA had unfinished business with me.

        Their mission seemed clearly to attempt to scare the like of me to resign all resistance due to the overwhelmingly power of the abuser.

        I made the decison to follow the more logically thinking sane options and choosed to focus on finacial and ideological tracks.
        This lead me to this group of NGOs that seem to have both the means and the connections to pull of a scam like this, and on top manage to turn it into a generous profit.

        The concept of organized stalking seem to be a multi-headed troll, but there seem to be a strong ling to various NGOs with strong bureaucratic influence.
        In my opinion I beleive the best way to bring them down is to identify single NGOs and maximaze force on breaking them down one by one until the domino brick effect start working.

        My goal is no longer to get them of my back, but rather to have them shut down permanently.
        However I have found it hard to get any influetial attention to my case, neither media, embassy or Amnesty has shown much interest in what I have presented to them.


      7. Well, then stop lacing everything you say with all that garbage about gassing and drugging.

        Then, seek opportunity to quietly inform other governments of your findings, and maybe demonstrate to such governments reasons why they should support your research, especially as regards how old CIA programs hid themselves in NGOs as you discuss.

        Listen: no legitimate targets, from the JFK thing forward yammer on about these other things, and absolutely zero legitimate whistle blowers either.

        So, that might be a good place for you to start.


      8. The drugging and the gassing or just simply annoying smell’s has always been a big part of my harassing scheme.
        The point behind my blog is not to educate the people on the theme of OGS, rather to communicate what has been going on in my life and leave behind a written statement of where and who’s to direct the focus the day I decide that I had enough.


      9. Thank you but I don’t think luck will play a big part in it.

        On your advise to seek opportunity to quietly inform other governments.
        Exactly what form of government institutions did you have in mind?

        Also under the tight surveillance I am currently under I will find it very hard to quietly contact anyone or any institutions.

        I am asking out of genuine interest, so please no patronizing answers.


      10. Well, you are persistent. Exactly what are you under surveillance for? What did you do?

        Did you work in some black program.with a FVEY nexus to Sweden, Germany, and AU/NZ, for instance, or plant malware on peoples devices from that black site in Thailand or something- and now “rogue agents ” are trying to silence you like a cartoonish episode from Xfiles?

        I mean, you have never been clear -your work onlinecand off since August of this year is quite vague. And, written with lots of auto -antonymal language.

        So, really, whats your story?

        As for government institutions, thats,a personal question, huh? Rest assured that I would never work for authoritarian pseudo-democracies that are actually religious oligarchies, and secret police states by definition; and that have the highest incarceration rates since Stalins gulags, practice torture and violate the Geneva conventions, and the UN conventions, with black ops and world wide wiretaps.

        You can guess which countries those might be.


      11. Oh, I forgot to mention: luck is what you guys will need this time around, because unlike so many others, the thirteens wont be as “on your side, ” as you might think.

        In fact, you dont need to think about it at all.

        But maybe, for fun, take a look at how one of the oldest undersea cables in the far east, at Yap, failed one of your “stalkers, ” as a US federal proselytizer….er….prosecutor was gunned down recently.


      12. gee. You went silent, uberman! What happened? Did the evil NGOs finally medicate you into bliss, or direct some energy at you?

        Honestly: your game in Asia is over, if only because of your 1980s logic.

        The kids today are fully aware of the CIAsian blackmail schemes.


      13. I have mostly been busy enjoying the beaches and the life on a tropical island. It’s been a bit foggy lately but I prefer to focus on the good sides of life in between and I’m getting good at it.
        Anyway, thank you for showing me your true colours.
        You might be right that my days in Asia is numbered, but it ends in Asia, and I ain’t going down quietly.
        I’m fully aware of your ability to kill me but your fake asses ain’t anywhere near breaking me and without the truth on your side you never will.
        Good luck with your CIA and NSA delusions, but those guys never heard of me, my issue is with extreme feminists, overpaid NGO tops and religious fanatics.


      14. Easy, easy.

        This: I’m fully aware of your ability to kill me but your fake asses ain’t anywhere near breaking me…

        In case you missed the memo, I stand for peaceful, non -violent resistance.

        Extreme feminists are delusions in and of themselves, and are not actual feminists, but rather psychos, sados, and antisocials who are every bit as dangerous as any dangerous man. Worse, they ate allied with the uber -right wing, under religious pretext, and false equivalence.

        I dont know anything about CIA /NSA other than what I presented…


      15. Religious feminists… It doesn’t get more scary than that.
        Care to elaborate on CIAsian blackmail schemes?
        I tried to ask google but didn’t get much wiser on that term..


      16. Its complicated. But as you say, these NGOs/milutary contractors /nation state intel are running spying and entrapment schemes of all kinds in Asia, since forever.

        The only difference, in US terms now, is that the power and philisophy /theosophy behind it has transitioned from Wild Bill ODonovan and his pirates, to Gina Haspel and her kindred.

        Same game, different players using honeypots online and off, and then compromising /blackmailing those caught/pushed into / entrapped in their webs.

        A great example is early CIA /MKULTRA era black ops in Thailand, under daddy Bush. These shifted into the hands of Hillary et al. as she worked the state department NGOs across the region, most notably Phillipines, Thailand, and VN, Cambodia, Laos, etc.


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