The B’Nai Brith, the Anti Defamation League, and their paid armies of LVPD are trying real hard to create domestic terrorists. But totally failing, due to obvious biased and (((weird))) news stories.

Yeah, organized gang stalking, and the Israelification of mass media, and the paid soldiers of the DVIC is weird, but only weird because filthy rich, racist, sectarian Jews kind of own it.

Bye bye, Jeffrey Epstein, Bnai Brith and FBI political pedophile ring darling child! I am sure your mohel burped up foreskin vomit, as your putz self-asphixiated itself due to suicide.

Or, maybe that creepy bearded bastard jerked off, remembering your bar mitzvah, and your missing foreskin. Either way, yeah- gang stalking is a curiously Jewish cultural practice.

Here, have a look at another targeted individual, who has apparently endured decades of slander and smears, eventually becoming anti-semitic, due to the nature of this cultural practice of the Pharisee sects of Jewish and lower case christian/zionists gang stalking in Las Vegas(which, like New York, and other places where synagogues are used for domestic spying, and targeting of non-Jewish nen who refuse to be pro-semitic, has inordinately high rates of Google searches for gang stalking related search terms):

Another Synagogue-based Gang Stalking Target, and Failed False Flag in Las Vegas

…follow the links, connect the dots!© in the case of ADLified alleged race supremacist Conor Climo

He Unnerved a Neighborhood in 2016. Now, an Unnerving Arrest
Feds say Conor Climo plotted to attack Jews, LGBT bar patrons in Las Vegas

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