I get letters, part FBI trainee, part gibberish, redux : What are FBI ce programs, and why do they create mass shootings?

So, I promised that I wouldnt publish a recent email exchange between myself, and a targeted individual. And,relatively speaking, Im a person of my word.

In that light, lets look at tribalist, sectarianism within the Federal Bureau of Instigation (FBI ), and how ROGS blog has changed that dialectic entirely, utilizing fearless investigative journalism, and assisted by non -Americans, becauuse Americans plainly cannot be trusted, caught up as they are in sectarian strife, and mob squad activities.

So, lets read this other New Yarwk Times piece that chronicles the bizarre antics of a,Jewish billionaire named Jeffrey E. Epstein, who is “cohincidentally ” affilliated with every other gang stalking private contractor, corrupted cop, and other sultry scum that I indict herein.

Then, add up (list ) the names of Jews in that one article, to see how many of ROGS thesis, with evidence, validates how the Jewish mafia, disguised behind Google, Palantir, and even the Department of Defense, and Israeli Mossadis from the USAF targets individuals.
Yeah. Seriously bizarre…

Start with mother fucker Gavin de Becker, for fun.

Then read up on Cesar “the Wiley Coyote, ADL created fake bomber”Sayoc here.

Maybe, take a look at one of thousands of FBI /ADL affiliated crybullies such as Proffessor F@ck Your life Finklestein, and notice how Pima, AZ mass shooter Jared Loughner took on the Israelified narrative, and then saunter over to Americas first mass shooter, who was gang stalked by local cops, acting on sectarian “tips ” in this post here.


Then, get back to me, bro.

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