Dear YOU, my one dear reader, I get letters, part “Dox me, I dare you.”

(this post is in progress)

Well, I got a subtle threat today, from one of my letter writers who has a “plan” (emails actually).

I wont go into it, but the subtext is that I will be DoXd, because, well, I have made a difference in Americas neocon, ADLified, Mossadi jihadi infiltrated bankster state and its narrative control, because thats how correct I am in my main thesis.

Dont take my word for it, though, as we see how FBI CVE programs work with CIA methodology, and actual Israeli trained blackmailers and saboteurs and Fusion Centers, and Scientologists, and local police work together to try to frame judicial reform activist Andy OSTROWSKI!

Do your own research! But, please start here, at ROGS, avoid Level X thinking, and work your way outward, and backwards-because the exact political interests I describe herein finance, plan, and deploy organized gang stalking to gain political advantages, federal funds, and valuable media placements, via crisis PR.

Start here in this post, where my latest gang stalking began, as I outed a cyber-stalking retired USAF criminal profiler who uses the occult symbols of Freemasonry, and particularly the number 13 and other nutbaggery in her work.


Or here, where I literally predict demographic, and ideological links in a recent mass shooting, with nearly 100% accuracy, in Virginia.

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