I get letters: Analysing the ADLified, weaponized OGS dialectic

Well – Russel Palarea,PhD. and a few other “threat assessment professionals ” who are part of this generations largest forensic fraud, and who float in and out of military -to -civilian jobs in security; and who work in Fusion Centers and wage psycholigical operations FROM these centers havent yet responded to my emails, asking for comments about gang stalking.

And, neither has this Brookings Institute funded DoD operative, Joe Schuman, who followed my blog last week.


And, like other zionified political operatives who literaly are what gang stalkers ARE, I asked Schuman in multiple emails, and a comment on his blog, “why are you following me?

Still no answer, of course, which is not surprising, considering that he quotes rabbis in his writing, because, yeah, gang stalking is basically cults, and religious nutjobs disguising themselves in secular positions, and using that mask of sanity to wage personalized vendettas, suppress speakers, and more, utilizing local, state, and federal resources.

So, in the very least, you there, dear readers, can ask yourself “is gang stalking real? Who are gang stalkers? ”and, especially –is gang stalking culturally Jewish, or rabidly zionist aand ADLified?

And, maybe you can answer that by having a look at this proof of gang stalking intelligence agency affilliated, USAF OSID cult-involved person who cyber stalked me on Twitter, goading me with taunts of violence, during an election year.

In that light,I do also get letters from people whi are actually targeted by these Fusion Center and threat assessment industry affiliated psychopaths. And, to which I frequently reply thusly:

Orale,—— and thanks for writing( I hope you can appreciate the irony of me writing that name ).

Well, I like your initiative, and confidence in yourself, and in my abilities also.

Perhaps I am willing to discuss further secure communications, if you give me some kind of idea what you have. But honestly, you sent me a Google address, using standard software and operating system, so to be honest, whatever you think you have is likely already known, lol.

First, a word of caution: I write from a hacked device, using publicly available free resources and easily hacked email for a good reason -that it leaves a solid trail for “them ” to find.

Also, because I have a foreign government protecting me right now, and looking over my shoulder to see what a comical, modern fascist police state, and post -constitutional farce America has become.

So, for example, if you, or the FBI /NSA /ADL etc want to send me rick-rolling links to wholesale plutonium, deep web heroin factories run out of Myanmar, or pogo pins and stolen drone parts; or child porn embedded in an email like they did to Alex Jones, the trail is there for any competent investigator to follow.

I seldom reveal or discuss actual security with anyone. So, give me an idea what it is that you think you have, and if it is interesting, I can forward you to various offshore intelligence personel, using various encrypted devices and or /communications channels, and these can help us proceed.

In that light, please feel free to write again, using the contact feature at my blog, or, contact me here.

I do look forwards to hearing from you, and,I am excited to have a new, potential pen pal.

Best Regards,


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