Dear Profiler: I have sketched out a profile of YOU, and it isn’t pretty


Dear YOU:

This post is for whatever psycho -sadist sectarian FBI dumbass who left this online trail here, about the “mental rapist” online in 2009, just after the FBI/DHS /CIA/JTRIG/Etalphabet began manipulating our political scene, using Infragard, ATAP, LEIUs, the scandalous, democracy destroying, racist spy operation called the ADL, literally giving orders/literally plotting behind closed doorsmuch as these have done since the 1960s, but this time, armed with internet, and with corporate platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. targeting online speech and its speakers.

Lets take a look back in internet history, and what is decidedly the beginning of the modern zionazi led police and surveillance state, as the Anti Defamation League sets a trend by spying on dissidents anti-war activists, and others:

New Details of Extensive ADL Spy Operation : Inquiry: Transcripts reveal nearly 40 years of espionage

Transcripts of the interviews–among nearly 700 pages of documents released by San Francisco prosecutors last week–offer new details of the private spy operation that authorities allege crossed the line into illegal territory.

At times, the intelligence activities took on a cloak-and-dagger air with laundered payments, shredded documents, hotel rendezvous with foreign agents and code names likes “Ironsides” and “Flipper.”

On one occasion, Gurvitz recounts, he received a tip that a pro-Palestinian activist was about to board a plane bound for Haifa, Israel. Although the Anti-Defamation League publicly denies any ties to Israel, Gurvitz phoned an Israeli consular official to warn him. Shortly afterward, another official called Gurvitz back and debriefed him.

So, we see gang stalking being described in the paragraph above as electronic harrassment, and actual stalking takes place, with illegal spying, and all of that off the books.

Fast forwards to 2001-3, when these type of domestic spying operations were legitimized as the Total Informattion Awareness and Fusion Center era, and we have a full blown police state, curiously headed by these same people.

So, these groups began targeting online speakers, and then, taking these online first amendment cases into the real world to actually create “manufactured terrorism,”by endlessly targeting, and harrassing these speakers offline in what the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP ) calls the “parallel colluding investigation.

So, in that light, here is a bit abour how the FBI and its internet influence operations works behind the scenes, much like ATAP, ADL,LEIUs, and affiliated NGOs to frame narratives, and then create flimsy predicate to target “suspects ” aka, manufactured terrorists.

They ritually defame their targets, and then wage neverending parallel colluding investigations on them, and they do it with junk science, psychology, and labeling theory, used as weaponized profiling of dissenters.

Meet the FBI profile of the Mental Rapist, which cohincidentally, resembles online psychological operations, and these agency operatives too.

Dear ALSO YOU, and you, and you…. : internet profiler,
/psychometrics experts,
/behavioral analysts,and retired military. Mossadi jihadis
/deep state “electronic implants ” whack jobs,
and you here, and here and here, too:

I have sketched out a profile of you, and it isnt pretty. And, part of your profile indicates that you are a mental rapist, according to FBI profiler junk science / forensic fraud /ADL sponsored un-naming of men, and smear campaigns /ritual abuse.

The prescence of female violence, bullying, tactical passive aggression, and agency involvement in online narrative in the OGS dialectic online

The FBI Profile of “the Mental Rapist ” sounds curiously close to what female bullies are in practice: passive aggressive, manipulative, and willing to use various mucro -aggressions to keep the upper hand.

And, with few exceptions, it is also, curiously, how female DHS/FBI /Etalphabet agents bully targets online and off, with online and offfline black bag jobs of various kinds too.

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