Happy “V ” D ay, Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooting, and sexism,explored on an industrial scale.

I descend from relatives who survived the Saint Valentines Day massacre.Their stories are part of my “genetic profile, ”much like some Jews claim that the Holocaust is part of theirs*while tese also dismiss other genocides (Viet Nam, Armenia, etc. ) as insignificant blips on the Holohoax map, as THEIR DESCENDANTS wage new genocides and other malignant forever war policies. Power paradigms are such that the hated becomes the hater, aka “the worm invades the cricket. ”

one wonders exactly at what point do good Jews sell their souls, and become Nazi -lie, or, in the common vernacular “zionized. ”

This is a topic for later exploration, being that American Jews are Israelified, and pathetically in alliance with Baptists, Evangelicals, Catholic occutists, and especially, policing.

Happy V D ay

As such, I am keenly aware of the complicity between local actors lie the Chicago police Department, and federal bad guyslike the FBI ~cu ~DHS,

The Parkland shooter, Nikolas /Nicholas /Nicolas Cruz is a prime example of police culture, meeting DVIC narratives at the crossroads, aka the Octopussycon neocon -job and its intelligence agancy psychobabble (and its babblers, like Ramola D. whose work on targeted individuals has adistict odor of disinformatin, and sitloads ofsuperfluous talk about “DEWs ”).

Here: lets look at the Valentines Day Massacre, first, where Al Capone met the FBI and its web of narrative control via the “colluding investigation, ” elaborated by the Associati of Treat Assessment Professionals here : Roger P. Cruz, former cop ~cum -advertising exeutive ….ooops…wrong link…..


2 thoughts on “Happy “V ” D ay, Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooting, and sexism,explored on an industrial scale.

  1. Nick Cruz was in a police early intervention program for at risk youths. I wonder if he was subjected to MK Ultra type abuse in that context.


  2. Hi, Observer.

    I recently asked you to identify yourself, or stop commenting.

    Please be on notice that I will soon stop responding to your comments, unless you identify yourself, or offer substantial opportunity which compensates my responses, ok?

    My email can be found at my contact section.

    Well, Nikolas Cruz had an 800k inheritance coming his way too, and his “adoptive father ”is also an ex -spook.

    “Coincidence! ”

    Repeatedly, in EVERY SINGLE CASE, we see retired spooks from CIA /FBI /NSA Et alphabet running narrative in the press in these events, as active duty SAs and lical sherrifs count the federal dollars coming their way from having created /allowed /encouraged these events.

    Beyond the absurdity of the school RO cowering outside the school -or the convenient Uber cab for cover (using taxis to ferry bullied, harrassed, isolated, and activated assassins is a trick older than Lebanon), we see how the “colluding parallel investigation ” that was described by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals works in practice, and its disastrous effects.

    Cruz ( like ALL mass shooters) had active FBI, shitloads of local cops, and many others “aware ”of him for YEARS, and I am certain half of his facebook friends, etc. were IC /spook /community policing elements.

    This is why Facebook/Snapchat /Etc. deletes web pages after a shooter becomes active-because former NSA /JTRIG /CIA now work in private security /hacking etc.

    In that light, you might want to meander over to Ramola D.s blog “the EveryDayConcernedCitizen” and see how she and her merry band of active and retired ex -spooks (who obsess over electronic weapons, aliens, talking to the dead, etc. ) are trying to run counter -narrative on my claim that the Rotary Clubs are actively involved in targeting /harrassing /creating mass shooters.

    Cats out of the meme now, eh?

    Total cowards.


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