ROGS is making a difference, in a world of deferrence: someone is staging a long term discrediting narrative now.

So my avid readers might want to note that this blog was hacked and renamed “Q” on the exact day that my reward for the capture and prosecution of gang stalkers expired.

And, that this hack occured just after I commented on Dr. Mike Woods thoroughly discredited blog, whereupon I encountered an odd sign-in page, most likely a staged attack from Britains ZioNazi styled JTRIG.
(even casual readers will note that zionists and Nazis are inseparable partners in crime, and actual intelligence agency level plots of all kinds).

That attack left an IP address from Australia, but also, the attack was pre-staged, just after I wrote about the murder by gang stalking of Matt Riehl, and was shortly thereafter literally followed by someone from Lonetree, CO, who uses the email and name of Brad Eyre, almost identically to the way I gained a follower name “Love ” just after I wrote about a federal agent named “Dan Love, ” here, who is on record stating that he keeps a “kill book”of people he has harrassed to the point of them committing suicides, and as is documented in Wootens statements to the courts, and other investigatory and judicial findings of fact. .

And then, later, some douche from nameable institutions tried to hack my email too, just after I encountered the hidden Silicon Valley practice of “deplatforming”on Mike Masniks

Masnicks comments section is a heavily speech patrolled area, where criticism of the abuses and excesses if fanatical zionists, or Israeli attrocities, or discussion of the paranoid antisemitic delusions of groups like the Anti Defamation League, or any of the many Jewish groups who use gang stalking to harass and target critics, and atheists is verbotten.

And, Masnick is on record now deplatforming #BDS advocates too, while avidly assisting and enabling violent, cyber -stalking zionists and others similarly affiliated to whit:

I recognize that people have very, very, very strong views on both Israel and the whole “BDS” movement, and (trust me) you’re not going to convince anyone about the rightness or wrongness of those views in our comments

And then, around that time also, my blog attracted another fanatical group that is also on record cyber -stalking, and actually stalking targets offline too, which is directly linked to how the FBI uses mobs of actual people to actually gang stalk targeted individuals much as this agency used the KKK, and waged other disruotions of political process throughout its history; and as we see here below, that none other than J.Edgar Hoover himself advised:

the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists

And here is a bit about the extra -judicial shenanigans of one group well known to use gang stalking tactics straight out of military and CIA counter-intellgence training manuals (and notice the links to black bag jobs and also the link to Whitey Bulger, who I mentioned here, and who was extra-judicially murdered a month or so ago, after being “transfered” to another prison, after he had outlived his usefulness to CIA and FBI black operations handlers :

Frank Dux: Stolen Valor Vultures are FBI’s Proxy Agents: Operate Outside the Law

September 10, 201
-from Artvoice

Stolen Valor Vultures Murder Veterans – Not Just Reputations

By Frank W. Dux

On May 1, 2006 a formal investigation was launched in response to two veterans who filed a formal complaint with the Veteran’s Administration Inspector General Office, claiming Stolen Valor bloggers had accessed and made use of their records to accuse them of committing stolen valor and making fraudulent disability claims.

Two days later, the investigation terminated with the Department of Veterans Affairs announcing, “they had lost a computer containing personal information on 26.5 million veterans including Social Security numbers.”

Allegations were leveled that this announcement was part of the ongoing obstruction of justice taking place, committed by the Executive Branch in its improper shielding the military or federal employees or an illicit operation from discovery and prosecution of civil rights violations.

This is not unfounded, nor far-fetched. The concern is based on the historical precedent of how FBI Director Mark Felp[sic] aka Deep Throat was convicted of directing FBI agents to violate civil rights of people, as well the conviction of obstruction of justice of FBI Agent, John Connolly.

Connolly shielded James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger Jr, an Irish American organized crime boss of the Winter Hill Gang in Boston, Massachusetts, in exchange for his providing information about the inner workings of the rival Italian-American Patriarca crime family, Bolger’s competition.

Compounding the problem for the Feds is the fact some of their Stolen Valor Vulture friends in their liquored-up hubris boast of obstruction of justice as being some kind of seal of approval. They explain how the Feds maintain plausible deniability in their performing Black Bag jobs, such as planting evidence or misinformation in the furtherance of the Pentagon’s focus on social media and online perception of its image.

The practice of “black bag jobs” began with the FBI in 1942 and was declared unconstitutional by US Supreme Court on June 19, 1972, in the Plamondo case, United Sates vs. United States District Court 407 U.S. 297.

Meet the “unpaid special deputies ” of organized gang stalking

But where do they get all the cars? !

And, extra points on the ROGS BINGO card for any researchers /lawyers /socioligists /psycholigists reading this post if you can analyze the connection between the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock being an inter-generational nexus point between black operations, and how his father -who went by many names, lived in many places, and was ALWAYS curiously close to sherrifs departments, and FBI operations-seemed to skate off of major charges, every time one of his rackets cracked like ice.

from the Chicago Tribune:

Paddock married Stephen’s mother, started a family and had moved to the Southwest by the mid-1950s, according to news reports.

There, he sought work with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, offering to use the mistakes he’d made in his youth to help see youngsters stay “on the straight and narrow,” Sheriff Waldon Burr told the Tucson Daily Citizen.

But soon there were bank robberies, and Paddock was suspected of pulling them off. On July 28, 1960, federal authorities arrived at the family home in the 1100 block of North Camino Miraflores and questioned Delores Paddock, the Tucson paper reported.

A neighbor named Eva Price took the couple’s 7-year-old son Stephen swimming, while a friend from Chicago, Mary Jacobs, cared for the three younger boys, Patrick, Bruce and Eric. Benjamin Paddock was arrested and held in Las Vegas on $25,000 bail.

“We’re trying to keep Steve from knowing his dad is being held as a bank robber,” Price told the newspaper. “I hardly know the family, but Steve is a nice boy.”

The sheriff said the arrest was “quite a surprise” because the department “gave Paddock the usual FBI checkup when he joined us as an unpaid special deputy.”

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