ROGS predictive analyses scores another BINGO: the lesbian detective, wrongful convictions, DVIC fraud upon the courts, Clark County Washington

Anyone whose ever spent quality time nurturing the intellectual growth of little girls knows that many, if not all of the best ones eventually wonder “Why do I have to be a girl? why cant boys be like girls too?

Related Stories: ROGS paradigms and predictive analyses has noted that a famous case of lesbians, and children-for-profit in Washington State had a negative outcome when some lesbians drove six kids off a cliff into a watery grave, and Clark County has extremely high Google search results for gang stalking, and also that Clark Cty, WA is tied to documented cases if OGS, and also, that the states Fusion Center has released bizarre mind control documents to journalists. I invite the researcher to test my hypotheses now, in every case of OGS, as these cases can be examined now using ROGS predictive analyses, but especially take a look at the case of Michael Chadwick Fry in Texas where he implicated “witches” aka horse-faced lesbian linebackers in his stalking, and also Matt Riehl in Colorado, who was gang stalked across state lines after he encountered an academic whisper campaign, and criticized the #Rapecult mentality(that is formed in #safespaces ) on Facebook.

This question forms in the minds of girls around 4-6 years old,the time that they encounter social programming that they are girls rather than human beings from relatives, peers, institutions, and media, and most decent parents know that it is best to protect girls from this type of social programming/engineering, while others purely profit from encouraging such extreme social programming, aka herding thine sheeples via the DVIC.

This is a fact, related to healthy girls, and is documented in extensive academic/psychological/sociological research.

AND: Anyone whose ever spent quality time with lesbians knows that somewhere along the way, something got stuck before, during, or after that phase of girlhood, most likely due to many factors that are too extensive to go into in detail here (usually maternal incest,or some other innapropriate close-contact weirdness and especially, social engineering via gender lesbian theosophy like Nancy Chodorow, and other Berkely, USC gender feminist constructions of reality /child rearing is at the center of their tales; and this is evidenced by the close alignment of gang stalking denialist Elizabeth Dietrich,who notoriously recommended the punitive psycholigy “therapy ” of isloting victims of gang stalking; and who hails unironically from both Smith College AND Berkely.)

ROGS Disclaimer: ROGS has personally encountered, and had personal encounters with, thousands of lesbians along the way, and has extensive experience in the LGBTQI-Wutever community as a sociologist, and observer of gay culture, much of which is maniacally bizarre; but not more or less bizarre than straight, hetero-normative culture.

But suffice it to say that Detective Sandra Aldridge, of CLARK COUNTY Washington is a one woman ROGS BINGO, responsible for false convictions of men, false polcie reports, evidence tampering, stalking and inter-state harrassment of other lesbians, and dozens of civilian complaints.

My readers might have noticed that I am irreverent, and even caustic, and at times absolutely defying the ADL /Jewish NGO /Cathlicon /Protestantopus word police when I write about any and all of the protected species that these reprehensible, scummy racist,tribal sectarian word police portend to speak for.

I write about the Jewctopus,and the horse-faced lesbian linebacker alike.

And certainly, I took my literary cues from earlier era Black Panthers when I discuss the Pigs, too, in context to the possibility that it was the Anti Defamation League, RATHER THAN the FBI who created the infamous psyop called the Black Panther Coloring Book.

And, of course, arriving at solid conclusions, based on empirical evidence, and personal experience, that the Democrat Party, ADL rhetoric-fueled KKK is as active as ever, but this incarnation of KKK is in fact, and practice a klan of Kommunity Kulture Kovens and Klubs, aka K 4, enriched by DVIC dollars, and waging kulture wars via gender biased narratives of domestic violence , and in the process,privileging and escalating womens violence, both domestically, and institutionally.

So, without further adieu, lets hear the story of one lesbians experience with another lesbian- one womans account of how Detective Aldridge stalks, bullies, harrasses,defames,and destroys relationships(which is one of the stated goals of gang stalkers).

Vancouver Washington police officer Sandra Aldridge a lesbian cop a sexual predator with a badge

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