For the avid ROGS reader: please crowd source, and connect this dot-rhymes with”county coroner”

Little Jack Horner,laid dead at the coroners, waiting for his stalkers tag, when along came a spider, who sat down beside her, and put her _n a size 13 _ag.

Las Vegas, gang stalking,and Frank Tomota
[UPDATE: Frank Tomotas name has been webscrubbed from this link as of June 27,2019]

LA county coroner, OSINT research, and access to the internet backbone, Infragard, etc.

And of course, some Faces of DVIC propaganda, an after death body punch, life insurance, and one sided story telling from the Eastern Star Masonic capital of the West Coast, Arcadia, CA.

Extra points for noticing how Asian gangs have infiltrated the NGOs, and how affiliated these are with the Rotary clubs, and agencies like the DHS and FBI there and elsewhere, waging sloppy, racist, political hits and other mayhem, as noted author Trevor Aaronson has described:

Love and Loathing in Las Vegas

Inside a sleazy FBI sting involving diet clinics, fitness models, money laundering, and a supposed plot to hire a hitman.

Yeah- something stinks in high heeled policing alright, and I am certain it is pigs in high heels..

And now, for tonights story (think Alfred Hitchcock-like narrators voice):

This is how organized gang stalking ends in Los Angeles.

Tonights story is that of a well comnnected story teller who is on record as one who “tells stories” about dead people, where we will see her here as the narrator in the following case of a guy, dying alone, homeless, after long term sleeping in an automobile/RV, delivering the after-death body punch to a deceased man.

And, much as we saw in the case of an LEIU stalekr, the former USAF liason to the Israeli Mossad cyber-stalking me on Twitter here who also “talks to the dead”, we also see other women occulted along the internet backbone, gang stalking men primarily, like the strange case of Larry Guzzino, aa mathemetician and IT professional, covered in MSM

Related Story: how ins’titutional researchers/OSINT people finders work behind the scenes pushing out dated, gender biased, lop-sided narratives of domestic violence, while upholding womens sociopathy by privileging narrative in issues of DV.

Like this woman here, beneath (plump as a pugs rump):


Google Frank Tomota(an auto technician and watch as Duckduckgo, or Google returns results where both Tomota, and Joyce Kato appear synonymously in the results literally as if they are one and the same person. Frank Tomota rambling on about DEWs, as Joyce Kato, a web profiler and investigator, formerly with the LA County Coroner, wages DVIC narratives (she is also known as,Princess Megumi in gamers forums).

Related ROGS blog posts: Who the heck is Ed, and what is the San Gabriel Valley connection to Minnesota, #fakerape, and the DVIC?

And-the Buffalo New York-Las Vegas nexus between the Morgellons psyop, the Mossad liason to the USAF, Minnesota, Ohio, Colorado, Texas, and Washington states.

Get on it, faithful reader!

I want these people investigated, and prosecuted. I have named names, provided films, photos, digital, and cyber evidence, and other biographical, and historical evidence of these connections. Get off your ass and do the flatfooting, if you can-as the DVIC high heeled policing thing has actually crimped good detective work at the Internet Firehose.

And extra points on your own ROGS Bingo card, next time around, because you will need them- I promise you that.

(*sound of rattling behind YOU, in your own cage now*)

And, extra, extra points if you can connect Frank Tomota to this story about people gang stalking in Los Angeles, or answer the question that is frequently asked by online gang stalkers, as they pose as victims of OGS:

“But where do the gang stalkers get all the cars?! How do they have access to so many fake license plates?!”

Here, from 1998, we see Mr./Ms. Tomota talking about explosions of a unique kind.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the story, kids! The story bof two valleys, and the butterfly wing effect, sweeping across the prairie, all the way to Minnesota, and beyond.

And, all .of it connected .like a dirty DVIC spiderweb, working occulted and disguised by DHS and FBIETAGENCY “CVE programs,” where Infragard agents, Fusion Centers, LEIUs, and more, wage hidden warfare on individuals who reject such a due process free totalitarian paradigm, cloaked in religious-sectarian-racist “goodguyism.”

And, the gallies of course.

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