Michael Chadwick Fry, Texas,High Policing v. low policing, and witches

Michael Chadwick Fry, the guy who rammed a pickup truck into a news station claimed that female sheriffs deputies were stalking, and harassing him after he witnessed a deputy-involved shooting in 2011, that killed an unarmed man in cold blood.

Michael Chadwick Fry claimed that hidden operators online or off were trying to murder him after he witnessed a deputy involved shooting in Texas.

And, Michael Chadwick Fry used the terms “witches,”and “female deputies” equally on his rudimentary attempt to bring attention to what is colloquially called “organized gang stalking,”and mobbing, and cause stalking, etc.

Related Story: John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute has documented Two Tiered America,and the un-Constitutional nature of DVIC court rooms,and the tactics and methods of “community policing,” where private databases from mental health courts, drug courts,domestic violence courts, family courts, are being inter-linked,and secret, private data shared in policing in the gray area of law, un-checked by any courtcase of record, aka”organized gang stalking”.

So, we see clear, evidentiary links to Texas and feminist gang stalking, starting with Nikki Craft, and we see links to feminist gang stalking AND word polucing offirst amendment protected speech,in the case of this guy,Matt Riehl, who was gang stalked for years by crybullies and cops from multiple states, and this guy and many others too, as police utilize womens groups much like some in the FBI,and sherrifs departments once used the KuKluxKlan,but these new Kommunity Kulture Klubs have in fact, replaced the KKK,according to the Hate Industry spokespersons and profiteers.

The good news, however, is that ROGS has been telling readers for just over one year that OGS and DVIC “high heels policing” are one and the same.

Here are two ROGS posts below about how world famous feminist icons are logistically, statistically, and empirically connected to notorious cases of mass shootings, or gang stalkings:

These women who literally belong to secret societies, like the Order of the Eastern Star in Nikky Giovannis case, and well connected female law enforcement, academic and other stalker related threats and actions in the case of Avital Ronell, who is being sued by a gay student who claims-with solid evidence- that she threatened to use her power in academic networks to destroy his career.

And, here in my own case, we see nameable and named scummy DVIC trough slurping,and community policing apparatchiks attempting to blackmail me, the author of this blog during an election year, and here, we see my discussions about women in secret societies, and NGOs like like Save the WimenZ and Other White Whales

So, unlike this poor fellow Michael Chadwick Fry, who spent years of his life in various jails in Texas-without being convicted of ANY CRIME in any of his many stays in these jails-ROGS has noted that something stinks in the for-profit, DVIC high heels policing.

You see, in most states in America, for-profit prisons have usurped due process for millions of individuals who never see a jury trial.

Related Story: John Whieheads Rutherford institute, and the Harvard Law Review agree that there is a shadow justice system in our two tiered America, that has created neo-slavery, and debtors prisons.

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