Pullitzer Prize winning Journalist Chris Hedges, onhis firing from the New Yarwk Times,

Hat tip to http://www.FightGangStalking.com

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chis Hedges, who covered the Iraq war was stalked out of the New York Times after criticizing the fraudulent basis of the war at Rockford College, which is in the stateof Illinois, USA, and which is notoriously a gang stalking state- Google gang stalking and Illinois for proof.

Here is what Hedges had to say about that event, and the demise of journalism as a vehicle of truth, and how some,like the NYT author Mike McPhate, who wrote this hit piece mocking targeted individuals, are little more than corporate whores, dependent on cult symbols as we see here,and compliant cowards in lockstep with the fully emerged surveillance state.

ROGS, having spent time in Illinois,is familiar with Rockford IL,and can testify that its general culture is similar to what Kurt Vonnegut described as “the asshole of the universe.”

Rockford is curiously host to some of the worst housing projects outside Chicago, and in fact, many black Chicago residents moved there after the urban redevelopment known as “tearing down Cabrini Green, and the Robert Taylor Projects to get the niggers out,”took place.

And, predictably, the white descendants of Illinois farmers (who curiously all color their skin,and are all tatted up with multi-colored ink) now fill the areas once occupied by “the niggers,” these having been displaced from farms now owned by multi-national corporations.

Rockford is known for its animal sales barns, the Rockford Speedway, and cops that gang stalk “the niggers,” “nigger lovers,”and of course, all of the FBI manufactured terrorists and pedophiles too.

And, in the case of Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges,who was booed off the stage and given a bus ticket out of Rockford, Illinois as if he were Kilgore Trout, we see that academic gang stalking is also quite active there, too.

And so, the left, and the right are united against white men in journalism who speak or write the unvarnished “ truth,” as the relugious-sectarian-tribalist exploiters of identity politics work their racist, divisive magic across the land.

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