Garden variety gang stalking, small town terrorism, and police corruption, with bonus poisons.

Unlike the mass shooter cases, where federal agencies, and international private security contractors like G4S work with the FBI or the DHS to stalk, defame, slander and harass targets until they go ballistic, most gang stalking is actually small town terrorism, where corrupt townships and city governments target individuals, using state resources, and target individuals who resist police or institutional corruption.

They use federal Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)and Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) dollars to target real estate, or intimidate political opponents, distort media narratives, and frequently, with religious and sectarian biases, by abusing police and institutional power.

And, in the extant blogs about OGS, it is very clear that one of the stated goals of gang stalkers who work in city, state, and federal governments, as well as in institutions ranging from colleges to NGOs, churches and and other political bodies-the goal is to bully and harass individuals and literally push them “over the edge.”

Related Story: Fliers warning residents about organized gang stalking in New Haven CT, are demonized as suspicious, and attemp to cover over police involvement in real estate red lining.()hard link here because the ROGS blog has a bad case of FVEY/Fusion Center monitoring, and Jscript jiggles:

I would estimate that nearly 80% of the cases, and in the thousands of hours I have researched OGS,these largely detail city council members working with local police and county sheriffs to flaunt their power, and skirt the law as they target and harass individuals, some of whom are are, or clearly become distressed, and all of whom are flumoxed when they realize the extent of the extreme corruption-and-that there simply is no way to fight back in legitimate and legal ways due to the prohibitive cost, and blocked access to legitimate channels of complaint, combined with BSA and Fusion Centers being used as middle-man intercessors in EVERY CASE of OGS.

Because remember: one of the main threats that online gang stalkers make to their victims is that they will force them to go broke fighting back. And, failing that, they will force targets to become institutionalized, incarcerated, or to kill themselves. They repeat this in most blogs.

Case after case reveals that community standards are a main issue, but also, that the federally regulated internet, the well documented police harassment and hacking, and the use of Fusion Centers, and local police and fire department situation rooms makes these cases a federal issue, beyond mere community standards.

So,get out the ROGS BINGO card, and note that even garden variety police and local government corruption is bizarre, but also, that law abiding people BECOME bizarre when faced with due process violating, bank draining battles foist upon them by corrupt cops and sheriffs.

Here is a case from Iowa, where one woman was targeted with absurd tactics and institutional abuses ranging from frivolous lawsuits leveled at her, and non~existent city ordinances, hidden paperwork, and threats of all kinds- including tixic levels of lawn chemicals- as cops and their relatives,and a police chief named Brent Shipman, are working the system, red lined some real estate.

Then, notice the links to Florida, for extra ROGS bingo chips, and that these same racketeers work in Minnesota as well, and pop up in many blogs online.

YOU can search the names yourself that pop up in that area: Kannady, Shipmann,Rudd,Milner Swanson~and many more named in blog after blog about OGS in that one area of the mudwest alone.

This one case herein documents absurdities of all kinds~but also, that these local real estate mobsters likely poisoned a woman with lawn chemicals.

Hard link to…..the case of an upholsterer, encountering state and local level corruption, aka organized gang stalking, and actual poison, as she contemplates usung a BB gun to respond to well armed institutional bullies with badges in….

Poisoned By My Neighbor From HELL

……we see a scumbag named Mark Conlee, and an incestuous web of local to state level bad actors who should be investigated:

If this is not true I would be afraid of defamation charges being brought against me, naw that isn’t going to happen. Lets just ignore this crazy person.

My witnesses are dying, my hope is fading, my destiny is being made for me. I have no control of how this story ends. I do know that it will be ending soon.

Sheriff Weber recently told me there has been an investigation into my allegations since April. The only thing that I am aware of that has happened is the city clerk still participating the conspiracy to cover up the evidence of the City officials implicating themselves by taking down the City’s webpage that had the min of the meeting since 2005.
This situation is not difficult to understand.
Mark Conlee, brother of a Lee County Detective purchased the legally non conforming property from Mayor Dinwiddie. He began redeveloping the property by tearing down the existing single car garage, trucking in enough fill dirt to elevate the property in some areas 10′ high that before, he constructed a nonconforming 2 story oversized garage. He altered the roof surface from standard procedure by turning it so it diverted storm water runoff directly onto my property, he changed the grade of the fill dirt so all storm water ran onto my property.

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