What are targeted individuals~and who targets them?

IN societies drowning in mysticism, racism,sectarianism, and the lunacy of Eastern Bloc banksterism, we must ask ourselves the hard questions, and try to rationalize the bizarre, often conflicted answers.

south Africa has looked in here at ROGS six times today alone, and I note that racist, apartheid South Africa also houses the remnants of Barney Barnattos/ De Boers diamond mine slavery capitalists.

and, little irony that the Anti Defamation League spying and surveillance network also is/was headquarterd there during the Anti Defamation League spy scandal of 1993.

Seeing patterns yet? Try not to let the patterns make you crazy~

But here, from Wikipedeia, is how racist, sectarian Jews use us..like chess pieces to guard their fanatical lockup on narratives, and how they socially engineer discourse, while always maintaining racial,tribal, religious supremacy.

Like I always say,I didnt come looking for them, they came, lookingf orme.

Meet ADL targeting of dissenters,atheists,and activists~ all of which is covertly tolerated by, and frequently in collusion with, American policing…

And, extra points if you notice how the FBI director James Comey could not suck their dick fast enough, or hard enough, in the pre-Trump era!

Who targets individuals?! What is.a targetedindividual?! Are targeted individuals delusional?!

From Wikipedia(not to be confusedwith Julian Assanges briliant and actual news outlet, Wikileaks), the. ADL, targeting people with stalking, violence, database abuse, and then,colluding with police power to cover their tracks~ what and who is a targeted individual?

Anyone who calls these rabid racists out of their cockroach hidey holes along the cancerous internet backbone in order to keep, and maintain theirversionofsociety, basedin Abrahamic mystery religion:

Tracking extremistsEdit

The ADL keeps track of the activities of various extremist groups and movements.[19] According to ADL Director Abe Foxman, “Our mission is to monitor and expose those who are anti-Jewish, racist, anti-democratic, and violence-prone, and we monitor them primarily by reading publications and attending public meetings …. Because extremist organizations are highly secretive, sometimes ADL can learn of their activities only by using undercover sources … [who] function in a manner directly analogous to investigative journalists. Some have performed great service to the American people—for example, by uncovering the existence of right-wing extremist paramilitary training camps—with no recognition and at considerable personal risk.”[20] A person apprehended in connection to the 2002 white supremacist terror plot had drawn a cartoon of himself blowing up the Boston offices of the ADL.[21]

The ADL regularly releases reports on anti-Semitism and extremist activities on both the far left and the far right. For instance, as part of its Law Enforcement Agency Resource Network (L.E.A.R.N.), the ADL has published information about the Militia Movement[22] in America and a guide for law enforcement officials titled Officer Safety and Extremists.[23] An archive of “The Militia Watchdog” research on U.S. right-wing extremism (including groups not specifically cited as anti-Semitic) from 1995 to 2000 is also available on the ADL website.[22]

In the 1990s, some details of the ADL’s monitoring activities became public and controversial, including the fact that the ADL had gathered information about some non-extremist groups. In 2013, J.M. Berger, a former nonresident fellow of the Brookings Institution, wrote that media organizations should be more cautious when citing the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL, arguing that they are “not objective purveyors of data”.[24]

In July 2017, the ADL announced that they would be developing profiles on 36 alt-right and alt-lite leaders.[25][26]


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