Threats of homelessness, child sexual abuse and trafficking, CPS, and DVIC profiteering: Americas child traffickers ARE the good guys in high heels.

The keen ROGS reader might have noticed that my own case of OGS began when I met a victim of child trafficking named “Piper” who was a literal and figurative nightmare. I  mentioned  her in Just for “Lucie,” aka “Miranda.

Her father, a disgraced county sherrif in a north midwestern state, had fallen from grace because his adopted daughter claimed he abused her. She  was  at one  time  a  child  prostitute, pulling  dollars  in Hollywood,  and truck  stops  around  the country.

And,  Las  Vegas,  too, where  the wolf  at  the  door is  often those  guys  in  the  pretty  yellow  shirts who uphold  a  systemic  form of institutional  bullying  called  organized  gang  stalking, but  who  couldnt  get  laid  at  a  donkey  dick  show  in  Mexico.

Piper  told  me  once: I  dont  know  how they  do it,  but  everywhere  I  go, there  is this  gang that always  knows  where  Im  at,  and  what  I do…

And  NONE  of  that  stopped  her  from  turning  tricks  across  the country,  or “saved”her.

As a 12 year  old, Piper  became  a  whore,  though her  family  history  indicates  more,  starting  much  earlier,  every  time her mother  put  “medicine”on her  privates,  for  what  she,  and her  sisters  all  agreed  “seemed  to  last  for  a  long  time.” Her  mother,  quite  interedtingly,  was  a  Basque….

Well,  in  those  days, the  DVIC  was so  busy hand crafting  and building  boogiemen,  that  they  -somehow-overlooked  female  pedophiles  and child  abusers, like  The  Hart  Family,  who  drove  there  six foster care financed  kids  off  of a  cliff a  month  ago  in  California. They  were  snout  deep  in  federal  funds  that  incentivize  medical kidnappings,  and states  get  a  one  million  dollar  payout,  every  time  a  kid  is taken  into  “care.”

Well, anyways,  this is  what  OGS  is. The  gift  of  white  slavery,  from  which  all  states  derive  income,  and  cops,  social  worker,  Big  Pharma psychologists all  suck  the  teats  of  children  who are ensnared  in  these  systems. And  white  in  this  case  means  all kids  regardless  of race  taken  into  that  system,  whereas  the  term  itself  comes  from  an  era when  specifically  Jewish  pimps used  speciffically  white European  girls  this  way.

And all of that has taken place from the founding years of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex, and VAWA, from the 1980s forward,  until  todays  modern  secret  police and surveillance  state.

I had no idea at the time that white slavery existed, because then, the news and documentaries all talked about the horrors of black slavery,  as  the racist ADL  spied  on  activists,  and  true  to their  roots  as  Eastern  Bloc slavers  and  pimps,  sold  every  social  cause  to  the  cops, in  hidden dossiers  that in  and  of  themselves  crushed  real  dissent.

We see time and time again that America’s actual child trafficking takes place from behind the judges bench,or from the officers squad car, as these shuffle children around the states, into and out of group homes,foster care, and un-neccessary mental health “care providers.” This  is  what  the  DVIC  is.

But it isn’t just me saying that now…..

Texas Foster Care: “Rape, Abuse, Psychotropic Medication, and Instability” Still the Norm as State Fights Against Reform


The battle continues between the State of Texas and attorneys who represent more than 12,000 children in the state’s foster care system. A panel of three judges in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans heard arguments Monday, April 30, about the constitutionality of the state’s troubled foster care system. This is the latest chapter in a fight to change the system in which, according to U.S. District Judge Janis Graham Jack, “… children have been shuttled throughout a system where rape, abuse, psychotropic medication, and instability are the norm.” After Judge Jack ruled in December 2015 that the system as it stood was unconstitutional, Texas Attorney General Kenneth Paxton appealed the decision, defending the state’s foster care system. Many of the original plaintiffs in the lawsuit, who were formerly foster care children, have now become adults and aged out of the system and are missing. The San Antonio Express ran a story looking into what has happened to these Texas foster children who aged out of the system, and they found that most of them suffer unemployment, homelessness, and sex trafficking as adults.


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