Gang Stalking BINGO: Superman, Scientology, Emma Best, FOIA, and Mike Masnick’s

Theres a stretch  of  filthy glittered  roads  that  runs  across Los Angeles, CA, USA that is literally an  organized  gang  stalking training ground. And  I, ROGS, have survived a few cars  trying  to run  me  off  the  roads, and  state vehicles with  kewl  decals brighting me; brush  passes with people  who  told me odd,  unasked for stories,  and  other forms of domestic terrorism perpetrated on individuals  who suffer  in  silence on  those  roads.

And,  no,  I  am  not  talking  to  you  Ofcr. One Cup-O-Donut-Shop-Joe  too many, stuck  with  your running  partner  Gomez, who  ate  bean  burritos for lunch.

No-  I am  talking  to  those  who  you  are  stalking  right  now, who  might  eventually  encounter the  proper  language  to call  this thing  of yours-  this  unConstitutional  thing  that frames cases, and  people in  a false  light, as  your  shadows leer  and loom  over  our window  ledges,  or into our Windows 10 (which  is widely  described  as  A  Box Of  Government Spyware)

SO-  I  wrote  ROGS   for the little  peeple  who get stomped on by  the  good guys like  Four  Star  General Dean, who  wipes his ass  with  the Constitution,  as  he works  behind the  scene  with  the  Rotary  club, and  any of many  NGOs  who  seek  to  obliterate  due process in  America  by waging  DVIC  war  with kangaroo courts ang  High  Policing, and  to  gang  stalk people when  their shitty little  ego  gets bruised.

Look  at  the  top of ROGS blog  here  to read  the  BEST  GANG  STALKING  STORY EVER,  written  by  Duck  Twacy,  which  documents  police  and  firemen, gangsters and  religious  nutters ALL  working  together  to harass  an  individual, with  what  the  stated  goal of  gang  stalkers  is:  to drive  a  target to institutionaluzation, incarceration, or  suicide.

But to the avid  researcher  of  organized  gang  stalking,  I hope you see that even  if  something “mysterious”happens  to me?  Others will pick  up  where  I  left  off,  as  we  see  Mike  Masnick of has once  again  brought  OGS cockroaches  into  the  light, via promoting the pitbull  journalism of Emma  Best.

And-  through  FOIAs,  and hard investigative  journalism, you  too  can  discover  how to  file  a lawsuit  against  your own  gang stalkers. Because  the butterfly  wing effect is  in effect now,  and  ROGS has  done his  homework. Now others  have  climbed  aboard!

Comb  through  ROGS  blog  here for a   post  where  I invoke  the powers of Superman and  also, cannoli, and another post where I  lost  my  way, as  I  trolled Los  Angeles’ main Gang  Stalker  corridor,  and  some  CVE  junkies  stole my  GPS(use my  search feature  to  see  how  bizarre  these  endless stalkings  are).

You  see,  on  one  single  stretch  of  road, between  downtown LA and  Santa Monica, you  can  find  the  following,  oddly  juxtaposed:

  1. the  Church of  Scientology
  2. the headquarters of  the  Mormon  Mafia, aka, the Whistling and Whittling clubs of LA, aka the LA  FBI
  3. Major Masonic Temples
  4. more hungry rats,  snitches, and informants than  you  can  shake a  bag  of dicks  at
  5. nearly  all of  Americas  major left-leaning  political donors whose  penises grew  their  foreskins back  after  the  election of  Trump
  6. Major Chinese, Russian and other  new  money waging capitalism
  7. my lost  GPS

So-  what has  all  that  have to  do with organized gang stalking,  you  ask?  Well,  this,  for  starters- a  MAJOR  LAWSUIT in  the  works  against the  Church  of  Scientology, and its  alleged  gang stalking  activity, aka  Fair  Gaming  the  system of  checks  and  balances that Americans  seem  to have  forgotten.

And the  FBI, DHS, etc  in that  area-and  everywhere else-cant  seem  to  figure out  if OGS  is real. But  some  journalusts  are  getting  on  the  case  now (search  ROGS  blog  about  how  I  list  a  story  about airplane surveillance in 2014-15).

WELL,  never  doubt  the  power  of  one  voice. And  NEVER  FORGET  that  those who  hide  in darkness will  be  brought into  the  light. Hopefully,  in  more  and more  court  rooms of  the  future.

Here’s Mike  Masnick-the  inventor of  the  term  “the  Streisand  Effect”- on the  strange  case of the  FBI protecting  the real  name  of  Superman, in  the  name  of *cough cough*Nashunul  Secrecy!

Fair Game, and the  power  of  FOIAs take on Scientology.

Well, I  would  provide  a  link,  but  now  that  I have been  writing again,  my  browser  gets  the  full Jscript  treatment  from  the many  FVEY  nations that have  foregone the  rule  of  law, and who target  pure  speech  and speakers  online.

So, Google  the  search terms in  the title  of  this post instead,  and  see  the  massive  lawsuits  brewing  against gang  stalkers,  and the  institutions  they  hide  in.



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